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Seaweed farming changes fishers’ life for the better

Agri-Commodities – Business Mirror
Written by Danny O. Calleja / Correspondent
Monday, 31 August 2009 21:21

PILAR, Sorsogon—For fisherman Ramiro Panganiban, 43, of this remote coastal town, his successful venture into seaweed farming started from plain curiosity.
From drift-gill net fishing that allowed him to feed his family on a mere subsistence level, he shifted to seaweed farming learned from fellow fishermen six years ago.
“I was driven by my curiosity when I started with it. I just tried exploring the possibility of better earnings,” Panganiban told the BusinessMirror over the weekend.
At that time, he also learned about the seaweed project of the municipal government here where he became one of the farmer-cooperators and appointed chairman of the Seaweed Farmers and Traders Association (SFTA) in his barangay of Dao, Panganiban narrated.
The seaweed showcase project was under the community-based participatory action research in the municipality implemented by the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR), Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) regional office for Bicol, Sorsogon State College (SSC) and the Pilar local government unit.
Implementation of the project in 11 coastal barangays of this third-class municipality by the northern coastlines of Ticao Pass was started in 2003. The barangay Dao SFTA then was composed only of three seaweed farmers including Panganiban as chairman.
As farmer-cooperators, the group was provided with the project materials for seaweed farming such as straw, rope, a banca and 15 kilograms of seeds as starter. Two years later, the group grew to 138 members.
“My only motivation then in engaging into this venture was the projected additional income that I could raise and take home to my family. My fellow farmer-cooperators and I were optimistic it would bring about changes in our economic lives even as we were not much aware of the statistics of seaweed production,” Panganiban said.
He said that a little bit later, “we came to learn about the importance of this crop to one person’s life and the economy of the country. With the learning and assistance shared to us by BAR, BFAR and SSC ranging from seaweed-farming technology to marketing, we were able to turn things better for us.”
Asked about the benefits he and his fellow farmers get from seaweeds farming, Panganiban answered jubilantly, “Plenty!”
In a span of three years, each one of them was able to own a boat, earned enough for the basic needs of their family, sent their children to school, put up savings and improved their houses from wood and nipa shanties to concrete with galvanized-iron roofing, he said.
“Before seaweed farming, all we could afford after a long day of fishing was a kilo of rice and a few more coins for table salt, coffee and sugar. Now, we buy rice in sacks and stockpile groceries at home good enough until the next seaweed harvest season,” Panganiban said.
From the 250-square-meter farm that he maintains, Panganiban said he could harvest an average of 900 kilograms of fresh seaweeds per harvest that when dried and sold earns him P50,000. A whole year allows two harvest seasons for cultured seaweeds.
“Since we are members of SFTA, marketing and pricing of our produce is not a problem. The association serves as a sure market outlet for them,” he explained.
The most widely cultivated species of seaweed here is the Eucheuma (Kappaphycus alvarezii) species due to its high marketability and demand compared to seaweeds like K. striatum or Saccul and the spinosum type now known as E. denticulatum, Panganiban said.
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, commercial production of seaweeds through farming is at present limited to a few countries in East Asia, making it a high-value crop with great demand in the world market. The Philippines is noted for the culture of seaweeds particularly Eucheuma and Caulerpa) along with Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.
Eucheuma has two types: the cottonii (guso) and the spinosum (agar-agar). Both of them can be exported in dried forms. Of these two, cotonnii grows faster and is easier to farm.
Panganiban also explained that propagation of seaweeds requires a body of water where they are endemic and abundant in algae eel grasses and sea animals. The sea bottom should be of hard sand or rocks with the water moving and holding the seaweed loosely. Water depth should be at one or two feet at low tide.
“Our seawater here passed that requirement, that is why we now consider our place a mine of gold because of the benefits we are deriving from seaweeds,” he said.
And because seaweed farming is not very much time-demanding, Panganiban said he could still perform his old fishing activity, this time with a larger drift-gill net he had purchased out of his earnings from his newfound venture.
“Additional income and fish for food of my family, that’s it,” he said.

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DPWH taps DND, police to complete projects in troubled areas

DPWH taps DND, police to complete projects in troubled areas
Business Mirror – Philippines
guerrillas also burned several heavy equipment; and in the town of Gubat, Sorsogon, 30 NPA rebels stormed the district engineering office of the DPWH.

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Escudero, Legarda still undecided on 2010 plans

GMANews.TV – Escudero, Legarda still undecided on 2010 plans – Video – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News

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Sorsogon militia man shot dead

Sorsogon militia man shot dead – Philippines
by three suspected communist rebels in the village of Monbon in Irosin, Sorsogon early evening on Sunday, a report from the Philippine Army said Monday.

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Tinilmok kan mga Sorsoganon

Saro kan mga masiram na lutuon sa satuya iyo baga an tinilmok. Simple pero mararaot ang promise mo na mag-diet sa lutong ini:) . Kasiram tabi kaini, sabi ngani kan mga barkada manam-namun daa:).
Sa mga mahigos magluto  o gustong i-try an sadiring version kan tilmok. Hala asekaso na!..:)

1. Mag-preparar ki lumbod/medyo lukadon

2. Karison an lumbod/, tapos tadtadon na  ki pino.

3. Magbakal na man ki buyod o kaya kasag , halion na arikurong tapos tadtadon man ki pino.

4. Dai paglingawi an yerba buena ta daing pangpahamot ano. Magtadtad man kaini. tapos sabayan ki bawang asin sibulyas.

5. Pagharaloon an mga tinadtad na lumbod, buyod, yerba buena, bawang asin sibulya. timplahon ki asin.

6. Pag nahalo na ki marhay magkaag ki mga 2-3 kutsara kan pinagharalo sa dahon ki batag. tupion an dahon kan batag asin gakudan.

7. ilaag an mga patos kan tilmok sa kawali kagan ki tubig asin pakalakagaon. pwede man na an ipatos dahon kan natong nganing pede na kaunon. pagnagkalakaga na ikaag an liputok (kun dahon ki natong an ipinampatos imbes tubig, liputok kan nyog an gamiton sa pagpakalakaga).
masiram na panira sa mainit na maluto.

enjoy your tinilmok…mabuhay!!

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Beef tapa para sa mga OFW’s at nagaapura sa pagpasok sa umaga!

Daing kasing siram ang handa sa pamahaw(almusal) kundi “TAPA” baga. Tapos igwa pang sinanlag “garlic rice and fried egg” ano ka pa!. Tamang-tama sa mga nagaapura o sibut na sa paglaog sa opisina. Ang recipe na ini hali sa mga barkada na pirmi sanang sibot..papano kaya malamawon..hekhekhek. Kamo na sana ang bahala sa timplada basta dai paglingawan na imaranate overnight(mas magayon kung mga duwang aldaw). 

You Need:

1 kilo beef sirloin, thinly sliced, cut into long strips
1 1/2 Tablespoon + 1/2 teaspoon salt
7 Tablespoon white sugar
2 teaspoon minced garlic (adding more the better)
1 tsp. ground black pepper
2 1/2 tablespoon soy sauce
3 1/2 tablespoon vinegar


1. Mix all ingredients into mixing bowl.
2. Cover and Let stand overnight or two nights in the refrigerator.
3. Depending on the size of your family, apportion the beef slices into plastic bags. In our case, we are a family of four. A pack of 3 plastic bags is enough.
4. Store in freezer for 24 hours before cooking.

Alalay mo sana si pagluto para dai man matutong. Lagan mo dikit na pinagmarinate-an mo para medyo tender na sya bag-o mo pa i-prito. Enjoy your breakfast!

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Have you watched them sleep – Let us not forget them

Just recently,a friend forwarded me this email attachment with a title “Have you watched them sleep”. It caught my attention and ask myself..siisay man? Well,  basaha na ngon-a nindo..tapos comment po kamo!Have you watched them sleep

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Eighteen Ways to Invest in Life

Eighteen Ways to Invest in Life

thinks this will be of interest to you:



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What’s driving Escudero?

By Philip Tubeza
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:49:00 08/30/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Trust a politician to turn a public confession of mock-vulnerability into a vainglorious exercise.

In a recent town hall meeting at a residential enclave in Pasig, Senator Francis Escudero confessed to a fear that he says is partly driving him to consider taking a shot at the presidency in next year’s elections.

Escudero, who turns just 40 on October 10, said he wants to run for president at a very young age because he is concerned that if he does so when he is older he might by then be thinking and acting like the veteran wheeler-dealer politicians.

“Will we be better off or worse when we are older? I’m afraid that I might end up like them,” he said.

Escudero said that the youth’s role in reforming the country does not lie in the distant future but in the here and now.

He quoted US President John F. Kennedy on why he was running for president at 43: “We are given the chance not because of who and what we are at present but because of what we can do together in the future.”

“The youth may have their handicaps or shortcomings, but I hope the older generations do not look down on these in the same way that we do not question your capabilities,” he said.

“Let the young and the old work together and not just have only the older ones serve in government while the youth are left waiting for their turn when they grow old,” Escudero said.

The senator was mostly talking to people his own age who made up the majority of those who turned up to listen to him at the Valle Verde clubhouse.

One young professional said he rarely went to political meetings but went to this one because he was interested in what Escudero had to say.

For almost two hours, the senator from Sorsogon answered questions thrown at him, ranging from Charter change, the conflict in Mindanao and which of the policies of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo he would continue, if elected.

Escudero showed a grasp of policy details, context and possible solutions, which he delivered in a lawyer-like, rapid-fire fashion..

No eye contact

One observer faulted him for sometimes not maintaining eye contact with his questioner. But one woman gushed that she would have melted in her seat if the senator had looked her in the eye.

When asked about his views on abortion, he talked about the ectopic pregnancy of his wife, Christine.

“I’m against abortion but perhaps not the Catholic definition of abortion which includes almost everything … Like, my wife suffered from an ectopic pregnancy. Um, her life was endangered, the doctor said to make a choice,” Escudero said.

The Church definition might consider that abortion but “so far as I’m concerned it’s not,” he said.

“[You can say I am] against abortion per se unless it is medically required or necessary as determined by doctors,” Escudero said.

Cause of poverty

He agreed that the country’s “exploding population is one of the major causes of poverty in the country.”

“But I think government should just do it and act on it without waving a red flag in front of the Church and asking them to pick a fight,” Escudero said.

He said the controversial reproductive health bill was being pushed in Congress because Arroyo refused to fund population management measures.

“We should plan for our families,” said Escudero, a father of twins.

He said if he became President he would address the problem of corruption, the crisis in the education system and the lack of accurate government research data on what is actually happening in the country.

He said the government loses approximately P400 billion every year to corruption, which is nearly a third of the national budget.

“Our (education) budget is only P158 billion. If we are able to capture all this money that goes to corruption, we can double the money that goes to education,” Escudero said.

To attract investors, Escudero said he would lower the cost of doing business in the country by pushing for a cut in corporate income taxes by 10 percentage points from the current 30 percent.

No answer

The son of Salvador Escudero III, an agriculture minister of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, Escudero nimbly sidestepped a question of who he thought was the country’s best President.

“No one in particular. I would rather stick on the good that they did and avoid the bad,” the senator said.

“Marcos had a vision and a plan for the country but I do not agree with some of them and the methods or procedures that were used,” he said.

Civil society groups have not forgotten that his father was a Marcos loyalist and they warn of a “Marcos restoration” if Escudero wins.

As to what he admired most about Marcos, he said the dictator had the vision to set up the heart, kidney and lung centers, which he said was today’s concept of medical tourism that was ahead of its time.

“What do I fault him for? He didn’t accept and realize that time would come that he can no longer be President,” he said.

Cory: Reverse of Marcos

On the other hand, the senator said he gives credit to the late President Corazon Aquino “for doing the reverse of what Marcos did” which was to give up power at the end of her term although she could have sought reelection.

As for her faults, Escudero said that maybe Aquino could have repudiated some of the country’s debts with the global popularity that she enjoyed right after the first Edsa People Power Revolution.

“She was in a unique opportunity to do so much more but perhaps that was asking too much already. After what she had done for our country insofar as restoring democracy and insofar as governing as she did as simple as she could,” he said.

On the issue of Charter change, Escudero said he would ask the public through a referendum if they wanted to do it.

He also said the Constitution should be reviewed every five years but not necessarily amended.

No master plan yet

But the senator stopped short of proclaiming his “master plan” or vision for the country under an Escudero presidency..

“That’s one reason why I haven’t declared yet … the only thing actually that’s preventing me from making known my plans,” he said.

He said he would want to be able to answer one simple question for a voter, whether he or she is businessman, a student, a senior citizen, jobless, rural or urban resident.

