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Donsol Sorsogon-Top 10 discoveries of 2009

Washington, December 4 (ANI): In a new article, the National Geographic News has listed the top ten discoveries of the year 2009.

At number 10 comes the discovery of an ultra-rare megamouth shark, which at 13-feet long, was caught on March 30 by mackerel fishers off the city of Donsol in Philippines.

But, the 1,102-pound (500-kilogram) shark was butchered for a shark-meat dish called kinuout.

At number 9 comes the finding that sophisticated dentistry allowed Native Americans to add bling to their teeth as far back as 2,500 years ago.

A recent analysis of thousands of teeth examined from collections in Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History has determined that ancient peoples of southern North America went to “dentists”-among the earliest known-to beautify their chompers with notches, grooves, and semiprecious gems.

At number 8 comes the discovery that nine giant snakes could be on the verge of causing ecological catastrophe if they establish themselves in almost one-third of the US.

At number 7 is the finding that the world’s biggest snake was a massive anaconda-like beast that slithered through steamy tropical rain forests about 60 million years ago.

The discovery was confirmed by fossils found in northeastern Colombia’s Cerrejon coal mine, which indicate that the reptile was at least 42 feet (13 meters) long and weighed 2,500 pounds.

At number 6 is the discovery of a “ghost ship” dating back to the gold rush-era.

With boots thrown hastily on deck and cooking utensils scattered, the last moments of the crew aboard the gold rush-era paddleboat A.J. Goddard are preserved in the ship’s recently found wreck.

At number 5 is the discovery of the oldest fossil skeleton of a human ancestor, which reveals that our forebears underwent a previously unknown stage of evolution more than a million years before Lucy, the iconic early human ancestor specimen that walked the Earth 3.2 million years ago.

At number 4 is the discovery of rare quail from the Philippines that was long believed to be extinct.

At number 3 is the finding of a new type of cloud, which is choppy in shape. They were photographed over Cedar Rapids, Iowa, US.

At number 2 is the finding of a fish with transparent head that was seen alive for the first time in the deep water off California’s central coast.

At number 1 is the discovery of a 47-million-year-old, exceptionally preserved primate fossil “Ida”, which bridges the evolutionary split between higher primates such as monkeys, apes, and humans and their more distant relatives such as lemurs. (ANI)

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Sorsogon town eyes 2009 Most Friendly Municipality title |

Sorsogon town eyes 2009 Most Friendly Municipality title |
December 4, 2009 12:23 pm
By Danny O. Calleja

CASIGURAN, Sorsogon, Dec. 4 — Transformed within the last 10 years from an almost neglected poor town into a booming municipality that surpassed the others for its impressive showing in local development is eyeing this year’s Presidential Award for Most Child Friendly Municipality.

“Our development strategy focused mainly on the welfare of children and the communities they live provided for a package of services that earned us the distinction of being among the fastest growing municipality in Bicol,” town mayor Ester Hamor here told the PNA over the week.

Started in 1998 and vigorously pursued by her civil engineer-husband Edwin “Boboy” Hamor during his nine year of stint as the local chief executive, the lady mayor who replaced him as he “graduated” in 2007 said the package contained the efficient delivery of all basic services that a local government unit (LGU) is mandated to perform.

It included health, potable water supply, basic education, infrastructure, agricultural productivity, livelihood, peace and order and good governance, among others, she said.

“All these fall under the umbrella program called ‘Oo Para sa Kaakian (Yes to Children)’ that is geared toward the promotion of children’s welfare and the protection of their rights which has always been on top priorities of the municipal government,” she said.

On health, Mrs. Hamor said, the town’s programs are primarily attended to through the LGU’s health unit, the first Rural Health Unit (RHU) facility in the entire region declared as “Sentrong Sigla” Phase 2 facility which provides a complete benefit package from the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

It was provided with a maximum health services especially for children and is now being sustained and maintained.

“We also make keeping our environment healthy for children a commitment and Casiguran’s being cited as cleanest and greenest town in Bicol for nine consecutive years starting 1998 would attest to that,” she said.

Furthermore, the municipality also operates a birthing home at the RHU that runs on a 24-hour basis. To ensure the sustainability of this program, it had the facility accredited to the Maternal Care Package program of PhilHealth. “Through this accreditation, we are subsidizing the expenses of childbirth,” the mayor said.

This initiative gave the municipality a 93 percent facility-based childbirth in 2007–birthing home and hospital referred cases combined. “To top it all, we had a zero maternal mortality rate, a unique feat for a municipality belonging to a province which is known for having one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the entire Philippines,” she said.

The Birthing Home is also an accredited Newborn Screening Facility, the only public health facility in the entire province offering this service as of 2007.

“Thus, we do not only ensure that these babies will be born but we also ensure that they survive their first few months of existence by promptly detecting diseases that may be fatal to them through the newborn screening procedure,” she added.

On education, Dr. Eduardo Ambrosio, the Department of Education’s (DepEd) schools district supervisor, said the municipal administration starting from former mayor Hamor and pursued by his wife, the incumbent mayor leaves Casiguran parents no reason not to send their children to school.

