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Department of Foreign Affairs – Reports on Typhoon Ondoy Initiatives (as of 13 October 2009)

Summary of Posts’ Reports on Typhoon Ondoy Initiatives (as of 13 October 2009)

Posted: 13 Oct 2009 10:23 PM PDT

Post Updates
Abu Dhabi PE 7 October 2009:

  • Post reported that various Filipino community organizations in Abu Dhabi decided to donate from their common fund the amount of Aed 20,000 as assistance to the victims of Ondoy. The equivalent amount of USD 5,442.91 was remitted on the evening of October 6 to the Land Bank account of DSWD.

4 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the United Arab Emirates Red Crescent Society has agreed to donate US$100,000 to the PNRC through the UAE Embassy in Manila.
  • Post circulated the list of bank accounts of the NDCC, DSWD, and PNRC and requested donors to remit donations to the beneficiary of choice.
  • The Roman Catholic Apostolic Vicar for Arabia has announced that a second collection for the benefit of Catholic relief agencies in the Philippines will be made in all masses from 9 to 11 October 2009.
  • The local representative of Land Bank of the Philippines has agreed to refund the remittance fees of donations made to the Land Bank account of the DSWD for the period up to 15 October 2009.
  • Several local remittance agencies have agreed to waive their respective remittance fees to selected charitable institutions in the Philippines.
  • Etisalat, the primary telecommunications network in the UAE, has reduced its rates to the Philippines for the period 2-8 October 2009. Calls were reduced from Dirhams 2.12 to Dirhams 0.99, and text messages were reduced from Dirhams 1.80 to only Dirhams 0.30.
  • The UP Alumni Association in the UAE has announced that the LBC Express Service will ship free of cost 100 boxes containing relief goods.

2 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the local representative of Land Bank of the Philippines has agreed to refund the remittance fees of donations made to the Land Bank account of DSWD. The offer is good only for the period up to 15 October 2009.

1 October 2009:

  • Post requested for authority to open a trust savings account for the purpose of receiving monetary collections for victims of Typhoon Ondoy.

29 September 2009:

  • Post reported that the Land Bank of the Philippines local representative will work for the reduction, if not elimination, of remittance charges for donations sent to LBP account of DSWD.
Agana PCG 5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it announced the account numbers of NDCC, DSWD and PNRC to which case donations may be deposited.
  • Post coordinated with DOH on the relief efforts of the Ayuda Foundation.
  • Filipino community organizations conducted relief efforts.
  • A benefit concert, The Kababayan Mall Tour featuring Billy Crawford, was sponsored by IT&E, a telecom company in Guam and Globe Telecoms, on October 4. According to IT&E, 100 % of the proceeds of the sales during the event would be donated to typhoon victims.
  • Mr. Eric Hocson, owner of Localize, a Guam clothing company, donated half of the proceeds of the sale of T-shirts during the Filipino Community of Guam (FCG) relief drive for typhoon victims.

2 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it has remitted on October 2 the amount of P30,000.00 to the PNB peso account of DFA Employees Typhoon Assistance Fund, as Post’s monetary donation to DFA personnel affected by Typhoon Ondoy.

29 September 2009:

  • Post reported that Ayuda Foundation of Guam Represented by Ms. Carlotta Leon Guerrero, Executive Director, expressed willingness to donate medicine, medical supplies and to send volunteer medical professionals
Amman PE 3 October 2009:

  • Post reported the expected arrival of the Jordanian disaster relief shipment in Manila on 05 October 2009 at 2300H on board Etihad Airways flight EY428.
  • Post requested that the Department Disaster Relief Task force coordinate with Honorary Consul Ang for any assistance that he may require in receiving consignment.

1 October 2009:

  • Post reported that His Excellency King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein directed the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) to immediately ship ten (10) tons of disaster relief goods.
  • Honorary Consul of Jordan in Manila Mr. Michael Alexander Ang is facilitating the arrival of the relief goods due to arrive by Etihad Airways on Monday, 05 October 2009.
Athens PE 6 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the United World Food Programme will send two helicopters operated by SKOL to provide support to the Ondoy Emergency Response in the Philippines.
  • Ms. Eleni Laggis of Medicins du Monde Greece would like to help and send a team composed of a doctor, a nurse, and a logistician to provide primary health care and to distribute food aid.
  • Dr. Nicolas Dousis-Rassias of Doctors of Peace would like to send a two or three-man medical mission (including medicine).
Bangkok PE 6 October 2009:

  • Post reported that 16 boxes of donated used clothing will be shipped to Manila on October 8 through the help of the Religious of the Assumption of Sisters and the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Thailand. Sister Beth De Vera of the Franciscan Sisters, who received the boxes, will be sending the used clothing to their congregations in Manila whose relief and emergency arms are involved in the campaign to help the victims.

3 October 2009:

  • Post reported that 30 boxes of donation from Thailand are expected to arrive on 3 October 2009. The boxes are consigned to DSWD, National Resource Operation Center, Chapel Road, Pasay City.

2 October 2009:

  • Post reported that three boxes of donated items are ready for shipment to the Philippines. The shipment’s tentative departure is 03 October 2009.

30 September 2009:

  • Post reported that Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva announced that Thailand will provide humanitarian assistance to the Philippine which would include a mobile medical team and medical supplies and rice.
  • Post also reported that a meeting was convened with the members of Filcom to update them on the Philippine government’s relief and rehabilitation efforts and discuss guidelines for donations.
  • During the meeting, the Philippine Ladies Group (PLG) Foundation, in collaboration with other Filipino organizations, offered its assistance to pool together cash donations before remitting the amount to DSWD. The SGV accountants of the Philippine-Thailand Business Group will help audit all cash contributions
  • Post continues to receive used clothing, food items and toiletries as donations.
  • Cash donation amounting to Baht 8,400 in total was also received by Post.

29 September 2009:

Post sent a list of donors for the Typhoon Ondoy victims:

  • Mr. Tiyapong Khattiyapirak and Ms. Malee Khattiyapirak donated Baht 100,000. Post advised them to deposit the money directly to the account of NDCC
  • Carisa Cha donated Used clothing and shoes
  • Ms. Katrine Praest, Executive Director, Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce, donated Food items – canned goods
  • Fr. John Tamayo, Mary Help of Christians Church, donated used clothing, shoes and blankets
  • Mr. Arjun Sikand (AJ), Midhaven Foods Company Limited, donated shirts and pants
  • Post will meet with members of the Filipino Community to discuss mechanics of receiving, storing, and eventually shipping of voluntary donations.
  • The manager of the Philippine Airlines office in Bangkok , Ms. Monet Trespeses, has informed the Embassy and the Filcom that PAL is trying to work out by which donations could be transported at the earliest possible time and at the least, if zero, cost.
  • Mr. Dennis Manalili, a Filipino national who operates a cargo forwarding company (Zebra Cargo Forwarding Company), has given his commitment that his company will assist in the shipment of the donations
  • Post reported that Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva announced that Thailand will provide humanitarian assistance to the Philippines, which will be similar to what Thailand provided to Myanmar in the wake of cyclone Nargis. The assistance will include a mobile medical team, medical supplies, and rice.
Barcelona PE 6 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it contributed 100 euros to the assistance fund for DFA employees affected by the typhoon.
  • A special collection during a Filipino mass on October 4 was offered for the victims and the proceeds will be sent to Manila by the parish.
  • Post received on October 6 various items donated by the Filipino community in Andorra, for shipment to DSWD. They will also send their monetary donation directly to the account of PNRC.
  • Post is receiving and packing donated items from the community for immediate shipment to DSWD.
  • ANCOP Gawad Kalilnga donated P150,000 to CFC Relief Center in Manila.
  • Filipino MBA students in Barcelona put up a special fund-raising dinner at a Filipino restaurant.
Beijing PE 6 October 2009:

  • Beijing PE personnel donated 12 tents to Ondoy victims.
Beirut PE 5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the donations by the Filipinos in Lebanon for the victims of Ondoy would be directly remitted by the Filipino organizers to PNRC or their chosen charitable foundations, i.e. ABS CBN or GMA 7.
Berlin PE 1 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the German Federal Foreign Office has made available 500,000 euros to provide emergency aid to the victims of Ondoy. The funds will be made available to German aid organizations, including those in the Philippines, which will work with experienced local partners to ensure that the aid immediately reaches the people who need it.
Berne PE 5 October 2009:

  • Post reported on the efforts being done by the Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce Asia Task Force and the Glückskette or the Swiss Solidarity Foundation to provide relief goods to Ondoy victims.