“What’s in it for you if I run and win and how will your life improve?” he said.

Escudero said he was also considering the vice presidency or not running at all. His Senate term does not end until 2013.

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German police car…Lamborgini. .gallardo. .max speed 320km/hr


Japan…lancer Evo IX..max speed 280km/hr


France .peugeot…sports gt


spain .audi TT max speed 280km/hr


england .porsche ……Do I have to tell the speed…


Now for the Ultimate Police Car in the World !!!













Max Speed not disclosed due to Security Reasons .))

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A Mayonnaise Jar & Two Beers….

When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember this story about the mayonnaise jar and the 2 Beers.

A professor stood before his Philosophy 201 class and had some items in front of him.

When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls.

He then asked the students if the jar was full.

They agreed that it was.

The professor then

picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar He shook the jar lightly.

The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls.

He then asked the students again if the jar was full..

They agreed it was.

The professor next picked up a

box of sand and poured it into the jar.

Of course, the sand filled up everything else.

He asked once more if the jar was full.

The students responded with a unanimous ‘yes..’

The professor then produced two Beers from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar effectively filling the empty space between the sand.

The students laughed.

‘Now,’ said the professor as the laughter subsided, ‘I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life.

The golf balls are the

important things—your family, your children, your health, your friends and your favorite passions—and if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.

The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house and your car.

The sand is everything else—the small stuff.

‘If you put the sand into the jar first,’ he continued, ‘there is no room for the pebbles or golf balls.

The same goes for life.

If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff you will never have room for the things that are important to you..

Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness.

Spend time with your children.

Spend time with your parents.

Visit with grandparents.

Take time to get medical


Take your spouse out to dinner.

Practice “romance” as often as possible.

There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal.

Take care of “Mama” first—the things that really matter.

Set your priorities..

The rest is just


One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the Beer represented.

The professor smiled and said, ‘I’m glad you asked.

The Beer just shows you that no matter how full your life may seem, there’s always room for a couple of Beers with a friend.

Please share this with someone you care about. I JUST DID!

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A beautiful lesson – Touching Story

life is short..


The girl in the picture is Katie Kirkpatrick, she is 21. Next to her, her fiancé, Nick, 23.
The picture was taken shortly before their wedding ceremony, held on January 11, 2005 in the US .
Katie has terminal cancer and spend hours a day receiving medication.
In the picture, Nick is waiting for her on one of the many sessions of Chemo to end.


In spite of all the pain, organ failures, and morphine shots, Katie is going along with her wedding and took care of every detail. The dress had to be adjusted a few times due to her constant weight loss.


An unusual accessory at the wedding was the oxygen tube that Katie used throughout the ceremony and reception as well.
The other couple in the picture is Nick’s parents. Excited to see there son marrying his high school sweetheart.


Katie, in her wheelchair with the oxygen tube, listening a song from her husband and friends


At the reception, Katie had to take a few rest breaks. The pain wouldn’t allow her to stand up for long periods


Katie died five days after her wedding day. Watching a woman so ill and weak getting married and with a smile on her face makes us think….. Happiness is reachable, no matter how long it lasts. We should stop making our lives complicated.

Life is short …
kiss passionately, love truly
laugh constantly
And never stop smiling
no matter how strange life is
Life is not always the party we expected to be
but as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful.


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Bayanihan spirit among OFWs kicks in as OAV deadline looms

Department of Foreign Affairs

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Watch francis joseph chiz escudero – Tatakbo ka ba this Sunday 30th August

Chiz updates on ” Tatakbo ka ba”

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV




Philippine Entertainment Portal

Tatakbo Ka Ba this Sunday, Aug 30?
Philippine Entertainment Portal
Eddie” Villanueva, Eduardo Panlilio, Francis JosephChizEscudero, Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro, Grace Padaca, Jamby Madrigal, Jejomar “Jojo” Binay,

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Escudero barnstorms Pangasinan

Escudero barnstorms Pangasinan – Philippines
“When I was congressman, I visited every barangay of my district [in Sorsogon]. Now that I’m senator, I should visit every town and city in the country,” he

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REACT Sorsogon muling inorganisa

REACT Sorsogon muling inorganisa
Philippine Information Agency – Philippines
by Bennie A. Recebido Sorsogon Province (August 28) — Pormal na isinagwa noong nakaraang linggo ang reorganisasyon ng Regional Emergency Assistance

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Eddie “Manoy” Garcia – Sorsoganon, pillar of Pinoy movie industry



Eddie Garcia (born Eduardo Verchez García on May 2, 1921 in Sorsogon, Philippines) popularly known as Manoy  is one of the top Filipino film actors and also a Movie Director.


source: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


He made his first movie, Siete Infantes de Lara in 1949.

He is also known to play the part of Leandro Montemayor, the fictional Philippine President on the television drama series, “Kung Mawawala Ka” (If Ever You Were Gone), and gave him his first Best Actor in a Drama Series in the 2002 Star Awards, and is also known for portraying various roles either the main villain or the lead or supporting character. He is also known for his trademark humorous lines which he says mostly in action films or comedy films[1]

He also played a part as Lolo Carlos (Grandfather Carlos) in the Filipino-American film, The Debut, the Lolo Sinat (Grandfather Sinat) in the film, Deathrow, and even the villainous Judge Valderama in Kapag Puno Na Ang Salop (If the Ganta is Full) and its two sequels, opposite of Fernando Poe, Jr. although he also portrayed a judge which is the opposite of his latter character as Judge Maximiano Asuncion who is a real life judge known as Hukom Bitay. He also portrayed another real life personality portraying Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim.

He is the only person in the Philippines to be a Hall of Fame inductee of the FAMAS in three categories: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Director.[1]

He is the only performer in Philippine movie history to win three consecutive FAMAS Awards: Best Supporting Actor Awards for Taga sa Bato (1957), Condenado (1958) and Tanikalang Apoy (1959).[1]

He is the most awarded and nominated person in the long history of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Awards. He garnered a total of 34 nominations (13 for Best Supporting Actor, 10 for Best Actor and 11 for Best Director). Out of these, he got 6 Best Supporting Actor wins, 5 Best Actor wins and 5 Best Director wins, 3 Hall of Fame Awards, 1 Lifetime Achievement Award and the Fernando Poe, Jr. Memorial Award. He was awarded his first FAMAS Award in 1957 and his last FAMAS, a Hall of Fame for Best Actor, in 2003.

The first actor to be inducted in the FAMAS Best Supporting Actor Hall of Fame of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences in 1974.

He played the role of Markadan of Saladin, a powerful dark magician, in the television fantasy series, Majika. He also directed many films such as hinukay ko na ang libingan mo starring Robin padilla portraying twin brothers and even eddie himself as the film’s main antagonist


Personal life

His family is among the descendants of Spanish settlers.[citation needed] He is a former member of the Philippine Scouts in Okinawa during World War II. The Philippine Military Academy Marangal (Honorable) Class of 1974 also adopted him as one of their honorary classmates, alongside First Gentleman Mike Arroyo.

He has a daughter living in San Diego, CA by the name of Lisa Ortega.

He is also good friends with fellow veteran actors Dolphy and Fernando Poe Jr. He also personally witnessed the last moment of FPJ. Earlier that year during the 2004 presidential elections, he and Dolphy are campaigning alongside FPJ




As an actor


TV series

  • Darna (2009) as Father
  • Totoy Bato (2009) as Coach Fredo
  • LaLola (2008-2009) as Don Aguirre Lobergat
  • Joaquin Bordado (2008) as General Russo
  • Obra (TV series) (2008)
  • Asian Treasures (2007) as Professor Wakan U. Matadtu / Supremo / Datu Makatunaw
  • Majika (2006) as Markadan
  • Darna (2005) as Mambabarang
  • Marinara (2004)
  • Narito Ang Puso Ko (2003)
  • Kung Mawawala Ka (2002)
  • Manoy & Mokong (1998)
  • GMA Mini Series (1995)
  • GMA Telecine Specials (1993)
  • Lovingly Yours (1987)



  • Fuschia
  • Urduja (2008)
  • Ate (2008)
  • Till I Met You (2006)
  • I Wanna Be Happy (2006)
  • Gakseoltang (2006)
  • Blue Moon (2006)
  • Reyna: ang makulay na pakikipagsapalaran ng mga achucherva, achuchuva, achechenes (2006)
  • Gakseoltang (2006)
  • Tulay (2006)
  • Wrinkles (2006)
  • Terrorist Hunter (2005)
  • Batuta ni Dracula (2005)
  • Lisensyadong kamao (2005)
  • Pinoy/Blonde (2005)
  • Birhen ng Manaoag (2005)
  • ICU Bed #7 (2005)
  • Mano po III: My love (2004)
  • Sa totoo lang! (2004)
  • Chavit (2003)
  • Asboobs: Asal bobo (2003)
  • Masamang ugat (2003)
  • Alab ng lahi (2003)
  • Operation Balikatan (2003)
  • Tomagan (2003)
  • When Eagles Strike (2003)
  • Mano po (2002)
  • Bahid (2002)
  • D’ uragons never umuurong always sumusulong (2002)
  • Bro… Kahit saan engkwentro (2002)
  • Kapitan Ambo: Outside de kulambo (2001)
  • Sanggano’t sanggago (2001)
  • Syota ng bayan (2001)
  • Deathrow (2000)
  • Anino (2000)
  • The Debut (2000) …
  • Matalino man ang matsing na-iisahan din! (2000)
  • Asin at paminta (1999)
  • Tigasin (1999)
  • Sambahin ang ngalan mo (1998)
  • The Mariano Mison Story (1997) ..
  • Nagmumurang kamatis (1997)
  • Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako (1997)
  • Emong Salvacion (1997)
  • Mauna ka susunod ako (1997)
  • Padre Kalibre (1997)
  • Wanted Dead or Alive: Arrest the King of Carnappers (1996)
  • Duwelo (1996) (Regal Films)
  • Bakit May Kahapon Pa? (1996)
  • Moises Arcanghel: Sa guhit ng bala (1996)
  • Melencio Magat: Dugo laban dugo (1995)
  • Hukom bitay (1995)
  • Alfredo Lim: Batas ng Maynila (1995)
  • Ultimatum (1994)
  • Mayor Cesar Climaco (1994)
  • Salamat Sa Lotto (1994)
  • Marami ka pang kakaining bigas (1994)
  • Galvez: Hanggang sa dulo ng mundo hahanapin kita (1993)
  • MAESTRO TORIBIO: Sentensyador (1993)
  • Tatak ng Kriminal (1993)
  • Doring Borobo (1993)
  • Enteng Manok: Tari ng Quiapo (1992)
  • Cordora: Lulutang Ka Sa Sarili Mong Dugo (1992) (Moviestars Production) (Directed by: Francis Posadas (as Francis ‘Jun’ Posadas)) (Written by: Tony Tacorda (story & screenplay)) (Produced by: Edgar Abanilla …. associate producer, Willie Milan …. line producer, Ramon Salvador …. supervising producer, Wally Chua & Victor Villegas …. executive producers) (Original Music by: Mon Del Rosario) (Cinematography by: Ver Dauz) (Production Designed by: Bobby Bautista) (Stunts: Eddie Nicart …. stunt & fight director) (Sound Department: Rolly Ruta …. sound supervisor)
  • Andres Manambit (1992) (Viva Films)
  • My Other Woman (1991)
  • Magdaleno Orbos: Sa Kuko ng Mga Lawin (1991) (Harvest Films International)
  • Alyas Ninong (1991) (Octoarts Films)
  • Mayor latigo (1991)
  • Hinukay ko na ang libingan mo (1991)
  • Higit na matimbang ang dugo (1991)
  • Boyong Manalac: Hoodlum Terminator (1991)
  • Bakit kay tagal ng sandali? (1990)
  • Sgt.Patalinghug (1990)
  • HEPE: Isasabay Kita! (1990)
  • Tangga and Chos: Beauty Secret Agents (1990)
  • Naughty Boys (1990)
  • Hindi ka na sisikatan ng araw (Kapag puno na ang salop part III) (1990)
  • Baril Ko Ang Uusig! (1990)
  • Ikasa mo, ipuputok ko (1990)
  • Gumapang ka sa lusak (1990)
  • Bala at Rosario (1990)
  • Patigasan… ang laban (1990)
  • Kung tapos na ang kailanman (1990)
  • Trese (1990)
  • Galit sa mundo (1989)
  • Ako ang Batas:General Tomas Karingal (1989)
  • Handa na ang hukay mo, Calida (1989)
  • Hukom 45 (1989)
  • Kung maibabalik ko lang (1989)
  • Ako ang huhusga (Kapag puno na ang salop part II) (1989)
  • Ang Pumatay ng dahil sa iyo (1989)
  • Tatak ng isang api (1989)
  • Kailan mahuhugasan ang kasalanan (1989)
  • Bakit iisa lamang ang puso (1989)
  • One two bato three four bapor (1989)
  • My Pretty Baby (1989)
  • Tupang itim (1989)
  • Chinatown: Sa kuko ng dragon (1988)
  • Sandakot na bala (1988)
  • Sgt. Ernesto Boy Ibanez: Tirtir Gang (1988)
  • Enteng, the Dragon (1988)
  • Puso sa puso (1988)
  • Afuang, Bounty Hunter (1988)
  • Nasaan ka inay (1988)
  • Ibulong mo sa Diyos (1988)
  • Lord, bakit ako pa? (1988)
  • Baleleng at ang ginto sirena (1988)
  • Kapag puno na ang salop (1987)
  • Lumuhod ka sa lupa! (1987)
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As director

  • Crisis (2005)
  • Abakada ina (2001)
  • Hinukay ko na ang libingan mo (1991)
  • Imortal (1989)
  • Kung kasalanan man (1989)
  • Huwag mong itanong kung bakit? (1987)
  • Kung aagawin mo ang lahat sa akin (1987)
  • Saan nagtatago ang pag-ibig (1987)
  • Magdusa ka (1986)
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  • P.S. I Love You (1981)
  • Atsay (1978)
  • Pinagbuklod ng langit (1969)
  • Blackmail (1966)
  • Deadline Agosto 13 (1966)
  • Sabotage (1966)
  • G-2: Taga-usig ng kaaway (1965)
  • Kalaban ng sindikato (1965)
  • Historia de un amor (1963)

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Kwentuhan ni Pedro at Juan.