“Everything– from school supplies, uniforms, slippers, matriculation and other school fees and even transportation to and from schools are provided. Snacks are also served during periodical examination days,” Ambrosio said.

This undertaking benefits all the about 8,000 pupils in the municipality, and the DepEd municipal head said, the only thing the town’s administration is asking from the children is study harder and for the parents to make it sure that the kids are in school during school days.

On potable water system, the former mayor ended the problem that lingered since time immemorial by tapping a huge natural spring at the upland section of the municipality four years ago and let the water flowing into every barangay down to most households at the urban center.

On agricultural productivity, the municipal government under Engr. Hamor was able to complete an irrigation program that covered the entire 8,000-hectare rice land in the municipality during his term.

Most of the irrigation system put in place was done through “bayanihan” initiatives that involved the farmers in the construction of required structures. The town government provided the materials and food-for-work while the then mayor personally supervised the works.

On infrastructure, the municipal government linked all its 25 barangays with concrete roads during the former mayor’s nine-year term, built a modern public market that is well-kept to maintain cleanliness, a presentable municipal building, typhoon-proof school buildings and day care, health and recreational centers, among others.

Most of these undertakings were completed through the initiative of this fourth class municipality notwithstanding the meager internal revenue allotment (IRA) it receives from the national government, the lady mayor stressed.

“We make use of our resourcefulness and the cooperation of the barangay folks in achieving all these that are aimed at making our communities ideal for our children and the family they belong,” she said in the town’s entry to the 2009 Presidential search for most children friendly municipality in the country sent to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) recently.

“And most of all, we owe these achievements to a corruption-free municipal administration,” she added. (PNA)

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Globe Telecom cuts SMS, call rates for OFW families

Globe Telecom cuts SMS, call rates for OFW families
MANILA – Ayala-led Globe Telecom Inc. has slashed its call and text messaging rates to major foreign destinations in an effort to keep Filipinos connected to their loved ones overseas.

Overseas call rates have been reduced to as low as P2.50 per minute in selected countries, the Philippines’ second-largest telecommunications firm said in a statement released Friday. International calls usually cost $0.40 or roughly P20 per minute.

Both prepaid and postpaid subscribers of Globe and Touch Mobile can avail of this promo by using the tipIDD card, which offers the following rates:

  • P2.50 per minute: United States, Hong Kong, and Canada
  • P5 per minute: Singapore, China, Malaysia, South Korea, and Taiwan
  • P8 per minute: Australia, Thailand, Italy, United Kingdom, and Japan
  • P10 per minute: Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

Globe Telecom said its subscribers can also buy prepaid credit for international direct dialling (IDD) services in sari-sari stores, groceries, and other load outlets through its IDD Suki promo. The company offers 2 packages, depending on the country where one wishes to call:

  • P20 for a 5-minute call: United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan
  • P30 for a 3-minute call: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait

“Versus other IDD products in the market, IDD Suki is the simplest way to make international calls since it allows customers to make direct calls without the need to dial prefixes, prepaid call card numbers or personal identification numbers,” said Alan Supnet, Globe Telecom Head for Overseas Filipino Communities.

For those who do not need to stay long on the phone, Globe Telecom said users can avail of the IDD Sakto Calls promo, which charges voice calls on a per-second basis, by using the 12800 prefix:

  • P0.15 per second: Australia, Canada, China, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and Equatorial Guinea
  • P0.30 per second: all other international destinations

Aside from lower call rates, Globe Telecom said it has brought down its international short message service (ISMS) rates to P5 per text message. The company said there is no need to register, use access codes, or use special cards to avail of the discounted rate.

ISMS rates for Globe postpaid users are usually at P10 per text message, while Globe and TM prepaid users are usually charged P15 for every text message sent to other countries.

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A Leap of Faith for the ReVOTElution

OFW Files Consulate-notarized Certificate of Candidacy for Sorsogon Governor by Mail


Dear Fellow Rizalists, Knights and Ladies of Rizal and Friends:

My supporters and I decided to do something concrete about the sad state in our homeland. Almost all Overseas Filipinos decry the massive corruption and other social cancers in the Philippines but actually very few of us do nothing, aside from helping our own kin and some close friends. We decided to concentrate on changing just one poor small province and offer the Sorsoganon voters an opportunity to take a leap of faith on the capability, energy and resources of the Overseas-Filipino communities as their partners for progress.

I wrote an essay in 2003, which has been reprinted in the and I said: “Obviously, the first step is to regain the dignity of the Filipino because one cannot reinvent one’s psyche if he feels ashamed of the home country and has no faith in her people and its leaders. Remember the adage that says, ‘He who loses money, loses much; he who loses a friend, loses much more; but he who loses faith, loses all’.” ***

Yes, the Overseas Filipinos, especially my fellow Overseas-Filipino workers, must start to rekindle that faith on the God-given capability of our people to overcome adversity, combat the social cancers and protect the environment.

We will also begin in Sorsogon Province the “Dapitanization” of Philippine towns, as will be emulated from the examples done by Dr. Jose P. Rizal during his exile in Dapitan.

