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OFWs in Marianas seek approval for US citizenship

From: RJAB Jr./ GMANews.TV

SAIPAN, CNMI – Overseas Filipino workers and their families led Sunday’s motorcade and assembly in the US Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), to ask the US Congress to quickly approve a recommendation to grant long-term immigration status to foreign workers who have been legally staying in the CNMI for at least five years.

The Obama White House, through the US Department of the Interior, recommended conferring US citizenship or permanent residency leading to US citizenship, along with three other options, to foreign workers who have been legally in the CNMI for at least five years.

The CNMI is a US territory in the Western Pacific some three hours away from Manila.

It is home to some 20,000 OFWs and their relatives. The OFWs here work in almost every profession in the private sector as nurses, engineers, architects, teachers, journalists, accountants, clerks, house maids, hotel employees, waiters, and farmers.

There are more than 15,816 foreign workers, mostly OFWs, who have been in the CNMI for five years or more, and another 2,221 who have been here for three to five years.

OFWs at the motorcade and assembly called on the US Congress to act immediately on the Interior recommendation, saying they would like to be given permanent residency or US citizenship, and remain in the CNMI.

But CNMI Governor Benigno R. Fitial, who is on his way to Washington, DC, said he would ask the US Congress not to act on the Interior recommendation until his government is consulted, especially on the proposed improved status of foreign workers.

US Public Law 110-229, the same law that placed CNMI immigration under US control on Nov. 28, 2009, required Interior to come up with a recommendation on the status of long-term workers in the CNMI.

Allan Miones, 47, has been an OFW in the CNMI capital of Saipan for 19 years and now has three children, two of them US citizens. He was one of the thousands of foreign workers who took part in Sunday’s motorcade and assembly.

“My family will be able to stay together if I get improved status. I won’t be sent home and separated from my children if I get permanent residency or become a US citizen,” Miones told GMANews.TV in an interview Sunday.

Should Miones, who hails from Ozamis City in Mindanao, lose his legal immigration status in the CNMI by 2014 or earlier, he would be forced to exit the CNMI.

He could either bring with him his two US citizen children — Kaile Christine, 9, and Alani Rue, 5 — or leave them in the CNMI which is their only known home.

Nenita Orosco, 45, from Capiz in Western Visayas, said she does not want to be separated from her two US citizen children if she loses her job and is forced to exit the CNMI. She said she also does not want to uproot the children from the CNMI where they are studying.

Supporters of foreign workers in the CNMI have been saying that foreign workers who spent five years, even decades of their lives helping build the CNMI economy deserve an immigration status not tied to a yearly contract.

Dr. Gene Sylvester Eagle-Oden, one of the speakers at the assembly, said long-term foreign workers are asking for a “right,” not a privilege.

At the assembly, event organizers distributed copies of statements from Bandila and US-based Filipino-American community leader and lawyer Rodel Rodis, expressing support for the CNMI nonresident workers’ quest for green card or US citizenship.

Those who organized the motorcade and assembly estimated the crowd at 2,000 and 5,000, most of them OFWs. They also estimated 300 to 700 vehicles.

Of the 29,700 work and entry permits that the CNMI issued in 2008 to foreign workers, 18,500 went to OFWs. – RJAB Jr., GMANews.TV

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 Ni: Rex Bien Bolima / DZMS
17 May 2010, sinaksak kan aki an saiyang sadiri mismong ama matapos na magkapikunan kan nakalihis na aldaw/ sa impormason na narecibe kan dzms news, pinagbubulong ngonian sa ospital an biktimang si wilfredo dog nasa tamang edad asin residente kan brgy san isidro west district matapos na saksakon kan saiyang aking si sandy/ sa inisyal na imbestigasyon kan mga awtoridad naglolowas na nagkaigwa nin mainitan na komprontasyon an dowa sa tahaw kan saindang paghahampangan sa paginom nin bugsok na likido sa laog mismo kan saindang harong/ sa ngonian padagos na pinaglalapag an suspetsado na tulos man na duminolag makalihis an siring na krimen/

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Ni: Rex Bien Bolima / DZMS
Mon 17, May 2010, Padagos na pinagbubulong ngonian sa ospital an sarong 27 anyos na lalaki matapos na badilon ini kan saiyang kabarangay sa municipio kan gubat kasuudma/ sa report na ipinalowas kan kampo Escudero, personal na nagreklamo si bentuco brgy chairman Rogelio Sarmiento nin shooting incident sa saindang lugar/ an biktima pinagbistong si Noel Nacion na pinagtatawanan sa ngonian nin atensyon medikal sa SPH mantamg an suspetsado pinagbistong si Jason Luna nasa tamang edad asin residente man kan nasabing lugar/ sa ngonian padagis an ginigibong imbestigasyon kan mga awtoridad dapit sa siring na bagay/