Kwentuhan ni Pedro at Juan.

Pedro: Pareng Juan dumating ka na pala mula sa Nigeria ? Anong pasalubong mo?

Juan: Pare may alak akong imported masarap ito. Mag-inom muna tayo. Natatandaan mo ba yung paborito kong sinaing na tulingan na niluluto mo na may kamias na tuyo, yun na lang ang ipulutan natin dahil para bang naglilihi ako sa pagkain na yon. Hayaan mo at ibibili naman kita ng litsong liempo at manok dahil yan ang paborito mo.

Pedro: Pare buti ka pa ay nakakabili ka nitong alak na ito napakatapang at masarap inumin at masarap na pulutan. Ito ba paborito ni pareng Erap yung Blue L……

Juan: Yan nga yon pare!…hehehe. Wag kang maiinggit kung makabili man ako nyan dahil matagal naman kong pinag-iipunan yan para marami akong maiuwing pasalubong. Sya nga pala may pasalubong akong sabon at tsokolate para kay Mare at kay Junior mo.

Pedro: Pare kamusta na ang trabaho mo doon.

Juan: OK, naman pare.

Pedro: Ayon sa balita eh…total ban for travel na raw yung mga pabalik doon sa lugar nyo dahil magulo raw doon at may mga kidnapping na nagaganap. Totoo ba yon?

Juan: Pare totoo na may gulo doon pero di sa lugar na pinagtatrabahuhan namin kung may gulo doon ay parang nasa Manila at Mindanao ang layu namin doon sa gulo. At kung nasa hot area ka parang nasa General Santos City at Sulu ang layo mo. So safe pa rin kami doon.

Pedro: Ganun ba? Ay bakit may pinatutupad na total ban papuntang Nigeria ?

Juan: Alam mo pare, yung mga nakaupo sa gobyerno na nagpapatupad ng batas ay walang alam kung ano ang tunay na nangyayari sa lugar na pinagtatrabahuhan namin. Kaya naman ni hindi nga sila nakakatuntong sa Nigeria kaya kung mag-desisyon sila ay ganun na lang.

Pedro: Pero ayon sa balita ay talamak daw sa kidnapping doon kaya pinatupad ang total ban sa dahilang nalalagay daw sa peligro yung mga kababayan natin?

Juan: Pare kapag ikaw ay nakatuntong ng Nigeria ay maiintindihan mo ang buhay sa West Africa di lang sa Nigeria . Tulad ng kidnapping na yan…. Alam mo ba na kung sa Nigeria ka ma-kidnap ay ititira ka pa sa Hotel at bibigyan ng babae ng mga kidnapper?

Pedro: Totoo ba yon pare? Hehehe… di ako makapaniwala sayo….

Juan: Tototo yon pare…hehehe. Tanungin mo yung mga mga Bitoy na nakidnap…hehehe…..

Pedro: Ikaw talaga pare niloloko mo ako…hehehehe

Juan: Ganito yan pare, may klasipikasyon ang mga kidnappers sa kanilang mga biktima. Depende yan sa Grade mo…. Grade A, B, C, at D. Kapag Grade A ka ikaw ay maaaring Bitoy, Kano or Frances or empleyado ng mga oil giants sa Nigeria kaya ang accommodation mo ay Hotel, may masarap na pagkain at baka bigyan ka pa ng tagamasahe ng likod mo habang hinihintay mo na tubusin ka ng kumpanya mo.

Pedro: Ano naman yung Grade B….?

Juan: Yan naman ang mga empleyado ng mga international company na maganda ang bayad sa mga kidnappers kung baga pumapangalawa sa magandang magbayad na Grade A.

Pedro: Eh, ano naman ang Grade C at D kidnap Victims?

Juan: Yan pare ang matindi….hehehe

Pedro: Bakit pare? Ano ang ibig mong sabihin?

Juan: Yan yung mga third country nationals tulad natin, pana, Indonesians, Pakistan at thailander…at mga kuripot na kumpanya ng mga koreano, italiano at frances . Yan yung mga kuripot magbayad… kaya hindi masyadong tinatarget yan ng mga kidnappers…. Dahil kakaunti ang kinikita nila… kapag minamalas malas ka ay baka pagboksingin pa kayong mga victims kung matagal kayong tubusin….hehehe

Pedro: Anong ibig mong sabihin na pag-boksingin? Mukhang ngayon ko lang maririnig yan ah… at wala sa dyaryo yan ah…hehehe

Juan: Yan yung sinasabi ng mga OFW na taga Nigeria …hehehe… kinakailangan ay dala mo ang dibdib mo at itlog mong panlaban sa pitpitan…hehehe…kasing tapang daw ni Boggie at hindi katulad ni Bitoy….hehehe

Pedro: Ikaw talaga pare…binibitin mo ako sa istorya mo…hahaha. Ano ba yong boksing.

Juan: Yan pare, halimbawa kung sakaling apat ang kidnap victims, yung dalawa doon ay magboboksing… yung dalawa naman ay parang corner man yon…. Kapag tumama ng suntok yung isa sa kalaban nya may equivalent na sampiga sa mukha naman yung corner man nung boksingerong tinamaan ng suntok.. alam mo ba kung sino ang sumasampiga?

Pedro: Sino?

Juan: Eh di yung kidnapper?

Pedro: Pare, totoo ba yon? Mukhang ginugoodtime mo lang ako?hehehe… baka naman gawa-gawa mo lang yung istorya mo? Hehehe

Juan: Ikaw talaga pare? Kaya nga dapat kapag pumunta ka sa Nigeria ay dala mo ang bayag mo…hehehe

Pedro: Talagang hindi ako makapaniwala sa kwento mo….

Juan: Talagang ganyan pare… hindi mo nga ako paniniwalaan dahil sila ngang mga nagpapatupad ng ban ay hindi maniwala sa amin na safe kami sa lugar na pinagtatrabahuhan namin sa Nigeria …. Ikaw pa kaya….hehehe siguro kung makakarating ka sa lugar na pinagtatrabahuhan namin ay malalaman mo na hindi lahat ng lugar sa Nigeria ay magulo. Maiintindihan mo sana na kung bakit nagagalit ang mga OFW na kasamahan namin doon.

Pedro: Pare tignan mo naman dalawangput apat yung nakidnap na seaman at yung isang huli ay taga-land base pa… eh kung ako ang nasa gobyerno ay baka ganyan din ang gawin ko….ipatupad ang ban to travel to Nigeria .

Juan: Ganito yan pare…dito sa Pilipinas kapag nakidnap at nagbayad na ang pamilya mo ay malamang ay baka patayin ka pa…. itanong mo sa mga intsik na kakilala mo kung hindi totoo ang sinasabi ko….sa Nigeria kapag nakidnap ay siguradong pakakawalan ka kapag nagbayad ang kumpanya mo…yung dalawangput apat na nakidnap na seaman ay European base company yan at mga walang security escort yan na katulad ng sa amin ditto sa land base kaya masyadong nasensationalise yan…pero nasaan ba sila? Di ba’t nakauwi na…. kung sa Pilipinas nakidnap yan eh baka pinugutan pa ng ulo yang mga mahal nating mga kasama sa hanapbuhay…katulad sa Sulu… Mabuti na lang at hindi rin nagpapalabas ng ban to travel ang Nigerian government sa Pilipinas….hehehe…. Bakit nga ba?hehehe alam mo ba kung bakit? Wala tayong oil fields na katulad nila at wala pa silang mga engineers at techinician na katulad ng mga pinoy na ipapadala sa pinas… nakakatawa nga eh…hehehe… pilipinas lang ang nag-issue ng ban to travel to Nigeria…hehehe… mga bugok pala…hehehe… akala ko’y pagkatapos ng edsa ay mga agila na uupo dyan sa Mala…..gobyerno natin….hik..hik… lasing na ata ako pare…mga langaw pala….hehehe… siyanga pala yung huling nakidnap ay gusto nang bumalik non…sayang baka 3k hanggang 30k per day ang nawawala sa kanya….hik…hik..

Pedro: Ganun ba?????

Juan: Alam mo pare…hik…hik.. lasing na ata ako ha…hehehe…Sa Nigeria….kahit moral support lang ang manggaling sa embahada ay ok na at siguradong makakalaya ng buhay ang biktima… dito sa atin kapag biktima ka ay baka maubos ang pera ng pamilya mo at baka patay ka pa. Sa Nigeria kumpanya ang nagbabayad… ditto sa atin pamilya natin ang nagbabayad…hik…. So sino ang mas kawawa… yung mga nakidnap sa Pilipinas o yung mga nakidnap sa Nigeria ….hehehe..hik

Pedro: Anong tulong naman ang nakukuha nyo sa embahada sa Nigeria ….hik .? Mukhang lasing na rin ata ako pare…hehehe hik..

Juan: Pare…lasing na ako….hehehe… Moral support lang pare…moral support lang….hehehe…. Wala namang pondo yan sila eh..heheh hik….. yung pondo… eh pina-aapruban pa sa Pilipinas kaya matagal pa bago dumating…hehehe…hik…tulad ng pambili ng tiket sa para…hik..hik..hik …sa repatriation…hik

Pedro: Pare lasing na rin ako…hehehe….hik…hik…marami pa akong…itatanong sayo kaso gusto ko nang matulog…hehehe…

Juan: OK….hik..hik.. bukas na lang ulit tayo mag-inom..hahaha…hik… tamang-tama si pareng Erap ay nadyan na…hehehe..hik…hik… akitin nating mag-inom…hik…hik….sa susunod …may Blue L….. pa ako….pag-ubos na ito ay inom naman tayo ng lambanog..hehehe…masarap talaga itong tulingan…..hehehe..hik..hik…

Juan at Pedro: Ibong mang may layang lumipad♪♫♪ kulungin mo at umiiyak…♪♫♪ hik…hik…

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Gov’t setting up OFW access centers in malls

Gov’t setting up OFW access centers in malls

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) will set up access centers for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in malls nationwide to better educate OFWs on the realities of overseas employment as well as to curb illegal recruitment.

The OFW Access Centers may be used by OFWs to verify licensed agencies and job orders, attend pre-employment orientation and anti-illegal recruitment seminars, and secure information and education materials, according to POEA Administrator Jennifer J. Manalili.

Manalili has commended the private sector for their commitment to the country’s workers. “The partnership with the private sector is another strategy in the government’s implementation of a massive and extensive information campaign on the realities of overseas employment, including illegal recruitment.’’

The center is also eyed as a facility for the eventual processing of documents of returning workers.

The setting up of the centers is provided under the memorandum of understanding signed by the POEA and SM Retail, Inc. and SM Prime Holdings, Inc.—owner of the largest mall chain in the Philippines—last Monday.