2 October 2009:

  • Post issued a press release stating the following:
    • The Swiss Government already made available to the PNRC the amount of 250,000 Swiss Francs (US$250,000)
    • Caritas Switzerland has allotted US$200,000 for the distribution of food products
    • Medicines Sans Frontieres Switzerland has sent two (2) doctors
    • Swiss Red Cross is ensuring emergency aid (shelters, household objects, food) amounting to US$300,000.
    • The Swiss business sector in Switzerland has mobilized its membership for the first time for aid operations.
  • Post reported that a media release by the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce (SACC) announced that funds will be raised for relief operations in the Philippines. Members of SACC committed to send in excess of 300,000 Swiss Francs. More than CHF 100,000 other cash contributions in Switzerland have been collected so far.
  • Post is coordinating with SACC and the Philippine Swiss Business Council (PSBC) in Manila, in organizing a set of disaster relief projects for victims of Typhoon Ondoy
  • Post is closely coordinating all actions and monitoring any development.
Brunei 6 October 2009:

  • Post requested advice on the intention of a Chinese national to donate cash exclusively for the purchase of coffins for the typhoon victims, and on the beneficiary agency for the donation.
  • Post also sought advice on the intention of Jerudong Park Medical Center (JPMC) in Brunei to donate second-hand blankets and comforters, which the hospital claims are well-maintained and hygienic. Post inquires whether these items are to be accepted by DSWD.
  • A news item featured cargo forwarder Urdan Express Services Sdn.. Bhd. Distributing boxes to be filled with donations for flood victims. The company has offered to ship donations of used clothing to DZRH and GMA7 for free.
  • Post requested advice on the government policy on donations of used clothing.
  • Post inquired on the priority food items needed or preferred as relief goods.

5 October 2009:

  • Post reported on solicitation activities by an OFW for victims of Tropical Storm Ondoy.

3-4 October 2009:

  • The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption (COLA), the Catholic parish in Bandar Seri Begawan, initiated a second collection-during all the weekend masses-for the relief of flood victims in the Philippines.

3 October 2009:

  • Post disseminated information to the Brunei press on calamity loans being offered by the Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration (OWWA).

3 October 2009:

  • Post requested the Department’s assistance in verifying the authenticity of the alleged communications from CFO’s Executive Director Jose Maria J. Palabrica and Mr. Jose Edison Tondares, calling on Filipinos overseas to gather funds to support relief operations fro the victims.

2 October 2009:

  • Based on guidelines obtained by Post from the Social Security System (SSS), Post disseminated information to the Brunei press on the early renewal of loans to SSS members affected by floods in Luzon caused by Typhoon Ondoy.

1 October 2009:

  • Post reported on the Brunei-based remittance companies that have agreed to waive the remittance fees for cash donations for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. This waiver applies to donations for the bank accounts of NDCC, DSWD, and PNRC. Names and contact details of these remittance companies have been uploaded in

30 September 2009:

  • Post reported on the condolence message sent by His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, to H.E. Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
  • Post issued an advisory on “Assistance for Victims of Tropical Storm Ondoy in the Philippines” to members of the Filipino community in Brunei, and the Brunei press; and uploaded the advisory in Post’s website
  • Embassy officers and staff joined an ecumenical Prayer for the Nation, organized by the Filipino community in Brunei.

28 September 2009:

  • Post set up a system for handling possible distress calls or requests from Brunei-based OFWs to contact and/or rescue their family in the Philippines, and devised a standard inquiry form to facilitate processing of these requests.
  • Post sought the Department’s clarification and guidance on the following issues on assistance for Ondoy’s victims:
    • donations in cash and in kind
    • assistance RP needs from foreign governments
    • Post’s proposal to set up a Brunei-based bank account for cash donations, for onward remittance to DSWD and
    • costs of handling donations in kind.
  • In anticipation of inquiries from OFWs in Brunei, Post’s SSS and Pag-IBIG offices have requested guidelines on the availability of a calamity loan for SSS/Pag-IBIG members.

27 September 2009:

  • During the interview conducted by The Brunei Times on 27 September 2009, Post provided information on the effects of Tropical Storm Ondoy and actions being taken by the Philippine Government to assist the victims.
Brussels PE/PM 29 September 2009:

  • Post reported that EC President Jose Manuel Barroso sent a letter of sympathy which indicated that EU will be giving two million euros to the PNRC
Bucharest PE 7 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it informed Filnationals in Romania, who have indicated their willingness to donate used clothing, of the dollar savings account at BPI and PNB and the Peso savings account at BAnco de Oro authorized by the Philippine government as depository banks, if they wish to donate cash to the victims since Post cannot afford the cost of sea freight which is approx. 7,000.00 Euros for 1x 20 foot container.
Budapest 1 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the Hungarian Baptist Aid consisting of medical practitioners and medical supplies are set to arrive midnight of 1 October 2009.

30 September 2009:

  • Post reported that the Hungarian Baptist Aid and Baptist World Rescue24 came to the Embassy and offered humanitarian relief and medical supplies
Canberra PE 6 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it has informed the Filipino Communities, during a meeting at the Embassy on 01 October, of the waiving of fees for the execution of deeds of donation.
  • Most of the Filipino organizations in Australia are coursing their donations/assistance through their own networks and church groups.
  • Gawad Kalinga-Canberra informed the Embassy that members in Sydney and Melbourne are availing the assistance of LBC and PAL for transporting donations in kind, but are limiting contributions from Canberra to cash, since PAL and LBC have no presence in Canberra, as it is not an international port.
  • An Embassy advisory was posted on Post’s website on 02 October 2009, regarding the facilities being offered by IRemit (waiving of remittance fees) and Gawad Kalinga-Canberra (tax deductible contributions.)
  • Post is requesting details of the One-Stop Shop that has been set up by DOF to streamline the process of tax-exempt donations.

29 September 2009:

  • Post sent fax circular to all Honorary Consuls-General in Australia instructing them to channel all voluntary contributions to the NDCC, DSWD, PNRC and other NGOs.
  • Post sent a copy of press release issued by Foreign Minister Stephen Smith and the Minister for International Development Assistance, Bob McMullan, announcing that Australia will provide up to A$1 million for Typhoon Ondoy relief operations. The assistance will be delivered through agencies on the ground, including the Philippine National Red Cross. Australia will offer further assistance according to additional needs to be identified by the Philippine government.
  • Post reported that they have been receiving queries from the Australian Red Cross and individuals on how they reconnect with relatives and friends located in areas afflicted by Typhoon Ondoy. The Australian Red Cross requested for accurate information and telephone numbers to assist in relocating relatives and friends of Filipinos in Australia.

