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2 soldiers killed in NPA attack in Sorsogon

2 soldiers killed in NPA attack in Sorsogon INQUIRERnet Philippine
NAGA CITYTwo soldiers including an Army officer were killed in an attack staged by the New People’s ArmyNPA in Barangayvillage Tigkiw in Gubat Sorsogon

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DepEd Bicol holds 2nd regional leadership training

By: BA Recebido

Sorsogon City (14 December) — The Department of Education (DepED) division office here has successfully conducted on December 2-4 the 2nd Regional Training for Student Government Officers (SGO) highlighting disaster preparedness and management and emergency response for SGOs in Bicol region.

Divina Diaz of DepEd Sorsogon City, regional training coordinator, said that the three-day training held was in line P.D. 1566 which provides for the capability enhancement and establishment of a community disaster preparedness plan, and in addition to the organization of a division/school-based emergency response team where students can be active members.”

At least 400 participants, composed of student leaders and teacher-advisers from the secondary schools division of the six provinces of Bicol region, attended the affair.

During the plenary session on the first day, PIA Information Center Manager Irma Guhit presented the state of Bicol environment while Sorsogon City Fire Marshal Chief Inspector Renato B. Marcial refreshed the participants on Basic Safety Fire Tips.

The succeeding days were highlighted by massive trainings on Basic First Aid, Basic Mountaineering Skills, Team Building and Water Safety Survival Skills spearheaded by the City Division School Nurse in partnership with the City Disaster Coordinating Council and the Composite Response and Rescue Team (CCRT), a private local organization here.

“We enjoyed the training because it has increased our awareness on common emergencies and equipped us with the latest skills and strategies towards emergency care,” said most of the participants.

The students also added that the demonstration on proper handling of emergency cases provided to them were both fun and worth learning.

Diaz said that soon after the training they will organize and mobilize division/school-based volunteers and response teams that would assist in the disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and rehabilitation. Eventually, this will become the disaster coordinating council auxiliary of their respective divisions.

Diaz also averred that Sorsogon City is playing host to this year’s training since the current Regional Supreme Student Government Federation President, Sailyn Guarin, is from Sorsogon National High School.

“Hosting the regional training, at the same time, would give the city and the province as well, a better opportunity to showcase and promote its tourism products and services,” she added.

The first regional training for SGOs was conducted last year in the town of Guinobatan in Albay province. (PIA Sorsogon) [top]

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BFP enjoins student leaders to support fire safety programs

BFP enjoins student leaders to support fire safety programs
Philippine Information Agency – Philippines
by LG Funtanares Sorsogon City (14 December) — In their effort to strengthen their fire safety advocacy to the community, the Bureau of Fire Protection

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Watchdogs Warn Central Bankers Against Guam Remittance Scheme


Watchdogs Warn Central Bankers Against Guam Remittance Scheme
Guam News Factor – Guam,USA
issuances by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), but noted that the POEA had yet to approve any new job orders for Guam.

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POEA-Advice for vacationing OFWs

Advice for vacationing OFWs – Philippines
Or, you may apply for your OEC at the POEA main or regional offices early The POEA noted that the number of OEC applicants double during this season.

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Facebook accounts hacked

By: Channel NewsAsia – Saturday, December 12


SINGAPORE: Right before her eyes, Julie Chiang watched the computer screen as someone used her Facebook account — pretending to be her, asking her friend for money and claiming she had been mugged in London.

“It was surreal to watch the conversation happen right in front of me,” said Ms Chiang, who had been woken up in Singapore by her friend’s phone call on Friday morning.

“He told me he was on Facebook now, talking to ’me’, and I was saying I needed money to go home.”

The hacker even used Ms Chiang’s husband’s name, which could be found on her Facebook profile, in the conversation.

Even as the unfolding scam began to dawn on her, a second friend living in New Zealand messaged her to say she was having the same conversation.

Reports of such incidents — known as a 419 scam — though few, are on the rise among Facebook users.

Fraudulent individuals collect log—in information through phishing sites and access Facebook accounts to send inbox or chat messages or to update the person’s profile. And they claim to be stranded in a foreign country and ask friends to send money, usually through a money transfer service.

“While the total number of people who have been impacted is small, we take any threat to security seriously and are redoubling our efforts to combat the scam,” said Facebook in a blog post in September.

The scam had previously been perpetrated through emails.

But more cyber criminals are leveraging on social engineering as a means of deceiving users, said systems engineering manager Ronnie Ng from Symantec Singapore.

“Social engineering takes advantage of our natural tendency to trust one another, rather than relying solely on technological means to steal information,” he said.

Indeed, Ms Leong Su—Lin, who was chatting with “Julie” yesterday morning, said the scam seemed believable because it was a “live” conversation.

“Someone was actually responding to the questions I was asking; it wasn’t an automated thing, which is why I went along with it,” Ms Leong, 32, told MediaCorp from New Zealand.

“They were also hitting on a ’soft spot’ by saying she was hurt. I was very concerned, so although she sounded a bit strange, I thought maybe it’s because she was still traumatised.”

But something felt amiss. “I thought it was strange she was on Facebook and not at the police station or at an embassy,” she said.

Mr Ng said people need to be more aware of where they post personal information and who they allow on their social networks. In addition, online users should be careful of clicking on links from unknown senders and use up—to—date security software, he advised.

“They should also be on their guard if they receive suspicious messages from friends, such as requests for money,” he said. “Users should always double—check with their friend. When in doubt, do a search on the Internet to see if it’s a known scam.”

Thankfully for Ms Chiang’s friends, they did just that, and she has since reported the incident to Facebook. “I’ve not heard of this happening, so it’ll be good for more people to know about it,” she said.

The online conversation

(5:17:46 PM) Julie Chiang: Terence and I are stuck in London at the moment

(5:17:55 PM) Derrick Lim: are u there for a holiday?

(5:18:16 PM) Julie Chiang: Vacation

(5:18:27 PM) Julie Chiang: Got mugged at gun point last night …

(5:19:00 PM) Julie Chiang: All cash,credit card and cell were stolen off me

(5:19:11 PM) Julie Chiang: I also got injured

(5:19:19 PM) Derrick Lim: oh no ….

(5:19:45 PM) Derrick Lim: what injury?

(5:20:01 PM) Julie Chiang: Little bruises all over my neck

(5:21:45 PM) Julie Chiang: I need your help to get back home?

(5:21:57 PM) Derrick Lim: my help? ….

(5:22:38 PM) Julie Chiang: Our flight leaves in less than 3hrs from now and we’re having problem settling hotel bills

(5:23:02 PM) Julie Chiang: I need you to loan me few bucks to settle the bills and get a cab to he Airport

(5:23:59 PM) Derrick Lim: ok

(5:24:42 PM) Julie Chiang: You can have it wired to my name and Location through western union ….

(5:27:27 PM) Derrick Lim: can u email me the details?

(5:27:45 PM) Julie Chiang: sure

(5:27:52 PM) Julie Chiang: Name Julie Chiang

(5:28:19 PM) Julie Chiang: Location — London, United Kingdom

(5:28:28 PM) Julie Chiang: You can try it online right now

(5:30:18 PM) Julie Chiang: Visit

(5:30:58 PM) Derrick Lim: ok

(5:31:18 PM) Julie Chiang: You will have to do it with your credit card

(5:31:22 PM) Derrick Lim: yes

— TODAY/so

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