Teresita Sy-Coson signed the agreement in her capacity as president of SM Retail, Inc. and Hans T. Sy as president of SM Prime Holdings, Inc., while Labor and Employment Secretary Marianito D. Roque signed in his capacity as chairman of the POEA Governing Board.

Roque said the MOU provided that SM Prime Holdings Inc. and SM Retail Inc., which operates 34 malls nationwide, will provide venues and attend to the concerns of job applicants, OFWs, and their families.

The agreement states that SM Retail Inc., which operates some 34 SM malls nationwide, is required to set up an OFW Access Center in its malls.

“These centers are expected to help OFWs verify licensed agencies and job orders, attend pre-employment orientation and anti-illegal recruitment seminars, and secure information and education materials,’’ said Roque. (with a report by Shianee Mamanglu)


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take it easy….joke muna tayo….

relax muna mga kabayan!!

Hindi lahat ng party ay masaya–3RD PARTY
Hindi lahat ng 13 ay malas–13TH MONTH PAY
Hindi lahat ng negative nakakalungkot- PREGNANCY TEST (whew)
Hindi lahat ng positive ikina-sasaya- -HIV POSITIVE

************ ********* *******
Panibagong sagot sa tanong na: “‘musta lovelife?”
“Eto self supporting.”

************ ********* *******
Anak: Tay , totoo po bang may multo?
Tatay: Anak walang multo! Bakit mo naitanong?
Anak: Sabi kasi ni yaya merong multo!
Tatay: Anak…Tang’ ina naman, wala tayong yaya!

************ ********* *******
Inday: Ate, kailangan daw ipa-EXTRAY ulo ni junior?
Mother: Gaga anong EXTRAY?
Inday: Ano pu ba talaga ati?
Mother: CT SKULL!! Bobo!
************ ********* *******
Bahay ng mag-asawa pinasok ng killer….
Killer: Bago ko patayin lahat ng biktima ko ay kinikilala ko muna..
Ikaw Mrs, ano
pangalan mo?
Mrs: Inday po.
Killer: Napakagandang pangalan, kapangalan mo nanay ko.
Hindi na kita papatayin. Ikaw mr, ano pangalan mo?
Mr: Ah Pedro po, pero my friends call me Inday.

************ ********* *******
Chinese feng shui: If MIRROR at the stairs, may swerte at grasya akyat.

If MIRROR at the door, may swerte at grasya pasok.
If MIRROR at the ceiling, ikaw swerte, nasa loob ka ng MOTEL!

************ ********* *******
Teacher: Juan, give me colors that start with letter M, except maroon!

Juan: Hhmmm…
Mukhang berde!
Mejo asul!

************ ********* *******
3 Palatandaan na tumatanda ka na:
1) Tuhod na lang ang Tumitigas…
2) Buhok na lang ang Tumatayo.
3) Mukha na lang ang Nagagalit.

************ ********* *******
Mag-ama nakasakay sa barko habang bumabagyo…
Anak: Tay ! Nag-aalala po ako. Parang lulubog ang barko.
Tatay: Tanga! Ba’t ka mag-aalala eh di naman atin ito!

************ ********* *******
Isang binata naputulan ng parehong braso, pagdating sa ospital:
Binata: Doc gamutin nyo po ako, naputol parehong braso ko.
Doc: Mga anong oras ka ba naputulan?
Binata: Mga 10 oras na po.
Doc: 10?! Eh bakit ngayon ka lang pumunta dito?
Binata: HALLER! Mahirap kayang pumara ng jeep!!

************ ********* *******

Nanay: Papauwi ka na ba? Asan ka na?
Anak: Andito po ako sa ospital…
Nanay (umiiyak): Ha? Ano nangyari sayo?!
Anak: Nay, nurse po ako, duty ako ngayon!

************ ********* *******
A large signboard says: “ALCOHOL KILLS SLOWLY.”
Nakita ng lasenggo… “So what?! Sino ba nagmamadali? “?
************ ********* *******
Misis: Inday, napansin mo ba ang barong ni sir mo lagi na lang may
Maid: Opo nga ma’am! Mukang niloloko na tayo ni sir ah?!?!
************ ********* *******
Jr: Nay, nagloko ba si lolo noong buhay pa sya?
Mom: Pag namatay ako, tatangungin ko sya sa langit.
Jr: Eh kung nasa hell si lolo?
Mom: Tatay mo ang magtatanong!

************ ********* *******
Economics Professor: “Now tell me what is the similarity between your
bank account and a
Student: “Well, the more in it, the better interest you get.”
************ ********* *******
Wife mad at drunk husband: From now on, lips that touch liquor will never
touch mine…

(Later she said): What are you thinking?
Husband: Trying to decide between 12year old scotch and 50year old lips.

************ ********* ****
Son to dying father: Itay, ano po ang gusto nyo, magpalibing ba o
Ama:Ikaw na ang bahala, anak. I-surprise mo na lang ako.

************ ********* ****
Pacquiao: Honey, boksan mo na yun sweets.
Jinky: Nasan honey? Ang lambing mo naman. May pasalubong ka pa sa akin!

Pacquiao: Yung sweets ng elaw. Ang dilim kaya!

************ ********* ****
Bisaya: Hulaan mo alaga kong hayop nagsimula sa liter I.
DJ: Isda?
Bisaya: Dili man!
Dj: Ibon?
Bisaya: Lapit na.
DJ: Ano nga, siret na!
Bisaya: IGOL.

************ ********* ****
Erap disembarked from a PAL flight and was met by reporter who asked,
“Sir, what do you
think of the economy?”
Erap: I don’t know. I was seated in the first class.
************ ********* ****
Misis: Darling, akala ko ba, mahal mo ako…
Mister: Oo nga! Handa akong mamatay alang-alang sayo.
Misis: Sus! Puro ka naman satsat, hindi mo naman ginagawa!

************ ********* ****
Tony: Ikaw na naman? Tatlong beses mo na akong na-holdup ngayong taon,
Holdaper: Ganu’n talaga brod. Inaalagaan ang good customer!

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aber daw Joke 101 ngona kita

Misis : Darling, ano ang tawag sa isang asawa na sexy, maganda, hindi selosa, mapagmahal, masipag, mapagkalinga, masarap magluto?

Guro:        Sino si Jose Rizal?
Juan:         Di ko po kilala.
Guro:        Ikaw Pepe?
Pepe:        Di ko rin po kilala..
Guro:        Di nyo kilala si Jose Rizal?
Pedro:       Ma’m, baka po sa kabilang section sya!

Husband: Kung di ako makaligtas sa operasyon ko bukas, ikaw na sana ang bahala sa lahat-lahat. … I LOVE YOU!
Wife:      Tumigil ka! wala pang namamatay sa TULI!

aliw (tumawag sa mental hospital): Hello… may tao po ba sa Room 168?
Telephone Operator:  Wala po, bakit?
Check ko lang kung nakatakas talaga ako!

  Lolokohin ko mister ko, magpapanggap ako na prosti dito sa kanto.
Timing (dumaan ang mister nya….)
 Pogi! available ako ngayon, pwede ka ba?
Yoko sayo…kamukha mo misis ko!

American guy named Paul challenged a Filipino:
American:        Use my name 4 times in a sentence!
Pedro:             Paul, be carePaul, you might Paul in the swimmingPaul.

Biyaya na makukuha sa Gulay:
AMPALAYA –  pampapula ng dugo
KALABASA –  pampalinaw ng mata
TALONG –  pampatirik ng mata
MANI –  pampatirik ng TALONG. Ay! nalito na ako.

Quote for the Day…
Ang Buhay ay parang bato…it’s Hard.

Prospective Employer to Applicant: ‘So why did you leave your previous job?’
Applicant: ‘ The company relocated and they did not tell me where!’

Juan:          Birthday ng asawa ko…
Pedro:        Ano regalo mo?
Juan:          Tinanong ko kung ano gusto niya.
Pedro:        Ano naman sinabi?
Juan:          Kahit ano basta may DIAMOND.
Pedro:        Ano binigay mo?
Juan:          Baraha.

TANONG: Paano mo sasabihin sa isang babae na mataba siya nang hindi siya mababastos?
SAGOT:   ‘Uhm, excuse me, miss…Mang Tomas ba ang lotion mo?’

Aanhin ko ang napakalaking bahay, mamahaling sasakyan, milyun-milyong kayamanan, at masasarap na pagkain kung ang kapit-bahay ko ang may-ari ng mga iyun?!

Nanay:        Ano ‘tong malaking zero sa test paper mo?
Anak :        Hindi po ‘yan zero, ‘Nay.. Naubusan lang ng star ang teacher ko kaya binigyan niya ako ng moon! Moon lang ‘yan, ‘Nay, promise!

Mga sikat na salawikain:
Better late than pregnant.
Kapag may tiyaga, good luck!
Aanhin pa ang damo….kabayo ba ako?
Do unto others, then, run! Run! Run!
Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika ay lumaki sa ibang bansa.
Ang lalaking nagigipit, sa bakla kumakapit.    

Paano humamon ng AWAY ang …
Magpakita kayo mga Duwag!
Isa Isa Lang! para patas ang Laban!
Patay kung Patay! Walang Takbuhan!


Pedro:        Pare balita ko bading ka daw. totoo ba?!
Ambo:        Pare, Mga chismax lang ‘yun galing sa mga chuvanes na walang magawa sa mga chenilyn nila…. chura nila! hmpf!

Boy:        Di na tuloy ang kasal natin
Girl:        Bakit?!
Boy:        Kuya mo kasi eh!
Girl:        Hindi no! Gusto ka ng Kuya ko!
Boy:        Yun nga eh…gusto ko rin ang kuya mo!

Juan:          San ka galing?
Pedro:        Sementeryo, libing ng byenan ko.
Juan:          E bakit puro kamot ang mukha at braso mo?
Pedro:        Mahirap ilibing eh… Lumalaban!!

Kapag may kaaway ka, tandaan mo….dito lang ako… dito lang talaga ako…tapos dyan ka lang, wag kang pupunta dito! Baka madamay ako.

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Concerned Sorsoganon air his disappointment

may gusto pa tabi kamong gustong idagdag? 

Vincent NatoVincent Nato

 if sorsogon is truly united let us stop sorsoganon to become president he will do nothing to our country maawa kayo! breakwater inside the bay! infront of barong barong houses at the seaside yung expenses sana ng breakwater na million million sana pinangrellocate nlng dyan sa mga nakatira sa seaside.wake up sorsogon we dont need a gentleman na puro dada ng dada hindi nman nagttrabaho wala panglaman ang mga sinasabi.sorsogon united pls wake up mas lalo tayung magugutom.opposition is not the answer for development.Read More

politicians are not the main key ticket in any form of necessity abundance or in the other cheek, abrogating poverty, but it is only our individual resourcefulness on how to propagate such existing necessity or the way we define the superb life.
Sorsogon-United Links
Hi Vincent, I fully understand your concern. This is a long term issue that our local govt and our Phil Govt in general should look into. Sorsogon in particular has its own problem, but we could not just easily blame our leaders for all these things. Last time, i also blamed our local leaders for being lax. We always wanted a quick result, things like magic right?. But this issue is not an overnight makeover you normally watch on TV.  Pointing our fingers will also cause boomerang effect to us. I am aware that some of our leaders can’t do anything, maybe due to lack of funds and of course the support among our constituent. I’m not in politics nor holding any govt position. But if our leaders will just go back to the basic law of the land.well, I believe we gonna have good a future. As you have mentioned, It is always impossible for Sorsogon to be united without you and rest of our people. Consider the adage of  JFK  “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”

Sorsogon-United Links

mga kapwa ko sorsoganon, igwa pa tabi kitang sunod na eleksyon pumili kita q mga leaders na may pagmakulog sa banwaan ta. Dai tabi magpadara sa kwarta ano? bako tabi sa mga pangako…hilingi tabi nindo ang kakayahan. asin pinaka importante igwa tabi ining takot sa DIYOS!
Vincent Nato
magkasararo kita palitaan an mga gonggong na politiko sa sorsogon lalo na an cge lang an pacute sa t.v nagkongressman nalimutan an sorsogon nagsenador nalimutan an bicol mapresidente for sure limot an pilipinas
Yesterday at 3:45pm · Delete
Enrique D. Anonat III
The only unequivocal predicament for the people of Sorsogon are the weak four key industrial economic sectors. Not the godamn politicians. Wake the fu&k up!

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A four-day Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) capacity building seminar-workshop held in Gubat Town



SORSOGON Province – A four-day Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) capacity building seminar-workshop was held in Gubat town here seeking to improve the skills and competence of the disaster managers for a sustainable DRR implementation in the local communities.