28 September 2009:

  • Post reported that it will advise the Filipino community organizations in Australia to send cash donations to the account number of the DSWD (Account No. 3122-1011-84, Land Bank of the Philippines Batasan Complex Branch).
Chicago PCG 8 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the total monetary donations received by Post as of 07 October 2009 amount to $4,950.00. Post will send to the Department the checks for transmittal to PNRC and DSWD.
  • The Global Coalition for Humanitarian Efforts-Philippines have secured over$100,000 worth of in-kind donations.
  • The Convoy of Hope, a humanitarian aid organization based in Springfield, Missouri, is sending a 40ft container at a cost of $722, containing pasta, snack boxes and face masks, consigned to the General Council of the Assemblies of God.
  • Pinoy News Magazine reports that in a gathering of the Couples for Christ last 27 September 2009, an impromptu collection raised more than $600 for the victims. The amount will be sent through the CFC Ugnayan office in Manila.
  • PNB Chicago branch offered a free remittance service fee for all donations to typhoon victims.
  • FOREX Cargo company in Illinois will ship free of charge donations for victims of Ondoy in the Marikina area. Boxes marked “Donation for Flood victims” will be accepted and shipped to FOREX Cargo for distribution to charitable institutions.
  • Lucky Money Remittance will waive their service fee until 15 October 2009.

30 September 2009:

  • Post reported that it issued press release containing the guideline
Chongqing PCG 30 September 2009:

  • Post sent a copy of a letter, with its unofficial translation, from Mr. Hao Ming, Director-General of the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, expressing sympathy for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy.
Dhaka PE 5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that Ms. Phoebe David donated TK 7,000 or equivalent to US$100, through the Embassy, and a corresponding receipt was issued.
  • The Officers and staff of the Embassy gave monetary contributions amounting to US$ 765 to DFA Calamity victims.
  • Post also reported that an initial batch of 11 boxes of assorted food supplies, which are among the priority list issued by DSWD, have been sent through Makati Express Air Cargo and consigned to the Disaster Resource Operations, Monitoring and Information Center, DSWD Central Office, Batasan, QC.
Doha PE 6 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it remitted on 05 October cash donations from various organizations and individuals in Qatar in the amount of P255,450.00 (equivalent to QR20,000.00) to the Peso account of DSWD.
  • Eleven boxes of food donations and 33 boxes of used goods, which were consigned to DSWD Central Office, have been sent through air cargo on 05 October 2009.
  • Post requested DSWD, through the Department , to transmit the official receipt of the said remittance.
  • Post’s personnel remitted on 05 October the sum of P8,620 (equivalent to QR675.00) for the benefit of DFA Personnel affected by Ondoy.
  • Filcom groups have launched a relief drive for the benefit of the victims in coordination with POLO-Qatar; Cash and in-kind donations have been given by Filipinos and expats from all over Qatar; 11 boxes of assorted food supplies

29 September 2009:

  • Post reported that it has appealed to the Filipino Community for voluntary cash donations in the relief efforts.
  • Post has set up a hotline at the chancery manned by two personnel for OFWs requesting information on the plight of their families.
Dubai PCG 7 October 2009:

  • Post submitted a list of donors from Dubai and the corresponding foundations their donations were sent to. The donations amount to AED 60,181.00.

6 October 2009:

  • Post reported that as of 06 October 2009, Filcom has a total of AED 74,156 total remittance to various agencies and foundations.
  • A total of 170 boxes of assorted clothing and other relief items have been delivered to LBC for shipment. Makati Express picked up 17 boxes of assorted food stuff to be sent via air.
  • Tentative schedule of delivery of one container of blankets, clothes, etc is scheduled on 10 October 2009.
  • There will be an event sponsored by Saatchi and Saatchi to boost awareness on their fundraising for the victims of Ondoy. Tentative date would be 16 October 2009.

28 September 2009:

  • Post reported that the Filipino community in Dubai prefers to send money to the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) since it has links with Red Crescent in Dubai.
  • The community has also scheduled a Walk for a Cause on 9 October 2009 at Al Safa’a Park, proceeds of which will be sent to PNRC.
Dublin PE 1 October 2009:

  • Post reported that five Embassy personnel authorized the deduction by OFM from their October 2009 salary as their donation to DFA personnel affected by typhoon Ondoy amounting to P34,500.

30 September 2009:

  • Post reported that the European Representative of the Christian Embassy, Mr. David Wilson, expressed sympathy for the damage and loss of lives due to Ondoy.
Geneva PM 6 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the Consolidated UN Flash Appeal for the Philippines / Typhoon Ondoy was launched on 06 October 2009 at Palais des nations, UN Office in Geneva, with a briefing on the Philippine situation.
  • The Ambassador conveyed the main points of the Philippines’ national efforts and international cooperation, the country’s gratitude for external assistance and added that Ondoy underscores the need for intensified efforts at climate change adaptation.
  • The following are the points raised by missions and organizations which attended the briefing:

Ø Thailand – The Thai Prime Minister has sent his condolences to the President and stated that the Thai government will contribute 5 million Thai Baht or about US$ 150,000 worth of assistance. It is sending 100 tons of rice; 50,000 medicine packs; and a mobile team of medical experts.

Ø United States – The US government expressed its condolences and had send a small team to help in rescue and recovery efforts and provided an initial US$ 100,000 as assistance. A further US$1 million has been allocated, to be disbursed as needed. Additional logistical and transport assets are available from the US Department of Defense should the Philippines request for them.

Ø Australia – The Australian government has expressed its condolences and has given an initial AUS$ 3 million worth of assistance and will study what further assistance could be offered based on the Flash Appeal.

Ø Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) – MSF requested rapid facilitation of administrative, tax and customs requirements for the easy importation of goods or items needed by rescue teams to assist the victims.

Ø Sweden – The Swedish government’s donations for the Philippines, mostly through PNRC and similar organizations, has amounted to US$500,000.

Ø Brazil – Brazil expressed the hope that the Brazilian government’s donation of US$ 70,000 could be of assistance.

Ø International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) – IFRC stated the importance of investment in community-based response (CBR), early warning and early action initiatives.

Ø World Food Program (WFP) – The WFP has provided food and logistical assistance in coordination with the Italian government, and has just dispatched a 747 cargo plane with 70 tons of food and relief supplies from Brindisi, Italy to Manila. It also has an Airbus plane with high-energy biscuits and power generators being readied. Helicopters have also been mobilized upon the request of the Philippine government in anticipation of the need to ferry food and relief goods to affected areas.

Ø Japan – Japan has expressed its condolences to all victims and will donate $220,000 worth of relief goods. Japan also asked what king of assistance is needed to help the agriculture sector.

Ø Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) – FAO reported that it has been in close coordination with the DA and that croplands in Luzon have been severely damaged, including 500 hectares of rice lands and 5,400 hectares of high value commercial crops. FAO also stressed that agricultural inputs and seeds are urgently needed for the next planting season (Oct-Nov) to prevent foreseeable shortages in the next harvest season.

3 October 2009:

  • Post reported that Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) furnished them with a listing of supplies they intend to bring in to the Philippines. The equipment will be sent to the Philippines from Geneva by air on 09 October 2009.

2 October 2009:

  • Post sent queries regarding local customs clearances and tax exemption.
  • The Medicins Sans Frontiers (MSF) intends to fly in medicines and water purification equipment to the Philippines for Taguig and Rizal relief operations.

30 September 2009:

  • Post reported the following actions OCHA has undertaken to support efforts by the Philippine government in responding to the disaster:

o OCHA activated its Task Force in Geneva to ensure coordination with field staff, OCHA New York and Geneva PM.

o The OCHA National Disaster Response Advisor in Manila has been seconded to the NDCC for the duration of the response.

o OCHA Regional Office for the Asia-Pacific in Bangkok (RCAP) deployed two Regional Information Management Officers in 28 September in support of the NDCC.

o A UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team (8 members) is being mobilized by OCHA upon the request of the Philippine government and the UN Resident Coordinator, in addition to human resources already on the ground. The UNDAC would include an expert on water and environmental management from the EC.

o UN SecGen and ERC John Holmes conveyed to SFA that the UN will support the Philippine government and, if required, funds from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), managed by OCHA, would be allocated to agencies responding to this emergency.

