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The correct way of preparing the authentic BICOL EXPRESS

Here’s  correct way of preparing the authentic ” BICOL EXPRESS”. So, if you want to make Bicol express where everyone will enjoy, you may follow the recipe shared by Rogerelauria below. Maray na aldaw po saindo gabos!





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By Cristyl Mae B. Senajon

STATISTICS show that 54 percent of the total voting population comes from youth bloc. Of the 2.6 million new voters, 80 percent are youth.

These statistical data show just how fundamental the role of the youth will be in shaping and determining the outcomes of the highly anticipated 2010 National and Local elections. If tapped well, these young Filipinos may well elect and put into power a whole new breed of leaders who lead the country on the fence of accountability, transparency and integrity, thereby creating a government that is more effective and more responsive to the needs and welfare of its constituents.

If this is going to be the scenario, and I’m keeping faith this will be, no more migrant Filipino workers will ever need to leave their families behind in search of greener pasture beyond borders, no more kids will be left to labor in the streets to feed their families; they will be sent to school to learn to read and write, no more families will go famished; no more Filipinos will die without being seen by a healthcare professional and above all, no more Filipinos will choose to be indifferent because they will now hold accountable their leaders for their statements and actions.

These changes though will come about only, if and only when young people, for the most part, choose to exercise their democratic rights by getting into the process of registering names on the 2010 voter’s list and exercising right to suffrage come election period.

The more crucial part however in relation to electoral processes, lies in being able to create and provide every means and ways for young voters especially first-timers to learn and be educated about the candidates—their platform of governance, track record on prior public undertakings, stance on pertinent issues and everything else that speaks of their person and character. After all, ineffective governance and unethical leadership don’t sit well with us, anymore.

Apart from these, youth claim their stake through other election-related engagements. Several youth-led organized groups are actively promoting initiatives in line with that of voter’s education in the country such as Youth Vote Philippines and Young Public Servants whose thrust is to get the unconverted vote into registering before 31 October and provide the voter-to-be such indispensable information as candidate’s comprehensive profiles, Millennium Development Goals as the checklist for candidates, and polls, among others to making an informed decision come 2010.

Ateneo School of Government’s Generation Change composed of student leaders from the Ateneo de Manila University is also making dent on the future stakeholders of the country through educating the youth groups of the 3rd District of Quezon City with their shared views and insights on voting for the right leaders in our government.

A number of youth, in the same breath, have chosen not to quibble but lay wager on the presidential candidate they feel strongly for and passionate about this up and coming election. There is PiNoy Power and YoNoy! for Sen. Noynoy Aquino, Kabataang Nasyonalista for Sen. Manny Villar, and pool of youth volunteers for National Defense Sec. Gilbert Teodoro and former President Joseph Estrada, respectively.

These youth-led campaigns prove the fact that the youth are in no way letting this chance pass up, the chance to do something through voting the right candidate therefore altering possibilities for a better future in this country.

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Ang alamat kung bakit sinungaling ang mga lalaki..

Karpintero itong si Pedro at isang araw eh gumagawa siya ng isang bahay sa tabi ng ilog. Sa lakas ng pagmamartilyo niya eh nalaglag ang martilyo niya sa ilog. Umiyak siya at lumitaw yung guardian angel niya, “Tutulungan kita, Pedro” Sabay lundag sa ilog. Lumabas ito na me hawak na gold hammer, “Ito ba ang martilyo mo?”.. “Hindi po.” Lundag uli ang anghel at lumitaw na me silver hammer, “Ito ba?” “Hindi po.” Lundag uli sa ilog ang anghel at lumitaw na me ordinary hammer, “Ito ba?” ” Opo!” Natuwa ang anghel. “Dahil honest ka, bukod sa martilyo mo, sa ‘yo na rin ang gold and silver hammer!”

Makaraan ang ilang araw, naglalakad si Pedro sa ilog at kasama ang misis niya. Eh sa katangahan, nalaglag si misis sa ilog. Iyak si Pedro. Litaw si guardian angel. “Tutulungan kita.” Sabay lundag sa ilog at ng lumitaw eh kasama si Diana Zubiri. “Ito ba ang misis mo?” Sagot si Pedro, “Opo!” Nagalit si anghel, “Sinungaling ka. Akala ko pa naman eh mabait ka.” Nag-reason-out si Pedro, “Sorry po, angel… kasi kapag sinabi kong ‘Hindi’, eh lulundag ka uli sa tubig at paglitaw mo eh kasama mo si Katrina Halili. At kapag sinabi ko uli na hindi siya ang asawa ko, eh lulundag ka uli at ang tunay na misis ko na ang kasama mo. At dahil sa kabaitan ko, eh ibibigay mo din sa akin sina Diana at Katrina. Mahirap lang po ako at hindi ko kaya ang me tatlong asawa, kaya ‘Yes’ na lang ang sinagot ko nung una.”

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Sorsogon-Climate change: A way of life for Sorsogon fishers

Climate change: A way of life for Sorsogon fishers
Business Mirror
SORSOGON CITY—The words “climate change” are something people in coastal barangays of this city do not simply read or hear about in the news every day.
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Never give up, Never Backdown, Never lose faith – Face the GIANT

Its a great movie with inspirational message that made me think of my point of view as well. Am i facing that GIANT right now?