Governor Sally Lee said that the capacity building activity forms part of the 15-month project of Oxfam–Great Britain entitled “Safer and More Prepared Women and Men through a Permanent Disaster Risk Management Office” or Project PRIMRR (Provincial Readiness to Institutionalize and Mainstream Risk Reduction) which draws funding support from the 6th Action Plan of DIPECHO.

Lee stressed “this is also our effort to replicate the experience of Albay Public Safety and Emergency Management Office (APSEMO), now serving as model not only in Sorsogon but also among provinces of Pampanga, Saranggani and even abroad”.

She added that the project supports partnerships and collaborative undertakings on strategies that enable stakeholders, local communities and institutions develop capacities with the end view of building disaster resilience and reduce vulnerabilities to disaster.

Activities undertaken by the participants were capacity building orientation on DRR and application through demonstration of the skills and learning acquired from the resource speakers.

Lee said that the Disaster Risk Management Office (DRMO) staff/officers, provincial planning officers, representatives from target communities and local media partners were made to answer the DRR mainstreaming tool developed by National Economic Development Authority (NEDA).

“Participants are also taught of how to install, operate and read digital rain gauges which will soon be distributed to different barangays across the province,” she added.

The project is also supported by the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO), an international non-government organization through its Disaster Preparedness Program (DIPECHO). (BARecebido, PIA Sorsogon)

PiA BiKoL –

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Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities

Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again.

Watch again…

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Seaweed’s potential experimented on


Could mean big business for Bicol region

THE BUREAU of Agricultural Research (BAR) has developed 20 products from processed seaweeds, opening up a new potential for the fisheries commodity in the Bicol region.
Some of the products that could open a new market for seaweed farmers include seaweed candies, seaweed noodles, seaweed chips, nata de seaweeds, seaweed jam, seaweed chocolate, seaweed longanisa, and macaroons with seaweed.

“We developed and created new products which are not only affordable but are also nutritious,” said Aida S. Andayog, manager of the Regional Fisheries Research and Development Center.

New products that will likely open a new market for seaweed farmers include seaweed candies, seaweed noodles, pickled seaweeds, seaweed chips, nata de seaweeds, seaweed tart, seaweed jam, seaweed chocolate bar, seaweed longanisa, macaroons with seaweed, fish lumpia with seaweed, seaweed morcon, seaweed marmalade, seaweed kropek and seaweed juice.

“These products have competitive advantage in the market considering the uniqueness, taste, and nutritional value,” Ms. Andayog said.

“Seaweeds are a low-calorie food, with a high concentration of minerals, vitamins, proteins and digestible carbohydrates, and some lipids,” she added.

Seaweeds, which are rich in iodine, iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium and phosphorous, is used here and abroad as an ingredient in human and animal food, cosmetics, fertilizers, medicines and also in wastewater treatment.

In 2003, an on-farm research and a seaweed nursery were put up by the agency through funds from a community-based participatory action research project.

The facility became a model seaweed production farm for the coastal municipalities of Sorsogon and eventually, in the whole region, the BAR said.

The project, dubbed the “Product Development/Improvement and Commercialization of Seaweeds in Bicol Region,” was targeted to create a comprehensive development and commercialization of seaweeds and processed seaweed products in the region and to put up village-level seaweed production and processing enterprises.

Trainings and seminars were held to educate seaweed farmers on the principles of good manufacturing practices and sanitation standard operating procedures required for export products.

Furthermore, products underwent sensory evaluation to assess the product appearance, odor, flavor and textures and its nutritional value through nutritional evaluation, the BAR said.

The project is funded by the BAR under its National Technology Commercialization Program that aims to promote agribusiness in the country and create jobs.

Early this month, the BAR said it was developing pigeon pea coffee as a healthy alternative drink. Products also being developed from pigeon pea include organic vinegar, basi wine, handmade paper, vermi-compost, syrup, cookies and other flat bread baked from pigeon pea flour.

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DOST develops pili pulp oil extraction technology in Sorsogon

By Danny O. Calleja

SORSOGON CITY, Aug. 26 – The Sorsogon provincial office here of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has developed a technology that provides a simple method of producing oil from pilinut pulp.

It now serves as an alternative to the process introduced by the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB) of the University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna which uses enzymes in extraction and chemicals in refining pili pulp oil.

The NIMBB process, while proven efficient is rather complicated and requires substantial investment and not suitable with a micro or village-scale pilinut processing venture, according to Melinda Yee, the leading producer of pilinut pulp oil here.

The technology introduced by the DOST provincial office, on the other hand, is composed of simple cooking and filtration tools that process oil extracts from freshly harvested pilinuts using minimal heat.

“Because the process retains the aroma and natural green color of pili pulp, the resulting oil can be considered of premium or virgin quality,” Yee said.

Yee is maker and distributor of Leslie Organice Pili Oil which is now enjoying wide patronage in the local market and gradually penetrating the international market because of its various nutritional, pharmaceutical and cosmetic uses.

Yee said she started producing the organic oil in 2004 after discovering the pili pulp contains an essential oil that can be used as salad dressing and shortening, as well as the base for canned sardines and other food preparations.

It can also be used as ingredient in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, having antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help heal wounds and allergies.

The color of pili-pulp oil is similar to olive oil’s greenish-yellow tint. It has 56.7-percent oleic glycerides, 13.5-percent linoleic glycerides and 29.3-percent saturated fatty acids.

An analysis by the DOST shows that the oil has very low free fatty acid content of 0.06 percent and moisture of only 0.04 percent, which favors longer shelf life.

Meanwhile, the results of the chemical and nutritional analysis of pili-pulp oil compared with olive oil reveal that it has more beta-carotene content, a source of vitamin A and caroteneoids, phytosterols and tocopherols (vitamin E).

These substances are known as powerful antioxidants that protect cells and neutralize unstable free radicals. It is also a good source of protein, iodine, minerals and calcium.

Yee said the oil is suitable for people with delicate skin and are health-conscious because it is organic and contains and anti-aging element that prolongs the onset of wrinkles and helps prevent acne and pimples.

It is also being used as massage oil for muscle pain and arthritis.

She also supplies pili-pulp oil to a manufacturer of bath soap, massage oil and anti-dandruff shampoo.

“I started with manual extraction employing three persons to extract up to 400 liters of virgin pili oil from 10,000 pieces of fresh pili nuts. With this technology provided to me by the DOST since early this year, I was able to increase my production by almost 50 percent,” Yee said.

This new technology satisfies the demand of local organic groups which took interest in the product for naturally processed, chemical-free and virgin quality pili pulp oil for food, health and cosmetic applications, she said.

Using manual extraction, the DOST technology was tested on different varieties of pili obtained from different areas in Sorsogon province.

Oil yield, computed as percentage by weight of whole fresh pilinut, varies widely and is clearly associated with the variety of pilinut.

However, the maximum yield recorded so far is about six percent, which translates to about 65 milliliter per kilogram of fresh whole nuts.

Establishing the varietal differences in oil yield requires further study. But oil recovery is expected to increase if a suitable mechanical pulp press or extractor becomes available, Yee said.

Pili oil has always been featured in traditional medicines and herbal remedies in Bicol region where it abounds.

Indigenous knowledge gathered attest to its efficacy in treating skin diseases such as scabies and de-worming capability for livestock such as pigs and chicken.

Recent testimony to its ability to cure diabetes was published by Fernando Simon of YAMANKO enterprises.

Some groups that advocate and promote organic products reportedly believe in the potential health benefits of pili pulp oil, which they claim could equal or even surpass that of virgin coconut oil.

The simplicity of the new technology allowed for its easy diffusion through technology transfer trainings to pili processors, traders, and farmers in Sorsogon, according to Engr. Manuel Lucena of the DOST Bicol regional office based in Legazpi City.

The introduction of the technology generated renewed interest among local stakeholders and is paving the way for the establishment of the pili pulp oil production industry in Sorsogon.

At present, raw pili pulp oil sells at P500 per gallon.

In support of the industry’s development, the DOST regional office is currently working to develop technologies on mechanical extraction and other non-chemical approach in oil refining, Lucena said. (PNA)

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Department of Foreign Affairs – Updates



PR-668-09, 26 August 2009 – Philippine Consul General to Vancouver Ruth Morales Prado led a successful Consular Outreach at the Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta Canada from 14 to 16 August 2009.

A total of 1,902 consular services were rendered which included passport processing (1,839); dual citizenship (57); and notarials (6).

A record-breaking 1,839 Filipinos applied for Machine Readable Passports during the three-day consular outreach from all over Alberta and adjacent cities. The team collected a total of CAD$77,620 during the three-day event.

The consular outreach also provided assistance to labor-related problems. The big turn out of applicants from all over the region was due to the Consulate’s effective information dissemination a month before and the enlistment of support from Filipino community groups in Alberta.

Consul General Prado was accompanied by Vice Consul Melanie Rita Balisi Diano, Welfare Officer Jay Jasper Javines; Messrs. Florencio Ilagan and Roberto Fajardo; Mlles. Lorna Marasigan; Bennet Ganata; Gaudiosa Garcia and Emilyn Clemente.

Alberta is home to almost 50,000 people of Filipino descents and almost 1,500 foreign temporary workers. END


Posted: 26 Aug 2009 12:18 AM PDT

PH-135-09, 26 August 2009 –The Philippine team was declared champion of the ASEAN Mexico Central American Group (AMCAG) Bowling Tournament held at Boliche Polanco on August 8.

The AMCAG, composed of ASEAN member countries represented in Mexico, held the tournament to mark the 42nd anniversary of the founding of ASEAN as well as to foster camaraderie and friendship among the staff and families of the Embassies of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. END


Posted: 25 Aug 2009 11:56 PM PDT

PR-667-09, 26 August 2009 – Chargé d’ Affaires, a.i. Bernadette A. Mendoza of the Philippine Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya reported on the Family Day Celebrations organized by the ASEAN embassies held on 08 August 2009.

The gathering was aimed at promoting the camaraderie among the members of the ASEAN community in Kenya. It was open to all the members of the communities of ASEAN countries in Nairobi. The Ambassadors of Japan, China, Korea and Argentina attended the event.

A fashion show featuring national dresses worn by models from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia was held. Each group had the music of its country playing in the background while selected speakers gave basic facts and information of each country.

Parlor games for the ASEAN Heads of Mission and community members, including the children, were also held. The community members were grouped by random to avoid competition by country, with the exception of the tug-of-war. The latter was an all-woman event which the team Philippines won.

ASEAN embassies’ national dishes were served at lunch, while an Indonesian live band and karaoke singing played on.

Sports such as lawn tennis, badminton, table tennis and darts were also played. Among the winners were Mr. Roger Gonzales, Administrative Officer of the Philippine Embassy, for lawn tennis doubles; and Mrs. Nerrisa Villeges, wife of Mr. Rodney Villages, Finance Officer of the Philippine Embassy, for table tennis doubles.

The whole day event was held at the residence of H.E Budi Bowoleksono, the Indonesian Ambassador and this year’s chairman of the ASEAN diplomatic missions in Nairobi, Kenya. The ASEAN embassies in Nairobi are those of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. END


Posted: 25 Aug 2009 11:26 PM PDT

PR-666-09, 26 August 2009 – The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) reminded Filipino overseas to register for the May 2010 Presidential elections as the deadline for the registration for overseas absentee voters nears.

Filipinos have until August 31, Monday, to register as overseas absentee voters.

The DFA-Overseas Absentee Voting Secretariat (DFA-OAVS) disclosed that as of August 26, the number of new overseas absentee voter (OAV) registrants reached 200,637.

According to DFA Undersecretary for Special and Ocean Concers Rafael E. Seguis, who also sits as OAVS chairman, “this number is still expected to increase during the remaining five days of the 2009 OAV registration which will end on 31 August 2009.”

There was a total of 361,457 Filipinos registered as overseas absentee voters in 2003 and 142,667 in the 2005-2006 OAV registration, bringing the total to 504,124.

Of this number, the names of 132,820 voters were deleted from the National Registry of Overseas Absentee Voters (NROAV) of the COMELEC for failure to vote in 2004 and 2007 elections.

With the balance of 371,304 OAVoters and the 200,637 new OAV registrants, there are as of August 26 a total of 571,941 overseas Filipinos eligible to vote in the May 2010 national (presidential) elections.

Undersecretary Seguis said that in a close presidential, vice-presidential, senatorial and party-list races, this figure can easily become either a swing vote or a deciding vote, especially if the influence of these registered overseas absentee voters on their families and friends in the Philippines is also considered.