  • UN member states, including potential donors, have scheduled the Flash Appeal on 06 October 2009 at 11:30 a..m. at the Palais des Nations.
  • Post is requesting guidance on the point to be made by the brief statement indicating the Philippine government’s acceptance of/support for the Flash Appeal and outlining our own relief effort operations.
Hong Kong SAR PCG 7 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it remitted on 07 October 2009 the amount of P42,000.00 as Post’s personnel donation to DFA colleagues who were affected by floods. The amount was deposited to the Department’s PNB account.
  • Bayanihan Centre, a foundation in Hongkong that caters to migrant workers in KH, is coordinating a relief operation for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy by collecting donations in kind, which will be shipped to the Philippines in a 20-foot container in the coming days to be consigned to DSWD or one of its accredited NGOs.
  • Post’s strongly endorsed Bayanihan Centre’s request for assistance in making representations with the DSWD and the Customs Department to make an exception on the existing regulation banning used clothing since 80% of the goods they collected consist of used clothing.

6 October 2009:

  • Post requested confirmation of the information it gathered from Ms. Elma Pille of DSWD Donation Facilitation Unit that donated goods consigned to NGOs and foundations in the Philippines could be granted waiver of customs duties and other related fees as contemplated under Presidential Memorandum Order 36, provided that the NGO or the foundation is accredited or licensed or registered with the DSWD. The donor needs to submit the required documents, i.e. Deed of Donation or Letter of Intent indicating the particulars of the consignee, the airway bill or the bill of lading and the packing list.

4 October 2009:

  • Post requested the Department’s advice on the request of “Hong Kong Task Force Typhoon Ketsana”, a group of Filipino associations in Hong Kong, to facilitate the entry to the Philippines of 19 jumbo balikbayan boxes, which will be shipped through Gen-X Cargo freight forwarders, and are consigned to Sky Freight Centre, a brokerage firm located in Paranaque City, which will in turn distribute the boxes to specified beneficiaries in the Philippines identified by the group.

29 September 2009:

  • Post reiterated its recommendation to establish a dedicated line with the NDCC for the purpose of facilitating the flow of information on the relief efforts and the whereabouts of the survivors.

28 September 2009:

  • Post reported that the Filipino community has mobilized its resources to help victims of typhoon Ondoy. Groups are spearheading fund-raising efforts and have started collecting goods such as clothing, canned food and medicines with the intent of sending them to the Philippines.
  • Banks and remittance centers have committed to waive all cable charges for cash donations for Operation: Ondoy
  • Freight forwarders have provided the Consulate with a number of boxes with which to ship relief goods to the Philippines for free, and a major radio station embarked on a telethon starting 28 September to raise funds.
  • A community-led crisis task force has been formed to coordinate all efforts. Post will meet with the task force and other community leaders.
  • The Filipino Community has managed to secure pledges of aid from important business companies and institutions such as Credit Suisse, but they emphasized their desire for transparency, and would want to know where the funds are going and how they will be disbursed.
Honolulu PCG 5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that an estimated $36,000.00 was raised from individuals and in matching funds from business companies.
  • FilCom hopes to raise up to $100,000.00.
  • All donations, including those in kind, will be sent to CARITAS and Consuelo Foundation.
  • The fund drive will continue at the Consulate, FilCom Center, all branches of the Central Pacific Bank and Golden Coin Restaurant and outlets until 24 October 2009.
  • Aloha medical mission (AMM) will send medical supplies to the victims. AMM;s package of medicine and supplies valued at more than $5,000 for the flood victims will be flown to the Philippines by the Hawaiian Airlines, free of charge. Dr. Amy Jacang, a volunteer, will travel with the supplies.
  • AMM will also send medical missions to Bacolod and Bohol on 26-30 October 2009.
  • AMM has also earmarked part of the proceeds from its 10 December benefit piano concert to the relief operations in the Philippines and Samoa.
  • Kona Visayan Association (KVA), in coordination with the Congress of the Visayan Associations (COVO) and the Filipino community Center, has raised $2,077.72 from collections. KVA will transmit all funds collected to the Filipino Community Center.

2 October 2009:

  • Post will be open on Sunday to accept cash and cheque donations, payable to the Filipino Community Center
  • Telethon/phone-in pledges and fund-raising drive will be held on the same day, Sunday, 4 October 2009
  • Post also reported the it coordinates and assists in the activities to accept donations and raise funds of (1) Maui Relief Drive; (2) Kauai Fund Drive; (3) Oauhu Fund Drive; and (4) KPHI Pinoypower Team.
  • The US Pacific Command deployed small package of forces pulled from US forces unit bound for “Exercise Talon Vision/Philbex”..
  • Post reported that the estimated tally of donations as of 02 October 2009 is $12,071.00.

30 September 2009:

  • Post has collected $500.00 from all personnel as voluntary donation to DFA employees affected by Ondoy.
  • Post will remit the $500.00 to the DFA PNB account.

29 September 2009:

Post reported the following:

  • Mr. Jun Abinsay, a prominent community leader donated $1,000
  • Officers and staff of the Consulate pledged the amount of $500 which will be sent ASAP together with any additional amount received
  • The Filipino Community Center opened its doors to accept donation. FilCom Center has a 501 I status and all donations are tax-deductible.
  • Telethon KNDI, A Filipino/Ilocano Radio Station, will do a remote broadcast at the Fil-com Center to accept phone-in donations and pledges on 04 October 2009
  • Attendeeds in the Philippine Celebrations Coordinating Committee of Hawaii (PCCCH) meeting gave $335 as their donation
  • The US Pacific Command, through AFP Liaison to the US Pacom Capt. Severino David, conveyed its readiness to ferry in its flights from Hickam Airbase to Clark Airbase donations in kind. Flights in Clark are scheduled 3 times a week.
Jakarta PM 2 October 2009:

  • Post reported proposed visit of ASEAN Deputy Secretary General to the NDCC for a high-level briefing and visit two Metro Manila-based evacuation centers.
Jakarta PE
  • Post reported that US$5,000 (combined Indonesian Rupiah and US Dollars) was raised during an emergency meeting among the leaders of Filipino groups in Jakarta.
Jeddah PCG 30 September 2009:

  • Post reported that many have expressed and continue to express their preference to donate assorted relief goods (e.g. used clothing, canned and packed foods).
  • Donors have started collecting boxes of relief goods to be delivered to the Consulate for eventual collective shipment to the Philippines in the most expeditious way.
  • Post reported that Mr. Emy De Guzman, Operations Manager of Skyfreight, a Filipino-owned local cargo forwarder, signified his company’s willingness to accommodate and facilitate the shipment of donations., but requested for a specific addressee and appropriate clearance from DSWD or Malacañang to ensure and expedite the release of goods.

29 September 2009:

  • Riyadh PE and Jeddah PCG, in coordination with Filcom organizations and well-meaning individuals, have embarked on drives to raise funds and collect relief goods. Post also issued a press release on guidelines for interested parties who want to send donations.
Kuala Lumpur PE 7 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it deposited on 07 October 2009 the amount of P53,356.00 as cash donations collected from the officers and staff of KLPE for the DFA Employees who are victims of Ondoy.
  • Post also donated P80,095..00 to DSWD.

5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak sent his condolence message to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and to the victims of typhoon Ondoy.

29 September 2009:

  • Post reported that the Malaysian Medical Relief Society (MERCY Malaysia) will send a 2-man assessment team headed by Mr.. Hew Cheong Yew, Senior Program Officer of the Relief Operations Department of MERCY Malaysia, scheduled to arrive in Manila on 30 September 2009.
Kuwait PE 6 October 2009:

  • Post reported that Dr. Adel Al-Falah, the Chairman of the leading Charity organization in Kuwait House of Zekat (Beit Al-Falah), informed the Ambassador that the Chairman will be sending his top adviser to Manila on 07 October 2009 to assess the damage in floor-raved areas. The adviser’s report will be the basis of House of Zakat’s donations to flood victims that will be coursed to PNRC.