When your back is AGAINST the WALL…

When it seems there is NO WAY OUT….

You have to face your fears…..FACE THE GIANTS













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Escudero resigns from Nationalist People’s Coalition

Escudero resigns from Nationalist People’s Coalition
No big personalities, except for the senator’s father, Sorsogon Representative Salvador Escudero, were present when he made the announcement.
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How To Fail Successfully

Let’s face it: At one point or another, you’re going to fail in some way at your job. It could be something major such as missing a deadline, or something as minor as being five minutes late to work. No matter the magnitude, it’s going to happen. Once you accept that, the real question becomes how you fail, i.e. how you handle it.

There are two ways you can handle failure: You can either crash and burn or you can glide to safety. Obviously, the second path is the road you want to take. To do this, you need to keep three things in mind when you fail:

Don’t panic: As a basic rule of thumb, panicking will never help you in any situation. When you panic, you’re more than likely going to make whatever happened worse because you’re not thinking clearly. For instance, if you are late to work and you start panicking, you could make yourself even more late. This could happen if you do something drastic like try a “shortcut” that ends up being a wrong turn, costing you time. Always stay calm and think logically about what you are doing. This is the only way to minimize your problems.

Have a “Get Well” plan: The only thing worse than failing at something is to not have a plan on how to fix it. This plan is sometimes referred to as a Get Well Plan in the corporate world. It can be likened to the set of steps a doctor takes to make a patient better. For example, if you know you are going to miss a deadline, come up with a plan to make up for it. This should be a detailed plan with specific steps to put your project back on track. Even seasoned professionals will miss a deadline now and then, it’s how you fix that problem that will stand out in people’s minds.

Don’t play the “Blame Game”:
When confronted with failure, many people feel like they’re backed into a corner, especially at work. This causes them to lash out and start trying to pin the reason for the failure on anyone else but themselves. This is commonly referred to as playing the Blame Game. While it may be true that you are not the only reason something went wrong, you don’t want to attack other people. For instance, saying that you didn’t get something done because “John is stupid” is far less effective than saying, “The pre-requisite designs were not completed on time, so that pushed back the code deadline.” In this way, you are explaining that you were not the only one at fault but not personally attacking anyone, you’re just stating facts. If you just state the facts, there’s not much room to argue.

The three points above boil down to the following premise: Approach the situation calmly and logically, have a detailed way to fix whatever went wrong, and take responsibility when it’s your fault (and when it’s not your fault, stick to the facts, and don’t get personal).

Remember: Being able to fail successfully is just as important as actually succeeding.

Article Author: Kevin Augustine

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Department of Foreign Affairs-27October2007-updates

APEC I.T. Center Coordinates Rescue and Relief Operations for Ondoy Flood Victims

Posted: 27 Oct 2009 01:29 AM PDT

27 October 2009 – “We are ALIVE! Thanks to ADOC!”

Thus declared Mr. Rodelio “Butch” S. Ablir, as he revealed that an APEC Digital Opportunity E-Learning Center established in Navotas to train poor and marginalized children and young adults transformed itself into an operations and nerve center for rescue and relief operations in the aftermath of massive flooding brought about by typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) in the Manila Metropolitan area recently.

Mr. Ablir is the Executive Director of the Zone One Tondo Organization (ZOTO) which operates the APEC E-Learning Center in Navotas. His disclosure came during the APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) 2.0 Week Forum in Taipei on October 6-7. Participants in the forum welcomed the added utility and value of the ADOC facility in Navotas, with ZOTO as the Philippine NGO partner.

With the typhoon at its peak, and the scale of the disaster becoming more apparent in the areas situated near the ADOC premises, ZOTO mobilized its volunteers and trainees to map areas requiring rescue and assistance, coordinated the sorting and packing of relief goods, and utilized its facilities as a temporary evacuation shelter.

The ADOC is an APEC initiative that seeks to address the digital divide that hinders women, children, the poor and marginalized, as well as the disabled, from utilizing opportunities presented by digital technology, for a better life.

ZOTO is a non-government organization operating in 28 areas in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Their areas of operation are defined as demolition, resettlement or relocation sites.

ZOTO launched an ADOC-based computer literacy project in 2008 to provide access to quality computer education for the out-of-school youth, with the view of providing them skills that would enhance the likelihood of their gainful livelihood or employment.

Over 500 young people and children in Caloocan, Malabon, and Navotas cities have benefited from the ZOTO ADOC project. The ADOC Center was constructed with the assistance of the Swiss government, with equipment donated by the ADOC Secretariat of Chinese Taipei.