As of August 26, the top ten Philippine Embassies and Consulates General which registered the highest number of voters are:

1. Hong Kong 19,691
2. Los Angeles 11,981
3. Dubai 11,219
4. Singapore 9,921
5. Riyadh 6,120
6. New York 5,687
7. London 5,478
8. Tokyo 4,913
9. Toronto 4,734
10. Jeddah 4,392

Closely following these Posts are:

11. Washington DC 4,016
12. Abu Dhabi 3,945
13. Chicago 3,717
14. Brunei 3,661
15. Kuwait 3,252

Another 8,464 overseas Filipinos registered at the Manila Economic and Cultural Offices (MECOs) in Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung. Of the newly-opened Philippine Embassies and Consulates General, the Philippine Consulate General in Barcelona, Spain registered 1,998, followed by the Philippine Embassy in Oslo, Norway with 1,051.

In line with COMELEC’s and DFA’s proactive efforts to register more overseas Filipinos for the upcoming elections, the OAVS sent letters of appeal to approximately 1,500 Filipino Community organizations around the world. It has also promoted the OAV registration with the media in the Philippines and various fora organized by civil society and non-governmental organizations.

Together with COMELEC-COAV, OAVS entered into a Memoranda of Agreement with NAIA, POEA, CFO and OWWA to establish an OAV registration center at the said agencies/offices.

Philippine Embassies and Consulates organized more field (COMELEC-funded) and mobile (OAVS-funded) OAV registrations. As a result, field/mobile registrations were conducted in over 234 sites/venues worldwide.

For the rest of August, field/mobile registrations will be conducted in Australia (Perth), California (Long Beach and San Diego), Korea (Kyonggido), Saudi Arabia (Buraidah) and United Kingdom (London). The Los Angeles Consulate is also scheduled to conduct “Akyat Barko” registrations on board three ships.

Undersecrery Seguis added that during the 2009 OAV registration, the DFA-OAVS gave the following additional instructions to all Philippine Embassies, Consulates General, and offices abroad:

• Instructed all Posts to register all personnel and all dependents of all personnel;
• Instructed all Posts to coordinate with all FilCom organizations overseas (e.g. attend their activities, etc.);
• Instructed all Posts to promote OAV registration in FilCom and mainstream media within their respective jurisdictions;
• Instructed all Posts to organize or reactivate “One Country Team” for OAV registration, seeking the cooperation, assistance and support of all Embassy or Consulate-attached agencies (DOLE, OWWA, DTI, DOT, DND, Pag-lbig, SSS, etc.); and
• Instructed all Posts to conduct “Akyat Barko” registration (where appropriate and feasible) to register Filipino seafarers. END


Posted: 25 Aug 2009 08:52 PM PDT

PH-134-09, 26 August 2009 – The Philippine Consulate in Dubai reported to the Department of Affairs on the successful conduct of its special Overseas Absentee Voter registration activity for the Maranao Community in the United Arab Emirates.

Led by Vice Consul Edwin Gil Mendoza, the OAV team held the special OAV registration activity in Dubai and Sharjah last August 20 and netted 100 new OAV registrants. END


Posted: 25 Aug 2009 07:03 PM PDT



Posted: 25 Aug 2009 06:52 PM PDT

PH-132-09, 26 August 2009 – Philippine Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam Alexander B. Yano reported to the Department of Foreign Affairs that Filipino Team Babes Boutique won the championship of the Brunei Pepsi Cup Basketball Tournament on 23 August 2009 at the Batu Bersurat, Gadong in Brunei.

The tournament, organized by Brunei Basketball Association, was attended by Ambassador Yano as VIP guest, together with Pengiran Sabri bin Pg Haji Mohammad, the acting Director of Youth and Sports and the guest of honor at the closing ceremony.

Aside from Pinoys champions, two talented Filipino singers – Mr. Bobby Boac from the Philippine Embassy and Ms. Ratchel Gomez from the Filipino community – rendered song numbers that impressed the crowd.

A total of 20 teams, of which eight consisted of Filipino players, competed in the tournament held on 18 July-23 August 2009. Three Filipino teams vied for the championship in the finals. Babes Boutique team routed Linkteck with the score of 94-79. END


Posted: 25 Aug 2009 06:35 PM PDT

PH-131-09, 26 August 2009 – Philippine Ambassador to Switzerland Maria Theresa P. Lazaro met with Geneva Mayor Mr. Rémy Pagani in a meeting held at the Palais Eynard in Geneva.

During the discussions, Ambassador Lazaro noted that Geneva is among the cities in Switzerland which has a marker honoring Dr. Jose P. Rizal when he visited several cities of Switzerland in June 1887, on his way back to the Philippines.

The marker of Dr. Jose Rizal is situated at the second floor of the Lloyds Bank Building along Rue de Rhone, one of Geneva’s busiest streets. It was requested that the marker be placed at “eye level” of the passing pedestrians. The Mayor of Geneva agreed to the proposal and committed to an inauguration which will be held after the marker has been transferred.

Geneva is the second most heavily populated city in Switzerland, after Zurich. Aside from museums and art galleries, Geneva is host to the various international organizations including the World Trade Organization, International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations, among others.

The markers honoring Dr. Jose Rizal can be found in Schauffhausen and Bern, the capital of Switzerland. END


Posted: 25 Aug 2009 06:25 PM PDT

PR-665-09, 26 August 2009 – The Philippine team won 24 golds and broke new records in powerlifting, swimming and athletics during the 5th ASEAN Para Games held in Kuala Lumpur on 15-19 August 2009.

The Philippines tallied 24 golds, 24 silvers, and 26 bronzes during the games. The Philippine team won gold medals in the swimming, athletics, powerlifting, table tennis and chess events. It garnered silver medals in sailing and bronze medals in the wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis events.

“Our team’s performance this year was such a big improvement compared to the previous games hosted by Thailand in 2007 where we only won 17 gold medals; and this happened despite a reduction in the size of the delegation from 112 in Thailand to only 86 this year,” Team Manager Octavio Gonzales said.

Powerlifter Adelyn Dumapon set a new games record. In swimming, Ernie Gawilan bagged three golds while breaking new records; Bea Riza Roble with 2 golds set two new records; and Arnel Aba with two Golds and broke one record.

In athletics, Marites Burce set two new records in discus and shotput; Jerrold Pete Manghiwan in the 100 and 400 meters events; Prudencia Panaligan in the 100 meters event; Joel Balatucan and Juanito Mingarene in shotput; and Anne Grace Aberto in the 200 meters event.

The Filipino Athletes were escorted by Mr. Michael I. Barredo (President of the Philippine Sports Association for the Differently Abled), former Olympic swimmer Akiko Thompson (Commissioner at the Philippine Sports Commission), Mr. Carlos P. Weber Jr., and Mr. Gerardo A. Rosario who served as the team’s chef de mission.

The ASEAN Para Games, which is patterned after the Paralympics, is a multi-sport event held every two years for Southeast Asian athletes with physical disabilities. Malaysia hosted the Inaugural Games in 2001, while Indonesia is set to be the host of the 6th ASEAN Para Games in 2011.

Thailand placed first over-all, Malaysia second, and Vietnam third at the conclusion of the Games. END



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MANILA, AUGUST 26, 2009 (STAR) By Jose Rodel Clapano and Christina Mendez – Former President Joseph Estrada wants Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero to be his running mate if he decides to run for president in 2010, a source from the opposition said.

The source, who requested anonymity, said Estrada prefers Escudero over Sen. Loren Legarda and Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay because of his good ratings in surveys.

“Escudero is the strongest vice presidential candidate among the opposition. President Estrada is inclined to choose Escudero. The next survey is coming in 10 days and that will be a deciding factor,” the source said.

Sought for comment, Escudero said the former president had not discussed the matter with him.

A recent Social Weather Stations survey reportedly placed Estrada on top among the presidentiables, followed by Sen. Manuel Villar, Escudero, Vice President Noli de Castro, and Legarda.

Estrada earlier said that Sen. Manuel Roxas II turned down his appeal for support for a single opposition presidential candidate and that the senator voiced his determination to run in 2010 as standard-bearer of the Liberal Party. Villar has also declared his intention to run for president in 2010 with the Nacionalista Party.

“I already met with Roxas. He told me that there was no stopping him from running for president in 2010. He was the first among opposition presidentiables that I met with,” Estrada said.

Estrada said he will also meet with Escudero, Villar and Binay.

“I will be meeting them one by one to get their position in my pursuit to unify the opposition in fielding a single presidential candidate in 2010. As I have said, if I will not be able to unite the opposition to support a single candidate. I will definitely run for president next year,” Estrada said, adding he hopes to make a decision next month.

The source said Estrada is not eyeing Legarda because of “gender problem.”

“Legarda is the last to be considered among the possible vice presidential candidates of President Estrada because of her gender problem. The people might say, ‘babae na naman (a woman again),”’ the source said, apparently referring to President Arroyo, whose administration is hounded by allegations of profligacy and high-level corruption.

“Legarda’s survey rating nose-dived and she landed sixth. Aside from her gender problem, the survey is another consideration in choosing a tandem in 2010,” the source said.

For his part, Binay said he is willing to slide down to vice president for the sake of opposition unity.

“I have always said that for one to be a good leader, one must be a good follower,” Binay said. “I am willing to consider running for vice president in the interest of unifying the opposition.”

Open to unity talks

Escudero said he is open to Estrada’s call for “unity talks” but did not say if he is willing to slide down to become running mate to a common opposition standard-bearer.

“We haven’t talked yet, but if he invites me for a meeting I will go,” he said.

“I haven’t announced anything,” he said of the possibility of his running for president under the Nationalist People’s Coalition. “If ever, what I have is my dream,” he said.

“Let us not preempt things. (Estrada) and I have the same dream. That is to unite the opposition,” he added.

He also debunked Malacañang’s declaration that it is Estrada who is splitting the opposition.

“What do you expect Malacañang to say? Will they say that we are united? No,” he said.

Asked what he would sacrifice to unite the opposition, Escudero said he has not even declared his presidential bid.

Unlikely to back out

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. said he does not see Villar and Roxas withdrawing from the presidential race.

“Maybe they are just testing the waters but that is the problem. Who will withdraw from the race? Mar Roxas or Manny Villar? These people will not give in so I guess we will have many candidates which I think is splitting the opposition,” Pimentel said.

Pimentel said the candidates should give way if they want a unified opposition. “I am still dreaming about it. By November, I will have to come out because that’s the time they will declare their bids. For the moment, I don’t want to antagonize anybody unnecessarily,” Pimentel said.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said “any candidate for a public office like the presidency would of course divide the votes always.”

“Any withdrawal from the race will consolidate votes for some people,” Enrile noted.

Erap-Binay backers

Meanwhile, students from the University of Makati and the University of the East have voiced support for an Estrada-Binay tandem.

The students were members of the Movement of the Youth for Empowerment, Reform, Advocacy and Progress (MyERAP).

“UMAK students support former President Joseph Estrada because he remains to be the most viable candidate to replace GMA next year,” MyERAP spokesman Ginno Jaralve said.

“Other than his familiarity with the executive job and 31 years of experience in government, they believe that he has a clear vision and political will to move the country forward.”

Jaralve said the UMAK students believe Estrada has already learned his lessons.

“The students trust that he has learned from what happened in 2001, and that his presidential knowledge will enable him to reverse the misgovernance of the Arroyo administration,” he said.

“A strong tandem of President Estrada and Mayor Binay may help reload hope and restore dignity for the Filipinos,” MyERAP-UMAK coordinator Henzeberg Austria said.

“MyERAP-UMAK encourages the youth to not lose hope and join the causes of MyERAP,” Austria said.

“UE students believe that President Estrada is needed in 2010 because he is the most viable candidate to replace GMA,” MyERAP-UE coordinator Neri Rieza III said.

“He is the only one who possesses required executive skills, with his familiarity on the job being a president then, and his vast experience in government both in executive and legislative department being a former mayor, senator and vice president,” Rieza said.

“UE students are fully aware that theyouth can play a significant role in the 2010 elections. They believe that a strong collaboration of student leaders and President Estrada will help address and resolve the issues of the youth,” Jaralve said.

“Universities and colleges in Metro Manila have long been wanting not just to join MyERAP advocacy campaign for clean elections in 2010, but have asked us that they be allowed to organize their own MyERAP movement in their respective schools,” he said.

“This is indeed inspiring and gratifying on our part to see the fruition of our campaign for a vigilant youth in 2010. Our fellow students are re-democratizing our right to suffrage and right to an honest political exercise,” he added.


Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

All rights reserved

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Chiz denies getting pork barrel in 2005

Chiz denies getting pork barrel in 2005

By Aurea Calica (The Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines – Sen. Francis Escudero denied receiving his pork barrel allocation from Malacañang while serving as representative of the first congressional district of Sorsogon in 2005.

“I did not receive any pork barrel that they say was worth P130 million. If it was released then my constituents in the first district would know,” Escudero told employees and officials of the Commission on Appointments (CA) during a flag raising ceremony last Monday.

Escudero surmised that the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) allocated under his name might have formed part of the multi-million fertilizer fund scam that was investigated by the Senate that implicated former agriculture undersecretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante.

Escudero made the remark in reply to allegations that he did not do anything for Sorsogon during his term as congressman of the province despite receiving his pork barrel allocation.

There were even allegations that Escudero received the pork barrel funds even while leading opposition congressmen in the impeachment effort against President Arroyo.

The allegations stemmed from figures sourced from the website of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) that detailed how Escudero supposedly received the funds.

The website also outlined the projects in Escudero’s district that were supposedly funded by the PDAF.

“The truth of the matter is that we were literally begging for the government to release the funds. Bicol was left devastated by two powerful typhoons, ‘Reming’ and ‘Milenyo’ at that time,” Escudero said.

Escudero described the figures in the DBM website as “misleading.”

He said the figures were based only on the Special Allotment Release Order (SARO), not on the actual release of the PDAF.

In a separate radio interview, Escudero said this was not the first time that he did not receive the funds that were purportedly released under his name.

He said that during the height of the fertilizer fund scam, even the affluent congressional districts represented by Rep. Teodoro Locsin were included in the supposed recipients.

“In my case, it was indicated there (in the list) that the first district of Sorsogon was among the recipients. Even the district represented by Locsin was included but this was also denied by Locsin,” he said.

Escudero said the funds might have been released to the local officials on his behalf. “But of course, the records showed it was released for the first district of Sorsogon,” he said.

Escudero said the allegations formed part of a campaign to politically discredit him.

The Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) had defended Escudero from the allegations, pointing out Malacañang virtually marginalized him when he was serving as Sorsogon congressman.

Fellow Bicolano lawmaker Camarines Sur Rep. Luis Villafuerte also defended Escudero, saying the allegations were part of the campaign to discredit the senator who is a possible candidate in the 2010 presidential race.

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PEO-Sorsogon bares completed infrastructure projects

PEO-Sorsogon bares completed infrastructure projects
Philippine Information Agency – Philippines
by BA Recebido Sorsogon Province (24 August) — The Provincial Engineering Office (PEO) here has released report of the various infrastructure projects

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Black propaganda vs Escudero on – Villafuerte

Black propaganda vs Escudero on – Villafuerte | The Philippine
By By Aurea Calica
Villafuerte said the allegations against Escudero of neglecting Sorsogon are part of the campaign to discredit the senator who is a possible candidate in the 2010 presidential race. “The recent attacks on Senator Chiz Escudero mark the – Breaking News –

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Sorsogon pushes cassava production for bio-ethanol


Sorsogon pushes cassava production for bio-ethanol

By Danny O. Calleja

The viability of cassava as source of bio-ethanol has been determined and Sorsogon province is a good prospect for a massive production of this lowly root crop, Vice-Governor Renato Laurinaria said here Tuesday.

“If cassava is becoming an important bio-fuel crop in other countries with more advanced national programs for bio-fuel production, our soils are also capable of large-scale production of the crop not only for food, livestock feeds but mainly for bio-ethanol,” he stressed.

Sorsogon has a vast agricultural land area both in the upland and lowland that is generally suited for cassava because of evenly distributed rainfall and “we can easily come up with an area for a plantation required by the operation of an ethanol distillery plant”, Laurinaria said.

A recently concluded study on bio-ethanol production from cassava commissioned by the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) said an estimated 10,000 hectares of cassava plantation would be required for an ethanol distillery plant’s optimal operation.

This area is necessary to produce cassava flour for the production of the 30 million liters of ethanol per year which is the required capacity, the study conducted for the BAR last year by the International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences (ISSAAS) said.

“Castilla alone can already provide 5,000 hectares for this endeavor,” Laurinaria said, referring to the same tracts of land his administration has started to develop into cassava plantations during the latter part of his incumbency as mayor here.

The municipality sits on a 18,620-hectare territorial land and 76 percent or 14,228 hectares of it is agricultural, mostly unirrigated rice fields, coconut and root crop plantations.

The cassava produce of the municipality is being taken in by B-Meg Feeds of San Miguel Corporation (SMB) for its livestock feed mill in Pili, Camarines Sur.

Laurinaria’s term as mayor expired after completing nine years in 2007. He ran for vice-governor in the local elections in the same year and won.

His successor has abandoned the town’s cassava production project, leaving the farmers on their own and denying the local government’s pre and post harvest supports.

“I am going to revive that cassava project on a province-wide scale, this time for bio-ethanol production because I was inspired by the BAR findings on its changes into this industrial undertaking that could make Sorsogon an active participant in the national government’s initiative to make use of our agricultural crops in producing environment-friendly fuels,” he said.

It will, at the same time, provide more jobs for the local workforce and income for farmers and landowners in the province, Laurinaria added.

Although agricultural products in the country specifically grown for use as biofuels include several crops, RA 9367 or the Biofuels Law at present mandates only coconut for biodiesel and sugarcane, sweet sorghum, cassava, and corn for bio-ethanol.

The bio-fuels law took effect in 2007 but the mandated minimum blend of one percent coconut bio-diesel or coconut methyl ester (CME) was first implemented for all diesel engines.

The law says a minimum two percent of bio-diesel should be implemented by 2009 as well as the minimum blend of 5 percent bio-ethanol (E5) for all gasoline engines. The 10 percent blend of bio-ethanol (E10) is scheduled for implementation by 2011.

Nonetheless, the E10 blend is available in the market today with sugarcane probably holding the biggest share of the market at present as records from the BAR show it does best in terms of productivity compared with other sources of bio-ethanol.

The ISSAAS study comprehensively covered all important aspects that need to be considered in producing bio-ethanol from cassava — from production to post-harvest, processing, marketing, organization and management, and, most important, financing.

From the point of view of financial analysis, the study considered three types of investors that would likely go into it. These are corporate and joint venture-run cassava plantation, ethanol processing (primary and secondary) and integrated cassava plantation and ethanol production.

The ISSAAS researchers assumed that the equity of investor for the three cases is 20 percent of the initial capital investment. They likewise considered loaning the remaining capital requirement from the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) at 9.75 percent interest payable in seven years with a grace period of three years.

The hyped-up global concern over climate change and the depleting source of fossil fuels triggered the renewed interest on bio-fuels. As a matter of fact, the researchers of the feasibility study observed that cassava is becoming an important bio-fuel crop in China, Thailand, Brazil, and other countries with more advanced national programs for bio-fuel production.

Cassava got the edge as with regards to its cultural management, the study says the crop needs only minimum crop maintenance, responds well to fertilization, is typhoon- and drought-resistant, and can be harvested year-round in areas with evenly distributed rainfall.

“In general, areas suitable for sugarcane production are also favorable for growing cassava,” the study says.

According to the study, cassava has a very high starch-to-sugar conversion ratio. This high starch content means that a high percentage of sugar can be converted from it, and which, in turn, is needed to produce bio-fuel.

The study likewise heralded it as the cheapest feedstock among the major starch-based feedstock for ethanol production.

“Average costs of feedstock per liter of ethanol from molasses and corn are quite high, while those using sweet sorghum is comparable to that of sugarcane. Potentially, feedstock from cassava can be produced at the lowest cost. With high feedstock yield levels, ethanol yield from cassava becomes comparably better than those from sugarcane or sweet sorghum,” the study illustrates.

Part of a feasibility study is a sensitivity analysis on the financial viability of a project. In this particular study, the researchers pointed out sensitivities of cassava’s bio-ethanol production depending on the prevailing price of tubers, changes in yield levels, variation in overall production, and total production cost.

“Cassava can also be the most expensive among the major feedstock depending on prevailing prices of tubers or derived products. Cassava used for food preparations are purchased at a higher price than those used for industrial purposes,” it revealed.

Generally, the study’s computation shows that an increase in tuber yield by 10 percent will increase the average net income by 32.5 percent. On overall production, slight reductions of at least five percent in production cost will increase average net income by 10.1 percent, return on investment by 2.3 percent, and shorten the payback period by 0.3 years.

“The major components of cost are direct labor cost (44.6 percent) and direct materials (30.4 percent). The biggest cost item for direct materials is the cost of fertilizer (73.9 percent) while harvesting expenses accounts for the larger fraction of direct labor costs,” it added.

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Your favorite Sorsogon radio station now echoes online – start listening now!!

Welcome to Sorsogon e-Radio Portal!

in 1958 when the people of Legazpi City the province of Albay had never heard of radio, except from faint broadPBN Broadcasting Network, Inc., is a Bicolano media network that consists of three commercial AM stations, 2 FM and 2 television stations. Established by Jorge Bayona cast signals from Metro Manila stations, PBN pioneered the broadcast industry in the Bicol region by operating the first “cable radio station, “Radyo Balagon”, under the banner of Bicol Wire Broadcasting System (BWBS), the parent company of what PBN Broadcasting Network, Inc. is today. Today, DZMS-am is already an institution to speak of… For over 40 years DZMS-am remains on top of delivering news, public service and entertainment to the Bicolanos. DZMS-am is the 1st Provincial Catholic Mass Media Awardee.




103.9 OL Padaba!
 OurLady’s Foundation Inc.Sorsogon City.

The ALL NEW radio station 103.9 in Sorsogon City, where you can find true fm radio entertainment. 



Radyo Natin Irosin DWRB 104.7 MHz Irosin, 
Radyo Natin Pilar DWMP 102.9 MHz Pilar, 

Radyo Natin Sorsogon DWSN 91.9 MHz


Veritas Radio Bulan




FM1 99.1 – The HOT FM 

Casiguran’s First, Sorsogon’s Finest, Philippines Hottest Radio Station

 reference via:

Kudos, to & our kababayan who made this radio online possible. This is really beneficial to all Sorsoganon working overseas-migrants & OFW’s. likewise, sa mga katugangan ta na nasa iba-ibang ciudad na nag-iristar  . Pirme na kitang maa-update sa mga nangyayari digdi sa Sorsogon asin kataraning na lugar. Paarama daw tabi ako nindo kung igwa akong nalingawan na radyo ha!..GODBLESS & have a nice day ahead!


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A local chief executive’s 59-year-old mother was shot dead in Pilar town of Sorsogon

A local chief executive’s 59-year-old mother was shot dead in Pilar town, Sorsogon province, Tuesday night.

Police said Elena Reyes, mother of Pilar town Mayor Dennis Reyes, was shot to the head in front of her companions around 6 p.m.
The victim died while relatives were rushing her to hospital.
Witnesses said Reyes’s male assailant was riding a motorcycle, but could not describe him because he was wearing a helmet.
Police said they have recovered the assailant’s motorcycle in nearby Donsol town.
The mayor, meanwhile, believes he was supposed to be the target of the hit. He was also sure that politics was not the reason for his mother’s murder.
He said his mother has kidney ailment and was supposed to undergo a kidney transplant before her murder. With a report from Jose Carretero, ABS-CBN Bicol
as of 08/19/2009 2:37 PMMayor’s mother shot dead in Bicol

Mayor’s mother shot dead in Bicol

A local chief executive’s 59-year-old mother was shot dead in Pilar town, Sorsogon province, Tuesday night.

Police said Elena Reyes, mother of Pilar town Mayor Dennis Reyes, was shot to the head in front of her companions around 6 p.m.

The victim died while relatives were rushing her to hospital.

Witnesses said Reyes’s male assailant was riding a motorcycle, but could not describe him because he was wearing a helmet.

Police said they have recovered the assailant’s motorcycle in nearby Donsol town.

The mayor, meanwhile, believes he was supposed to be the target of the hit. He was also sure that politics was not the reason for his mother’s murder.

He said his mother has kidney ailment and was supposed to undergo a kidney transplant before her murder.

With a report from Jose Carretero, ABS-CBN Bicol as of 08/19/2009 2:37 PM

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Kulinarya Bicol Delight Tour – Lets promote tourism here

A sweet and chili tour of the provinces of Albay and Sorsogon in the Bicol Region.! Familiarize yourself with dishes cooked in coconut milk, desserts made of pili nuts and everything else dashed with hot chili peppers amidst the perfect cone of the Mayon Volcano.