4 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the Management of Habchi and Chalhoub remitted KD1,086 (Php 179,190) to PNRC as contribution to the victims of Ondoy.
  • Post inquired if it can ask the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs fro donations to the typhoon victims that could be coursed through PNRC, as suggested by Kuwaiti Red Crescent when approached by concerned Filipinos for donations to PNRC.

2 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it remitted P35,058 to DSWD covering additional donations from Post for the Ondoy victims.

29 September 2009:

  • Post sent a copy of bank remittance in the amount of P10,000 to PNRC BPI Account under receipt no. 20247906 dated 28 September 2009, covering Post’s donations to the victims.
London PE 5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it has remitted on 05 October the amount of GBP 580.00 (P43,065) donated by Post’s personnel to the DFA Employees Typhoon Assistance Fund.
  • Post reported that at least four major banks and remittance companies have generously waived service charges:I-Remit, PNB, Metrobank and Allied Bank.
  • Post coordinated with Wentworth International Cargo which is donating free of any shipping charges a 20-foot container for all relief goods to be consigned to the DSWD coming from the UK.
  • The British Red Cross issued an advertisement in Metro London, a free daily newspaper given out to millions of commuters on London’s subway system calling for donations to the Philippines.

2 October 2009:

  • Post requested for preferred list of goods; authority to open short-term special bank accounts and inquired if there is a new policy covering donation of used clothing.

29 September 2009:

Post sent a report on the following donations:

  • Aguman Kapampangan, one of the largest FilOrgs in the UK, donated P100,000 to PNRC as part of its initial assistance
  • 60 Students of St. Mary’s University in London signed in for volunteer work to pack any relief goods to be donated to the victims
  • Remittance companies such as I-Remit and Metrobank will waive standard remittance charges for any donations to be sent to NDCC, PNRC, and DSWD
  • Cargo Companies offered discounted rates for relief shipments to be sent to DSWD
  • Communities in Wales and other parts of the UK organized collection points for any donations
  • Philippine Generations will spearhead internet-based campaigns to encourage the public to donate to NDCC, PNRC and DSWD
  • Overseas Women’s League will hold a special concert at Farm St. Church featuring Miss Saigon cast members to raise cash donations for the relief efforts.
Macau PCG 30 September 2009:

  • Post reported that a bank representative from BDO Express Padala pledged to waive bank cable charges for those who want to sent donation in cash
  • GENLEX, a local forwarder, offered a free of charge shipment of relief goods in jumbo size balikbayan box
Madrid PE 1 October 2009:

  • Post reported that Spain, in a press release issued by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC), said that it has allocated 1 million euros worth of humanitarian assistance for the typhoon victims, broken down as follows:
    • 500,000 euros worth of relief goods
    • 250,000 euros for the distribution of hygiene kits
    • 150,000 euros for distribution of potable water thru Accion contra el Hambre
    • 150,000 euros for purchase of food at local markets
  • Post reported that the plane load of relief goods and equipment (water treatment plant, hygienic kits, medicine and kits, tarpaulins, mattresses, WAS materials, bladders) will arrive on 4 October 2009.

30 September 2009:

  • Post requested the SWIFT and IBAN numbers of the special Peso Account created for said purpose at PNB in order to complete international bank transfers of Post’s assistance to DFA personnel affected by typhoon.

On 29 September 2009:

  • Post reported that K9 de Creixell, a Spanish NGO, volunteered to send a team to assist in rescue and relief efforts. Post will coordinate with NDCC and the Office of Civil Defense on the assistance offered by the group.
Manado PCG 6 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the management of the following firms in Bitung City, which has relatively large concentration of Filipino workers in the tuna processing and cannery industry, pledged to contribute on 07 October:

PT Pathemang Raya – donated Rp 1,500,000 ($116.66)

PT Sinar Purefoods – pledged RP20,000,000 ($2,222.22)

PT Samudera Sentosa – no exact amount

(Forex Conversion: 1US$=Rp9000)

  • Post will transmit the aggregate amount to the DSWD account in Manila once collected.

5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it has transmitted on 05 October the amount of US$543 as Post’s donation to DFA employees who were victims of Ondoy. Bank charges were deducted, hence, the net amount that has been credited to the PNB account is US$513.70.

1 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it disseminated the information to the Filipino Community in East Indonesia that for donors who are unable to send their donations due to work-related reasons, Post could facilitate the transmittal of their contribution by sending a representative to their workplace or at a nearby area to collect their donations before proceeding to the bank. For purposes of transparency, they would be given a duplicate copy of the bank transmittal form and that only corresponding bank charges would be deducted from their donation.
Manama PE 5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that Bahrain’s Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salam Al Khalifa donated US$ 500,000.00 for the victims, which was coursed through ABS CBN Foundation and remitted on 04 October 2009 through Allied Banking Corporation, Ayala Avenue Branch, Makati City. Post recommended that a acknowledgement letter be sent by either VP Noli De Castro or the SFA, even if donation was coursed through ABS CBN.
  • Representatives of Triskelion International-Bahrain and Ramada Palace Hotel collected cash donations from people who were at the Twister Club on 01 October 2009. Post advised the group to send the amount directly to DSWD, PNRC or NDCC.
  • Post advised the Filipino American Association in Bahrain based at the US Navy Fifth Fleet to send its cash donations to DSWD, PNRC and NDCC.
  • The Embassy serves as a drop-off center for relief goods for the victims.
  • Zain Bahrain, a telecom company, launched a special SMS donation campaign wherein customers can donate 1BD (about US$3) to the relief effort by texting the digit “1″ to 1111, and the money will be automatically deducted from the Zain account. The money that will be raised will be sent to DSWD. Also, the company offers no charge for using its money transfer service ME2U between Bahrain and the Philippines until 11 October.

4 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the Filipino Club in Bahrain (FCB) decided to course its own cash donations and shipment of relief goods to ABS-CBN and GMA Kapuso Foundations to ensure the immediate distribution.
  • Shipment of relief goods collected will be free of charge through FOREX.
  • The Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA-Bahrain Chapter) shall audit the funds generated by the campaign to ensure transparency and accountability by those handling donations.
  • Post reported that MobiTel and Zain, both telecom companies, have initiated their own fund-raising campaign for the typhoon victims, and went ahead with their promotional advertisement, which would seek to match every 1BD (US$3) donation made through SMS message to a designated number. The two companies will course the cash donations generated through such mode to DSWD and PNRC.
  • Post also reported that it has remitted on 01 October 2009 to the DFA Employees Typhoon Assistance Fund the amount of 177.50 BHD (P21,904.16) as donation of Post’s personnel.
  • Post designated Ms. Ella P. Acena as the focal person to handle all donations.

1 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the Office of Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa requested information on how to send Bahrain’s donation and assistance to the Philippines
  • The Filipino Club in Bahrain is preparing to launch a campaign to help the victims of Typhoon Ondoy.
  • Cargo forwarders in Bahrain have indicated their willingness to send donations in kind to DSWD or NDCC.
Milan PCG 1 October 2009:Post reported on the following:

  • Filipino remittance centers such as BDO, BPI, LBP, Metrobank, RCBC and PNB will waive remittance charges for donations to victims coursed through NDCC, PNRC and DSWD
  • Several cargo forwarding companies have offered to ship donations in kind free of charge
  • FilCom organizations and religious communities initiated efforts to raise donations for the victims including a possible charity concert involving Filipino local talents.

29 September 2009:

  • Post reported that it has informed FilCom in Northern Italy that cash donations may be sent directly to NDCC, PNRC and DSWD.
  • Post received information that several remittance centers (BDO, BPI, Landbank, Metrobank, RCBC, PNB) have approved to waive charges on donations to the above agencies.
  • Post received agreement from several cargo forwarding companies to ship donations free of charge.
  • FilCom and religious organizations have initiated fund raising initiatives, including a charity concert of Filipino talents
  • Post received several requests to serve as collection center for small amounts of donations for onward transmittal to beneficiaries in the Philippines.
Moscow PE 6 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it remitted on 05 October the amount of US$760.00 to the DFA Employees Assistance Fund Account as Post’s financial contribution for the DFA employees who were victims of Ondoy.