Please join us in doing a peaceful revolution through the exercise of suffrage in Sorsogon. We call this the “ReVOTElution.” To know more about it, please go to the where you can send also financial assistance to our social experiment via the Paypal.

Per the opinion of our legal advisers, all contributions shall be considered as loans to the undersigned candidate, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes. After we get a definite ruling from the Philippine Commission on Elections, then we will advise further the contributors their options on repayment methods and/or conversion of their assistance to valid contributions for worthy causes.

Please stay tuned, as we will run descriptions of the particular projects that we will implement in the Province of Sorsogon as part of the ReVOTElution’s socioeconomic platform and program of provincial government. All of these postings will be part of a book series called “ReVOTElution of Hope,” which will document for the next 11 years the results of this great social experiment for the Philippines, beginning in the Province of Sorsogon. The ReVOTElution can end up being the greatest story ever told in the history of Philippine suffrage and socioeconomic development.

Salamatonon, as we say “Thank you very much” in Sorsogonon dialect, for your cooperation, moral and financial support and for your prayers for the ReVOTElution,


Lolo Bobby M. Reyes

Prime Mover of the ReVOTElution in Sorsogon

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Showcase ng kulturang Pinoy sa Bahrain

Ibibida ang kulturang Pinoy bilang bahagi ng pagdiriwang ng ika-30 anibersaryo ng Filipino Club sa Bahrain ngayon (Disyembre 4).

Magsisimula ang pagdiriwang dakong alas-tres ng hapon hanggang alas-otso ng gabi sa Andalus Garden, Manama.

Itatampok sa okasyon ang iba’t ibang regional festivals ng Pilipinas at ibibida rin ang sining, pagkain at mga musikang pagtatanghal ng mga Pinoy.

Mamimigay din sa raffle ng bagong Mazda 3 at iba’t ibang electronic items bilang papremyo.

Ayon sa Filipino Club president na si Willy Carpio, ang okasyon ay may temang ‘Building Community, Celebrating Diversity, Forging Solidarity.’

“The project is a seven-year undertaking that envisions building a clubhouse for the Filipino community. It will provide facilities for sports, social, educational and recreational activities for Filipinos, Bahrainis and other expat communities,” pahayag ni Carpio.

By: Aries Cano

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1,205 OFWs in Mideast take special licensure exam

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia – A total of 1,205 Filipino workers in the Middle East have taken part in the first special licensure examinations given by the Philippine government on a bigger scale for engineers, architects, accountants and master electricians.

Two teams of examiners from the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) administered the exams simultaneously in Jeddah and Alkhobar in Saudi Arabia last Nov. 27 to 29, said Romulo Bani, chairman of the Western Region chapter of the Philippine Professional
Organization (PPO).

Of 135 examinees in Jeddah, 22 took the test for mechanical engineers, 33 for civil engineers, 20 for electrical engineers, 32 for architects, 15 for accountants, and 13 for master electricians, Bani said.

He said 270 OFWs participated in the Alkhobar exams, but no details were available.

From Saudi Arabia, the examiners proceeded to Doha in Qatar and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, where a total of 800 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) took the test scheduled on Dec. 2 to 4.

Bani said around 350 OFWs in Qatar and 450 more in the UAE took the test.

Exams have been held intermittenly for overseas Filipinos, starting in 1995 when then President Fidel V. Ramos directed the PRC to gave licensure exams for hundreds of teachers working as maids in Hong Kong.

This year, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ordered the PRC to make it a regular program in countries with big OFW populations.

Of an estimated 6.5 million Filipinos contractual workers abroad, thousands are degree holders who have not had the chance to take the licensure examinations in the Philippines in their rush to seek employment overseas.

During the registration period at the Sofitel Hotel on Palestine Road in Jeddah last week, PRC officials explained that the special examinations would be given yearly provided that the minimum number of examinees would be met.

The examiners were headed by PRC lawyer Diosdado Anselmo Q. Lalusis. Its members include Apollo S. Enriquez from the Board of Examiners for Civil Engineers; Angeline Chua Chiaco from the Board of Examiners for Architects; and PRC special collecting and disbursing officer Mirriam S. Dela Cruz.

Anselmo said the PPO chapter in the Western Region is planning to include teachers and unlicensed nursing in future exams.

Bani’s group comprises the Western Region chapters of the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) headed by Julius Caringal, the Institute of Overseas Filipino Architects (IOFA) headed by Jose Genonangan Jr., the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers (IIEE) headed by Elizer Repollo, the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) headed by Joey Villanueva, and the Association of Filipino Civil Engineers (AFCE -KSA).

Genongan said President Arroyo’s order was crucial because the PRC’s expenses for the exams are now included in its yearly budget. In the past, the professional organizations have to solicit financial assistance from the Philippine Congress to cover the expenses.

The exams are conducted in cooperation with the Philippine embassies and consulates. – KBK, GMANews.TV
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OFW remittances seen to hit single-digit expansion in 2010–Neda

OFW remittances seen to hit single-digit expansion in 2010–Neda
Business Mirror
Neda Acting Director General Augusto Santos said overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Dubai will not be significantly affected and, even if they are affected
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