Hop on board the Bicol Express … and dash to the nearest water station…



DAY 1 Manila/Legazpi/Sorsogon

Board morning flight from Manila to Legazpi (If participant is taking air-conditioned public coach departure from Manila is Thursday evening). Proceed to Cagsawa Ruins for photo opportunity and tour of ruins. Continue drive to “Let’s” for demonstration of “pinangat” & “Bicol Express”.

Departure for Mayon Skyline Tour. Continue to Satellite Market and Albay Central Pili Nut Store. Visit Daraga Church with it’s commanding view of Mayon Volcano. Lunch at “Small Talk Restaurant” which prides itself in their culinary innovation “pasta pinangat”. After lunch, tour departs Albay for Sorsogon arriving mid-afternoon. Check-in at Fernando Hotel or similar. Cooking demonstration of “pili sa dahon” late in the afternoon.Dinner at Fernando Hotel or in a local restaurant.(Lunch, Dinner)


DAY 2 Sorsogon

Breakfast at the hotel. Morning departure for for Bulusan via Barcelona.Stop by & visit a pili farm in Sitio San Rafael. Proceed to Bulusan Lake; trek around the lake or kayak in its placid waters for 20 minutes. Then proceed for “Balaybuhay” for lunch . Cooking demo of crispy pili & native merienda made from taro called “kinalu-ko”. Continue tour to Gubat proceeding to Rizal Beach. Check in at resort.At bc_pilileisure for optional swimming; siesta; shell gathering.Late afternoon cooking demonstrations of local merienda cooked with coconut milk, binut-ong & timitim. Dinner and overnight accommodations at Rizal Beach Resort or similar hotel. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)



DAY 3 Sorsogon/Legazpi/ManilaBreakfast. Transfer to Legaspi to board flight or take the evening air-conditioned public coach for Manila.


Rate per person

Rate Per Person In Single In 1/2 TWB 3rd Adult
By public coach Php 11,460 Php 10,085 Php 9,850
By Air Php 16,226 Php 14,851 Php 14,616

Weekly departure, Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month


  • Overnight accommodations at Fernando Hotel or similar
  • Overnight accommodations at Rizal Beach Resort or similar.
  • Roundtrip coach/air-fare Manila/Legazpi/Manila inclusive of taxes and surcharege
  • Meals: breakfast on Days 2 & 3, lunch on Day 1 & 2, dinner on Day 1 & 2.
  • Cooking demonstrations in Camalig, Sorsogon, Bulusan & Gubat.
  • Services of a local guide.
  • All transfers & tours.


TRIPS TRAVEL (02) 811-4163/ 811-4115
SOUTHEAST TRAVEL CORP. (02) 524-5676 to 83
SHARP TRAVEL SERVICE (02) 817-0169/ 817-0071 to 74
RAJAH TOURS (02) 522-0541 to 48
NEXUS TRAVEL (02) 928-5589
CCT.168 TRAVEL AND TOURS (02) 687-0129/ 637-9611
BARON TRAVEL CORPORATION (02) 817-4926/ 817-0203


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KBP Sorsogon chapter holds first media olympics

by Bennie A. Recebido

Sorsogon Province (August 17) — The Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) – Sorsogon Chapter on August 13-15, has organized for the first time the Media Olympics, an athletic event that aims not on competing against who has the best vigor and physical prowess but primarily on getting acquainted with and strengthening camaraderie among media personalities here.

“KBP is very much elated upon seeing that the sports event which we conceptualized under the theme ‘Together As One’ was successful in its attempt to foster in-depth friendship among media community in Sorsogon,” said Andy Espinar, KBP-Sorsogon Chapter president.

Espinar said that over the years, the media community here has never been provided with activities that would make them ‘together as one’. “This is why, we thought of the media Olympics, the first activity ever, to serve as vehicle towards unifying and at the same time, serve as an avenue to develop hale and hearty skills among Sorsogon media,” he said.

He added that through the activity, each one was chanced to be acquainted with other personalities in the media community of Sorsogon, who according to many “were only known to them either by name or by voice.”

The activity kicked off, August 13, with a motorcade along the city’s main thoroughfare and a short opening program which was graced by National Telecommunications Bicol Regional Director Engr. Ariel H. Padilla.

The games officially started in the afternoon with basketball and volleyball games for its opening salvo.

The three day Media Olympics featured nine events to include basketball, volleyball, chess, scrabble, table tennis, dart, badminton, billiards and bowling held at the Aemilianum College Gymn, X-trim Badminton Gymn and Dino Mark Bowling House respectively.

“More than hundred of media personalities here put across their intention to be part of and have joined this very first significant event. They were divided into green team, blue team, yellow team and red orange team, each has its own knacks and eccentricity, which has added zest to the affair,” said Espinar.

Meanwhile, the awarding and closing ceremony, August 15, highlighted the covenant signing among media practitioners.

“The covenant provides guarantee of promoting effective cooperation and unity among practicing media enhancing mutual understanding and solidarity for their personal growth and public advancement as well as in furthering communication development,” said Espinar.

The covenant will also serve as a reminder for the media practitioners here to abide by the journalist’s code of ethics, setting as well, a good example by providing the public right, accurate and timely information. (PIA Sorsogon)

via PIA Information Services – Philippine Information Agency.

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Irosin Paray Festival – Schedule of Activities (Sept. 1-29, 2009)

To our fellow Irosinian’s. let us all be excited for the upcoming Paray Festival. Here is the schedule of activities posted in Irosin Official website.


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Pictures for the Future

Originally uploaded by ahlacra
pantomina sa tinampo
The Sorsogon East District Teachers during their participation in the Pantomina sa Tinampo, Kasanggayahan Fastival, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon

To Mr. Nico Lacra, Thanks a lot for allowing us to post this photo.

Originally uploaded by ahlacra


source:  ClarisVien


source:  ClarisVien

“Sosogon Pili festival”

originally uploaded by RvdBrugge

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Care for a cup of coffee? (The Francisco Aranda story)

Care for a cup of coffee?

By Mabelle R. Ilan

As more and more Filipinos are born, the demand for coffee also increases. Filipinos cannot do away with coffee and drinking coffee is a favorite pastime and an engaging social activity. Coffee shop nowadays is a thriving business and for coffee lovers no coffee can taste good without sending a sweet aroma to the nostrils. Aside from this, many people could not start their day without a cup of coffee to perk up their morning. That’s why Francisco Aranda “Frank” to friends and relatives invested in coffee production because coffee will never lose its market. Blend

Determined to have a coffee plantation, Mang Frank settled in Sorsogon City in 1984. He started from scratch. He is popular among the Sorsogueños as the peddler of vinegar and soy sauce. Daily he would roam around the city carrying bottles of vinegar and soy sauce on his shoulder. His industry and perseverance paid off. He was able to buy five hectares farmland in Bgy. Cabid-an Sorsogon City.

How he started-

With the help of his children, Mang Frank cleared the area and started to make a layout. He brought a sack of coffee berries from their farm in Batangas and produced his own seedlings. “Producing seedlings before quite tedious” says Mang Frank. You have to prepare a raised seedbed because there were no plastic bags for use in propagation. He painstakingly planted the berries and was able to produce the seedlings needed for his farm. then removed the pulp by hand and soaked the beans for 24 hours to remove the mucilage. He removed the floaters as these are not good ones. He prepared a germination bed with 1 meter width and of convenient length. He sow the seeds at ¾ inch deep and covered with fine soil. After 7 to 8 months he was able to produce thousands of seedlings.frank

“Kapeng barako”or Liberica is well adopted in Sorsogon” says Mang Frank. The berries are plump, big and rounded. It is known for its distinct taste, aroma and flavor. It is tolerant to drought and could be grown in a wider type of soil.

Planting/Fertilizer Application

Transplanting of seedling was done during the onset of the rainy season. He chose coffee seedlings with six pairs of leaves. He followed the 3 x 3 meters distance of planting. Mang Frank explains that he has to dig bigger and wider holes to accommodate the ball of soil attached to the seedlings to keep the roots intact. He also added compost and chicken manure. After a year he applied complete fertilizer (14-14-14) at 250 grams per tree. frank2

Regular pruning is one technology he adopted. This is to ensure that the trees are shorter for easy harvesting and to facilitate other farm operations. Likewise, pruning shoots helps produce more branches, more flowers and berries. It also promotes better light penetration and aeration.


With a total of 4,500 trees he is now harvesting berries every 8 months. In Sorsogon harvest starts in October until March. Coffee is picked / harvested individually to avoid presence of pedicels. To maintain quality coffee, berries must be matured. Oftentimes it is colored red. He harvests an average of 147 sacks of coffee berries. He is happy because he is now providing jobs to his neighbors especially during harvest. Coffee is dried for 8 to 9 days in concrete drying pavement. The secret to quality coffee is the roasting process. Roasting is the process of applying heat to transform the chemical and physical properties of coffee beans into roasted coffee products. The right amount of heat, the right timing in a uniform manner are required to achieve the desired flavor from the beans. He said that coffee roasting involves proper heat application, and the common problems encountered include uneven distribution of heat inside the roasting chamber and the lack of insulating materials which results to excessive heat loss. Poorly roasted beans would yield poor tasting coffee drink. With the absence of hauler and roasting equipment Mang Frank has to bring dried coffee beans to Lipa City in Batangas to have the outermost cover removed and then roasted. He has to pay P8 per kilo for de-hauling and Ps 9 per kilo for roasting. Likewise, an added cost is incurred for transportation of the coffee berries to Batangas then back to Sorsogon.


Mang Frank emphasized that pricing depends on the quality of the beans and the variety. But coffee always commands a good price in the market. A sack of roasted coffee costs Ps 8,900. Mang Frank sells milled coffee at Ps 260 per kilo.With the help of the Department of Trade and Industry he already has his brand name “Uncle Franks roasted coffee”. His packaging was improved and he now sells coffee in 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1 kilogram packaging.

Mang Frank has a bit of advice to those who want to venture into coffee production: “Make sure that you get good quality product to make it big in business. Once you hit the market, make sure it attracts buyers”. That is why during exhibits, he displays his products and even provided free taste to visitors.

He readily offers his area for techno demo because he wants to learn new technologies and techniques. In return he also teaches his fellow coffee growers of the techniques he learned. He also hosted field days for them to see the crop stand and the effects or the impact of the technologies adopted.

As president of the Para Café’ kan Sorsogon City Association, Mang Frank shares his technologies to its members so that they too could produce quality coffee. They envisioned to place Sorsogon in the map of those leading provinces producing coffee in the country. The group is determined to realize their vision by producing coffee not only for its aroma and taste but as source of livelihood for the Sorsogueños.

When all these things happen, a brighter future will surely await the coffee growers of Sorsogon and no one will no longer say no to coffee growing. As Mang Frank’s slogan goes “May pera sa kape….tanim na!”.


via Care for a cup of coffee? (The Francisco Aranda story).

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DSWD builds core shelters for Juban and Pto. Diaz villagers

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has earmarked P7 million for the construction of 100 housing units under the government’s core shelter program implemented nationwide for homeless families.

Maria Theresa Guab-Fragata, town mayor of Juban, Sorsogon, said the construction is in full swing and the beneficiaries themselves, through the bayanihan system, are building the housing units

Fragata said the municipal government provides a food-for-work assistance for the workers and their families.

The project was realized through the coordination of the local government with the DSWD that is tasked by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to undertake a massive program towards providing housing units for thousands of poor homeless families nationwide, Fragata said.

The beneficiaries in the locality were identified by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) through thorough evaluation and screening, she said.

Most of the identified beneficiaries were families from coastal barangays of the municipality who rely mainly on fishing for their livelihood. These families live in makeshift shanties along the coastlines that expose them to extreme hazards during typhoons, she said.

“Relocating these families from the shorelines where their lives and properties are at risk and providing them with decent homes in safer areas is the primary objective of this housing program we owe to President Arroyo,” Fragata said.

Earlier, the DSWD had also started building 100 core shelter units for homeless families in the coastal town of Prieto Diaz located at the eastern tip of the province of Sorsogon.

Benito Doma, Prieto Diaz town mayor, said 100 families belonging to the poorest-of-the-poor in the municipality were chosen as beneficiaries of the project also being built in barangay Talisayan through bayanihan system.

The project was realized under a memorandum of agreement entered into between the municipal government and the DSWD.

As its counterpart, the local government of Prieto Diaz provided a two-hectare lot as project site while the DSWD shouldered the cost of construction and building materials, Doma said. (DSWD V/PIA)

via PIA Information Services – Philippine Information Agency.

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