5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it would be remitting on 05 October 2009 the financial donation from Post’s officers and staff for the DFA employees affected by floods in the amount of US$ 730.00.
New York PCG 2 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the Office of Senator Charles Schumer, Senior Senator from the State of New York, issued a Press Release urging the US State Department to increase its contribution to disaster relief efforts in the Philippines..

29 September 2009:

  • Post reported that New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg offered New York City’s 311 public service hotline to receive funds toward the “Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City” which will be responsible for making sure that donations will reach the right hands.
New York PM 5 October 2009:

  • Post forwarded copies of Notes and letters of sympathy and condolence from the Permanent Missions in the UN of Papua New Guinea, Independent State of Samoa, Republic of Suriname, Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and Spain.
Oslo PE 2 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it has emailed leaders of the different Filipino organizations regarding agencies where they could send their donations.
  • Post instructed the Honorary Consuls in Denmark and Iceland to coordinate efforts for disaster relief.
  • Post informed the PNRC that the Danish Red Cross is willing to assist in relief efforts.
  • The Norwegian Foreign Ministry issued a Press Statement stating that it will allocate 20 million Norwegian Kroner (approx. US$3.44 million) to the Philippines and Indonesia for relief efforts, which will go to the UN, the Red Cross and NGOs present in both countries.
  • The UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has received 300 million Kroners (US$51.7 million) from Norway to assist countries such as the Philippines.
  • Post reported that Ambassador Ilham I. M. Ahmed of the Republic of the Sudan personally called the Embassy to express her sympathies
  • Mr. Idar Aarheim, Editor-in-Chief of The Magazine for Corps Diplomatique based in Oslo has expressed his sympathies
  • Pastor Ki Sung of the International Methodist Church Oslo offered prayers and possible assistance.
  • Oslo PE officers and staff transferred approximately P8,500 to the DFA Employees Typhoon Assistance Fund on 02 October 2009.
Ottawa PE 6 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the Embassy’s website has been updated to include a link on Typhoon Ondoy relief efforts.
  • Rogers, a Canada-based telecommunications company, has sent out a text message inviting the public to donate $5 to the Canadian Red Cross International Disaster Relief Fund. Rogers will match up to $20,000 in support of Asia-Pacific victims.

5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the CIDA has pledged Can$ 5 million for humanitarian assistance to Typhoon Ondoy victims
  • The Canadian Embassy in Manila through Ambassador Robert Desjardins handed to the PNRC Can$ 50,000 collected from among Embassy personnel

2 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the Canadian government wishes to reunite Canadian and permanent residents whose families in the Philippines have been significantly affected by typhoon Ketsana by extending measures to facilitate their immigration to Canada.
  • According to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, effective immediately, the visa office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in the Philippines will be responding on a priority basis for those directly affected by the disaster. These special immigration procedures will be applied to new and existing applications from Canadian citizens, permanent residents and protected persons who have close family members in the Philippines. Applicants for these special immigration procedures must identify themselves, or the family they have sponsored; as being directly and adversely affected by the disaster. Temporary residence applicants will also be given priority processing by the Visa Office in Manila once they demonstrate that they have significantly affected by the typoon.
  • These measures are in addition to the $5 million humanitarian assistance by CIDA.
  • After Post’s meeting with Mr. Dave Smith, a well-known philanthropist, Mr. Smith expressed his intention to donate a 40-foot container-full of items to Typhoon Ondoy victims that will include blankets, sheets, pillowcases, tents, bottled water, clothes, shoes, sandals and medical supplies.
  • Dr. Robert Robertson, former Canadian Ambassador to Togo and former resident of the Philippines, expressed his intention to donate $500.
  • On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and the Parliamentary caucus, Opposition/Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff sent his sympathies to the Philippines and to all Canadian citizens of Philippine origin.
  • The Ateneo Alumni Association will conduct a fund raising activity during its 15th Ateneo Alumni Association gathering on 10 October 2009
  • Ambassador Jose S. Brillantes will brief Members of the House, the Senate and their staff on the situation in the Philippines during a meeting to be hosted by the Canada Philippines Parliamentary Friendship Group.

1 October 2009:

  • Embassy personnel will remit 275 Canadian Dollars for DFA employees affected by Typhoon Ondoy.
  • Post reported that the Canada Philippines Parliamentary Friendship Group has asked donations for victims of Typhoon Ondoy
  • Hon. Jim Karygiannis, Member of Parliament of Scarborough-Agincourt, informed the Embassy that he will pressure the Canadian Government to act on three points:
    • Match, dollar for dollar, money raised over the next two (2) months, by government-approved, Canadian NGOs in order to provide humanitarian assistance;
    • Expedite new and existing Family Class Sponsorship applications from the affected areas; and
    • Issue Visitor Visas to immediate family members of the Canadian Filipino community, so they can join their relatives in Canada.
  • Hon. Karygiannis is working with the Markham Federation of Filipino Canadians to assist in the expedition of immigration applications of those affected by Typhoon Ondoy.
  • The Knights of Rizal in Winnipeg is raising funds to be sent through the FILCAN Disaster Relief Fund
  • The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) is releasing an initial grant of $15,000
  • A mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Pedro Arana was celebrated on 30 September 2009 for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. Fr. Arana is also spearheading a fund campaign and relief/aid gathering.
  • In Montreal, the Borough Council promised to work with the Filipino Associations of Montreal and Suburbs (FAMAS) in soliciting more aid and made an initial pledge of $2,000

30 September 2009:

  • Post reported that the Government of Canada will make up to $5 million available for humanitarian assistance and early recovery to respond to the needs of those affected by Ketsana.

29 September 2009:

  • Post reported that Embassy personnel have given voluntary donations to assist DFA personnel who have fallen victims to typhoon Ondoy.
  • Post has immediately disseminated information on tyhoon Ondoy, particularly to Filcom associations.
  • Angie Ogerio of the Federation of Filipino Canadian Associations in Quebec was among the first to open a fund-raising campaign
  • The Filipino Association of Kingston has started a fund-raising campaign
  • Mr. James de la Paz and 27 other community leaders based in Montreal will call on Senator Lavigne to discuss typhoon aid from Canada
  • The Philippine Centre Canada will hold a special mass at the Assumption Church where they will raise funds
  • Pabulum International Grocery, a Filipino-owned food establishment based in Ottawa, has initiated a fund drive donating $1 for every $30 grocery purchase
  • The Philippine Honorary Consulates in Calgary and in Edmonton have started fund raising campaigns for typhoon victims
  • Post will meet with Mr. David Smith, a philanthropist based in Ottawa, who wishes to donate humanitarian goods to the victims
  • Post will coordinate with ABS-CBN Canada which is setting up accounts for typhoon victims, coordinating donations sent directly to ABS-CBN Foundation, and setting up donation boxes in its “In My Life” movie premiere in Calgary and Toronto.
  • Development and Peace (Montreal) has announced an initial donation of $50,000 to Caritas Philippines for emergency relief activities
  • CND NDG Borough (Montreal) will table a $2,000 donation in a meeting
  • Various Filipino Canadian communities are currently holding meetings to discuss efforts in helping typhoon victims
  • The Honorable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, has offered Canada’s condolences to the people of the Philippines.
Paris PE 5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that its officers and staff and its attached agencies donated €500 (P33,850) to NDCC Donated Funds Account at DBP.
  • Post sent €260 to the DFA Flood Victims Fund at PNB but was informed by PNB Paris that the said account is not under the name of the DFA. Post requested OPAS for the correct bank account details.
  • Hilgaynon Association made an initial donation channelled through Sagip Kapamilya of €1,000 in addition to the current packing of relief goods donations in coordination with the American Cathedral in Paris.
  • Sandigan Association donated €1,000 to the victims through the Association’s vice President who is in the Philippines.
  • Ilocano Association coordinated with the St. Joseph’s Church in Paris which earmarked its 04 October 2009 Sunday collection for the victims of typhoon Ondoy; collection to be channelled to the Filipino Chaplaincy in Paris.
  • Filipino Chaplaincy in Paris passed second collection on 04 October 2009 for the victims.
  • Knights of Rizal and Filipino Helping Hand will start a campaign for donation of relief goods.
  • Batangas Association will coordinate with medical entities in Paris for donation of medicines.
  • A group of Filipino artists in Paris to stage a mini concert on 06 October 2009 for the benefit of the victims. Proceeds will be sent to PNRC.
  • PNB waived remittance fees to help OFWs sending assistance to their affected families in the Philippines.