Mr. Ablir was with other forum participants from Manila: National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP) Executive Director and Attorney Mateo Acuin Lee, Jr.; Philippine APEC National Secretariat and DFA-OUIER Special Assistant Eric Gerardo E. Tamayo; Mr. Adonis Untalan of the Philippine National School for the Blind; Mr. Josephus Reynes, Special Needs School Instructor of the DepEd Cebu City School System; the Rev. Antonio D. Llanes, Jr., President of the Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation, Integration and Empowerment of the Visually Impaired (ATRIEV); Ms. Lourdes B. Borgonia and Mr. Deterson Omas, ATRIEV Instructors; Ms. Charito Co of the Grace Christian Academy; and Ms. Mabel Gaerlan of the Philippine Resources for the Blind Foundation in Cebu City.

Mr. Ablir expressed gratitude to their benefactors for facilitating the establishment of the ADOC in their area. END



RP Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s presents credentials to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Posted: 27 Oct 2009 12:04 AM PDT

27 October 2009 – Philippine Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s Antonio M. Lagdameo presented his Letters of Credence to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II last October 13.

The Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps Mr. Charles Gray arrived at the Philippine Embassy in London to escort the Ambassador and his spouse, Mrs. Linda Floirendo-Lagdameo, to Buckingham Palace for the official ceremony.

Four Embassy officials accompanied the Ambassador. The official party proceeded through the streets of London towards the Palace in two State Landaus provided by the Royal Mews.

Following the ceremony held in the Palace’s 1844 room, Ambassador and Mrs. Lagdameo were escorted back to the Embassy by Mrs. Alison MacMillan, Assistant Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps and Deputy Director of the Protocol Directorate of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

A well-attended reception was subsequently held at the Haymarket Hotel next to the Embassy. END



RP Reelected to UN Economic and Social Body

Posted: 26 Oct 2009 11:57 PM PDT

27 October 2009 – The Philippines was reelected to another two-year term in the United Nations Economic and Social Council (Ecosoc), garnering the biggest number of votes among18 countries that won seats in the 54-member body, the Philippine Mission to the United Nations in New York announced on October 26.

In his report to Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto G. Romulo, Philippine Permanent Representative to the United Nations Hilario G. Davide, Jr. said the Philippines received 185 votes to allow it to continue serving in the body until 2012 when its two-year term ends on December 31.

“The Philippines was eagerly supported by countries and reelected to a second two-year term because Member States value the contributions of the Philippines and its diplomats in the Ecosoc,” Ambassador Davide said. He credited the election to the country’s active participation and substantive contributions to the policy work of the body on issues under its purview since 2007.

The Ecosoc, which is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations, serves as the central forum for discussing international economic and social issues, and for formulating policy recommendations addressed to Member States and the United Nations system.

It is responsible for promoting higher standards of living, full employment, and economic and social progress; identifying solutions to international economic, social and health problems; facilitating international cultural and educational cooperation; and encouraging universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Ecosoc has the power to make or initiate studies and reports on these issues. It also has the power to assist the preparations and organization of major international conferences in the economic and social and related fields and to facilitate a coordinated follow-up to these conferences. With its broad mandate the Council’s purview extends to over 70 percent of the human and financial resources of the entire UN system.

“The Philippines will strive once more to be worthy of the trust and confidence the Member States have reposed in the country by participating actively, working constructively, and exerting every effort to make a positive contribution to the crucial work of the Ecosoc,” Ambassador Davide said.

The Philippines, which also topped the elections for the 2007-2009 term in 2006, garnered a total of 185 votes out of a total number of 188 Member States of the UN present and voting. The three other votes were abstentions.

Also elected in today’s elections were Bangladesh, Mongolia, and Iraq representing Asia; Belgium, Canada, Italy, and the United States for Western Europe and Other States; Slovakia and Ukraine for Eastern Europe; Argentina, Bahamas, and Chile for Latin America and the Caribbean; and Comoros, Egypt, Ghana, Rwanda, and Zambia for Africa. END



RP Embassy in Pretoria Hosts Adobo-Cooking Demonstration

Posted: 26 Oct 2009 11:54 PM PDT

27 October 2009 – The Philippine Embassy in South Africa hosted an Adobo-Cooking Demonstration for Filipino children in Pretoria at the Embassy grounds last October 18.

The Adobo-Cooking demonstration is the third of the Embassy’s Munting Paaralan series of activities for the year 2009. Aside from being the most popular Filipino dish, it was pointed out that adobo is also the most practical dish to teach children as it requires only a handful of ingredients, is easy to cook, and has a long shelf-life.

The cooking demonstration was attended by 18 Filipino children. The program started with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, followed by a short lecture on Philippine cuisine. Each of the children was given the chance to take part in the cooking process. After Ambassador Reyes was invited to sample the dish with steamed rice, the cooked chicken adobo was served to the children for lunch. END



Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliance

Posted: 26 Oct 2009 09:04 PM PDT

Invitation to Apply for Eligibility and to Bid:

The Department of Foreign Affairs – Bids and Awards Committee (DFA-BAC) is inviting interested bidders to apply for eligibility and to bid for the: Unified Threat Management Appliance

Contact: BAC Secretariat, Office of Legal Affairs, 3rd Floor, DFA Bldg. 2330 Roxas Blvd. Pasay City, (tel nos. 834-4116 {Ms. Heidi Gardose} and fax. nos. 832-5359.



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