28 September 2009:

  • Post reported that the Emergency Architects Foundation donates Technical assistance for assessment and damage evaluation and first emergency aid. Expert architects teams are prepared and ready to go on site
Port Moresby PE 6 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the Ambassador has remitted the amount of P 50,000 representing donation by the donation by the Embassy and staff to the victims of Ondoy through the facilities of Yes Ltd. For the DFA Employees typhoon Assistance Fund.
Prague PE 7 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it has deposited the peso equivalent of US$220.00 to the PNB account as Post’s monetary donation to DFA Employees typhoon assistance fund.

5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that the government of Prime Minister Jan Fischer has approved humanitarian aid amounting to Euro 100,000.00 for typhoon victims,
  • Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Czech Republic has also begun public collection starting 05 October 2009. It coordinates with ADRA Philippines for the relief efforts in the country.
Pretoria PE 29 September 2009:

  • Post furnished the Department with a copy of its Memorandum Circular to all Filipino Communities in South Africa encouraging all OFWs to help the victims and disseminating information on how to send donations to DSWD.
Riyadh PE 7 October 2009:

  • Post reported that Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation has informed Post that the donation of HRH Prince Alwaleed will take the form of medical equipment. The Foundation is requesting confirmation on the kind and specs of the equipment to ensure that they will be giving what is most suitable to the needs of the victims.

5 October 2009:

  • Post furnished the Department with a copy of its letter to Mr. Dewald Hattingh, Africa-Asia Ambassador, Life Link Missions Inc. (USA) informing the said office that DSWD is the lead agency in the relief efforts.

6 October 2009:

  • Post reported that International Projects Manager of Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation will make a donation of medical aid through their contacts with medical supply companies in the Kingdom, which will take care of the shipment to the Philippines.

5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that a Saudi Prince is planning to give a donation for Typhoon Ondoy victims and requested for list of medical equipment needed. Post has been informed that the Prince in keen on donating tents that are not immediately or locally available by sourcing them from neighboring countries to facilitate shipment to the Philippines.
  • Post requested the Department’s assistance in providing a list of tent manufacturing firms to Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation.

4 October 2009:

  • Post reported that as of 04 October 2009, Riyadh PE has received a total cash donation of Saudi Riyals 14,821.00 (US$ 3,946.85).
  • The management of Al-Suwaidi Group of companied has informed Post that its Chairman has pledged a One Million Pesos (Php 1,000,000) donation for the Ondoy victims.
  • Post has submitted a list of foods, medicines, relief and equipments needed for the victims of Ondoy as Prince Al-Waleed has requested.
  • A donation box is places at the Consular section of the Embassy to gather donations from clients for a period of 10 days.

3 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it will send priority list of goods and medicines to the Saudi Arabian Government which intimated to Post its desire to send donations.
Saipan PCG 5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that Bishop Tomas Camacho of the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa ordered a second collection to be done in all Masses in all Catholic churches in Saipan. The collections would be sent to the victims through CBCP.
  • LBC Mabuhay Saipan Inc. is offering free container shipping charge for donations to typhoon victims. Donations would be shipped directly to Sagip Kapamilya Foundation of ABS CBN.
  • US Congressman Gregorio Kilili expressed his sympathies to the victims of Ondoy.
San Francisco PCG 6 October 2009:

  • Post transmitted the initial consolidated report on the ongoing relief operations in Northern California for the victims of Ondoy. The list contains donations from individuals and organizations received by Post, the various relief operations organized by FilCom groups in the Bay Area, as well as the relief efforts being undertaken by the Consulate. (ZSF-530-2009 dated 06 October 2009)

2 October 2009:

  • Post requested clarification on the DFA accounts with PNB as Post’s monetary contribution to the DFA Employees Typhoon Assistance Fund is available and ready for immediate transmittal. However, Post was informed by PNB San Francisco that the account numbers stated in CIR-1208-OPAS-2009 belong to a certain Lourdes Gutierrez Morales and Elpidio Gutierrez.

30 September 2009:

  • Post reported that SFPCG gave $5,000 for typhoon Ondoy victims.
  • Post has agreed to serve as the secretariat of a proposed community organization in San Francisco that will coordinate the relief efforts.
  • Post reserved the ground floor of the Philippine Center Buiding in San Francisco as a drop off area for the collection, packing and sending of donated items.
Seoul PE 30 September 2009:

  • Post reported that the South Korean government will donate US$300,000
  • Korean organizations in the Philippines are raising funds of an average of US$ 5,000 daily to assist the victims
  • OCI, a chemicals corporation, made an initial pledge of US$ 50,000
  • Post opened temporary bank accounts (one in dollar and another in Korean Won) with the Korea Exchange Bank for voluntary donations. The collected amount will be sent to the DSWD upon closing of the accounts on 28 October 2009.
Singapore PE 5 October 2009:

  • Post sought clarification on the prohibition on the donation of used clothing due to numerous comments and requests for consideration on the matter. Post cited an exemption stated in Section 105 of RA 4653.

2 October 2009:

  • Post has disseminated and coordinated with the Filipino community organizations the information on how to donate to Ondoy victims.
  • Tiger Airways President and CEO Mr. Tony Davies, presented their 500,000 pesos pledged donation to PNRC for typhoon Ondoy victims.
  • PNB, I-Remit, LBC and Metrobank waived remittance fees for donations to various funds for the victims. I-Remit also waived fees for personal remittances to affected families, effective 1-5 October.

29 September 2009:

  • Post reported that a press statement announced that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong sent his condolence letter to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on 28 September 2009. Singapore will send relief supplies worth US$30,000 to the Philippine government through Singapore Red Cross. Singapore will also contribute US$20,000 as seed money
  • Mercy Relief, a Singapore-based independent non-government humanitarian charity, will send a preliminary team and a first batch of relief items to be dispatched over the next few days
Sydney PCG 7 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it remitted on 07 October 2009 the amount of P25,000.00 (AUS$ 608.30) to the Department’s special Peso Account with the Philippine National Bank. Said amount represents Post’s donations to DFA personnel affected by Ondoy.
  • The Filcom in New South Wales, Autralia has sent on 06 October 2009 an air shipment to the Philippines of 3 tonnes (3000 kilograms) of canned food to PNRC and other relief organizations. Another 6 tonnes (6000 kilograms) of food and additional boxes of medicine, infant milk formula, and clothes will be shipped on 10 October 2009.
  • The Philippine community in New South Wales raised A$6,000 (US$5,330) and remitted the same to PNRC.

3 October 2009:

  • Post disseminated the information to the Filipino Community on NDCC, PNRC and DSWD bank accounts receiving cash donations, as well as the guidelines for the shipment of the relief goods under Memorandum No. 36.
  • The Filipino language program of SBS Radio held a two-day on-air fund-raiser that gathered about A$ 11,000 in pledges from the audience, with one listener committing P300,000 (A$ 7,250).
  • Filipino owned remittance centers, including I-Remit Global Remittance and Forex Australia have waived charges for remittance of donations to relief organizations.
  • Some Filipino-owned courier and cargo delivery companies are providing some free shipments of relief goods to the Philippines.
Tehran PE 7 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it will send an amount of US$ 280.00 as donations for DFA personnel affected by Ondoy.
Tokyo PE 5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that Sumimoto Metal Mining Co. Ltd. (SMM) pledged ¥10 million (approximately P5 million) for the reconstruction and humanitarian assistance to the victims. They shall transfer the said amount to DSWD account.
  • Post reported that DFALF Tokyo Chapter deposited on 05 October 2009 the total amount of P153,300 to the DFA Employees Typhoon Assistance Fund.

2 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it held a simple turn over ceremony for a ¥5 million Voluntary Cash Donation from AEON Co. LTD for Typhoon Ondoy relief efforts. The actual cash donation shall be directly remitted by AEON Co. Ltd through its local affiliates in the Philippines.
Toronto PCG 2 October 2009:

  • Post requested assistance from DFA Task Force to expedite the release of Global Medic air shipment which is scheduled to arrive Manila on 03 October 2009.
  • DFA Task Force coordinated with DSWD and Global Medic for this purpose.

30 September 2009:

  • Post reported that Premier Dalton McGuinty of The Premier of Ontario Province conveyed his concerns and expressed the Ontario Provincial Government’s support for the Federal government in Canada’s efforts to held the victims of disaster.

29 September 2009:

  • Post reported that the 3-man emergency/disaster response team of Global Medic is expected to arrive in Manila in 30 September 2009 bringing along (1) six purification units (one unit can clean 64,000 liters of water a day); (2) about 1.4 million water purification tablets (which have been flown ahead into the disaster area; and (3) rehydration equipment.

28 September 2009:

  • Post reported that “Global Medic”, an NGO based in Toronto specializing in emergency/disaster response, was dispatched on 29 Sept 2009 and scheduled to arrive in Manila on 30 Sept 2009. The team, composed of Mr. Raul Singh (team leader), Mr. Matt Capobianco, and two other member medics, would be bringing water purification equipment and rehydration tools, and is closely coordinating with the emergency/disaster response group of the Philippine mining and geodetic association disaster response team.
Vancouver PCG 5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that Consul General Ruth Morales Prado will donate P30,000 and Consulate personnel will remit $230 Canadian dollars for DFA employees affected by Ondoy.
  • PAL agreed to ship the donated goods such as medicines and other priority relief needs free of charge.
  • The Surrey Philippine Independence Day Society in British Columbia will hold a Fundraising concert /Benefit show in Surrey on 23 October for the victims.
  • Voluntary donations given to the Consulate will be properly receipted and deposited to Post’s calamity fund account for onward transmittal to the DFA Task Force.

28 September 2009:

  • Post disseminated a press release regarding the relief efforts for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy.
  • Filipino organizations in British Columbia such as Goldilocks, Manila Express and Multicultural Helping House Society have set up drop-off points for donations and relief goods for the victims.
Vienna PE/PM 5 October 2009:

  • Post reported the efforts of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UN OOSA) and its UN SPIDER program consolidating satellite data on typhoon Ondoy. The satellite imagery of flooded areas will be of great assistance to NDCC in planning for future disaster mitigation and response and may be found at US SPIDER Knowledge Portal
  • The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) has approved an emergency aid for Ondoy victims in the amount of US$750,000, of which US$250,000 will be allocated to the Philippines. The grant will be used for the provision of essential relief supplies and emergency operations needed by PNRC and will be channelled through International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).
Vientianne PE 5 October 2009:

  • Post transmitted a copy of the message of sympathy from President of Lao People’s Democratic Republic.
  • Post designated Mr. Napoleon Estimada as point person to handle all donations in Post’s jurisdiction for the victims.
Washington D.C. PE 1 October 2009:

  • The Office of Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, USA has contacted the Embassy and expressed her intention to offer assistance to the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. Her office stated that assistance may be in the form of provision of shelter, management of displaced families, rehabilitation efforts (mud-digging operations), and other forms of technical assistance on disaster recovery.
  • Post requested for a list of specific areas that require assistance, for use of the Office of Sen. Landrieu.

30 September 2009:

  • Post reported that it has issued press release on the guidelines and procedures on how to remit voluntary cash donations to Philippine government agencies.
  • Several Filipino Community organizations spearheaded fund raising campaigns and voluntary donations, i.e., Ms. Carmelita Bagcus, FilAm proprietress of Marigold Bakeshop, and Mr. Chris Magno, a Filipino scholar at Indiana University.

29 September 2009:

  • Post sent copy of statement of support made by Senator David Akaka (D-HI) on the disaster caused by Typhoon Ondoy

28 September 2009:

  • Post issued an advisory to all Posts in the USA on Posts’ support for efforts to assist victims of Typhoon Ondoy
Yangon PE 7 October 2009:

  • Post reported that it transmitted through pouch donation of US$650.00 for deposit to DFA Employees Typhoon Assistance Fund at PNB.

5 October 2009:

  • Post reported that Myanmar SPDC Chairman Senior General Than Shwe, Prime Minister Thein Sein and Foreign Minister Nyan Win sent their messages of sympathies and condolences.
  • Embassy officers and staff donated $650 to the DFA Employees Typhoon Assistance Fund.

30 September 2009:

  • Post transmitted the messages of sympathy from Senior General Than Shwe and Prime Minister General Thein Sein for President Arroyo and from Foreign Minister U Nyan Win for the SFA.



Ambassador Lucenario Presents Credentials to Kenyan President Kibaki

Posted: 13 Oct 2009 06:36 PM PDT

14 October 2009 – Newly-appointed Philippine Ambassador to the Republic of Kenya Domingo D. Lucenario, Jr. presented his credentials to Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki at the State House in Nairobi on September 28.

Ambassador Lucenario joined other ambassadors from Uganda, Germany, Serbia, Sweden and Austria in presenting their credentials to the Kenyan President.

In his remarks, Ambassador Lucenario vowed to strengthen and expand the existing bilateral ties between the Philippines and Kenya by spurring political, economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries.

Ambassador Lucenario expressed his hope that the two countries will be able to finalize bilateral agreements on the establishment of a joint Commission on Bilateral Cooperation and a Bilateral Consultative Committee.

He also reaffirmed the Philippines’ commitment to continue to engage Kenya through the New Asia-Africa Strategic Partnership (NAASP) and through mutual support for initiatives in various international organizations such as the United Nations.

As the Philippine Ambassador to the Republic of Kenya, Ambassador Lucenario will also be the Philippine non-resident envoy to the Republic of Burundi, Republic of Comoros, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Malawi, Republic of Madagascar, Republic of Mauritius, Republic of Rwanda, Republic of Seychelles, Republic of Uganda, the Federal Republic of Somalia and the United Republic of Tanzania. He will also serve as the Philippine Permanent Representative to the United Nations Environment Program and the UN Habitat.

Ambassador Lucenario previously served in various capacities in the Federal Republic of Germany, the Commonwealth of Australia, and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. At the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, he also served as Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs, Deputy Chief of Presidential Protocol, among other positions.

As a career diplomat, Ambassador Lucenario has the rare distinction of having been awarded by the President of the Philippines three major Presidential Awards namely: the Order of Sikatuna Award with the rank of Datu (Gold level) (2009), the Order of Lakandula Award with the rank of Grand Officer (Maringal na Pinuno) (2008), and the Gawad Mabini Award with the rank of Grand Officer (Dakilang Kamanong) (2008).

These awards were conferred in various occasions in recognition of his significant role in the implementation of the Philippine machine readable/Epassport projects, his outstanding service as the Assistant Secretary General of the National Organizing Committee for the ASEAN Summit, and for his exceptional and meritorious services to the Republic of the Philippines. END


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