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2010 Census of Population and Housing KAN NSO MAARANGKADA NGONIAN

Ni: Rex Bien Bolima / DZMS

Mon 17, May 2010,maabot sa 84mil na personnel an nakatalaan na magsabak sa ngonian na aldaw para sa 2010 Census of Population and Housing kan National Statistics Office (NSO)./ ini dahilan sa pormal na pagarangkada kan siring na aktibidad sa ngonian na aldaw kun saen ini kumpuesto nin 67,000 na enumerators; 13,500 team supervisors asin 3,500 census area supervisors./ sosog sa NSO katuyuhan kaini na masiguro na kumpleto asin tama an mga itataong impormasyon/ nakatalaan man na magkua an mga ini nin demographic information manonongod sa social asin economic characteristics kan mga Pilipino.

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Ni: Rex Bien Bolima / DZMS

May 17, 2010, Padagos na nagapelar an Bureau of fire protection sorsogon sa mga namamanwaan na maging responsable asin iwasan an pagiging pabaya tanganing makalikay sa peligrong dara kan kasulo/ ini makalihis na makapagrehistro an city fire station nin 4 na insidente nin kasulo kan nakaliahis na weekend/ sinabi ni city fire marshall Renato Marshall enot na naerehistro an makatorotresteng kasulo sa brgy kan piot na nagresulta sa pagkakagadan kan 82-anyos na lolo matapos na matotong nin buhay sa laog kan nasusulong harong/ ini pinagsundan nin saro pang insidente sa brgy kan pangpang kan nakalihis na biernes dahilan sa sinasabing nawalat na uring/ sinabi pa ni marcial pinakahuring insidente nangyari kasubanggi matapos na magleak an LPG sa sarong harong sa isla de higante mantang kinakan man nin kamayo an harong kan sarong narilou hapon kan panlayaan west district sa ciudad nin sorsogon.

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Sorsogon 2010 election winners proclaimed

BA Recebido (PIA)
Following the rush last week due to the Philippines’ first ever national and local automated polls and the proclamation of winning candidates, local government units (LGUs) across the province are back to business as usual.
“We thank those who pushed the country’s automated election, the counting and canvassing done manually in the past stretching the proclamation process for week were now reduced to 24 to 48-hr period,” the Boards of Election Inspectors and Canvassers here stated.
It can be noted that the Provincial Comelec here on Wednesday afternoon (May 12), proclaimed Raul Lee (Lakas-Kampi-CMD), ex-governor and husband of incumbent governor, as the winning governor garnering a landslide victory of 160,251 votes as against Jose Solis (Kampi) who only got 60,830 votes.
Former Vice-Governor Antonio “Kruni” Escudero (Independent) succeeded his comeback bid as vice-governor by winning 115,946 votes as against his four opponents.
For the 1st district congressional seat, Jose Edwin Hamor (NP) who got 63,287 votes loses to incumbent Congressman Salvador Escudero III (NPC) who got 89,512 votes.
Incumbent Gubat Mayor Deogracias Ramos, Jr. (LP) topped the congressional seat in the second district edging a slim margin against Ricardo Golpeo (NPC), his closest opponent.
The province of Sorsogon has 397,419 total registered voters in 692 clustered precincts. Of the total number of registered voters, 323,191 have actually voted.
Meanwhile, Irosin town was the first to proclaim their winning candidates on May 11, 7:36 A.M., while Donsol town was the last to proclaim on the afternoon of May 12.
In Sorsogon City, Leovic Dioneda (LP) holds on to his post as the city mayor by winning a gap of 11,037 votes against his lone opponent, incumbent City Vice-Mayor Edmundo Atutubo (Kampi).
Robert Rodrigueza (Lakas-Kampi-CMD), son of incumbent governor Sally Lee and governor-elect Raul Lee won a big margin as Sorsogon City vice-mayor against his lone opponent incumbent city councilor Roel Sta. Ana.
The following municipal mayors were also proclaimed winners in their respective towns, Barcelona – current provincial administrator Atty. Manuel Fortes, Jr. (LP); Bulan – incumbent Mayor Helen Rose de Castro (Lakas-Kampi-CMD; Bulusan – Michael Guysayko (NP), son of incumbent Bulusan Mayor and League of Municipalities Sorsogon chapter president Juan Guysayko who did not make it in the second district congressional race; Castilla – incumbent Mayor Olive Bermillo (LP); Casiguran – incumbent Mayor Ester Hamor (NP); Donsol – incumbent Mayor Jerome Alcantara (LP); Gubat – 29 yr-old Ronnel Lim (NP); Irosin – Eduardo Ong (PDP-Laban); Juban – Jimmy Fragata (Lakas-Kampi-CMD) and husband of three-termer and incumbent Mayor Tess Fragata; Magallanes – former mayor of the same town Roque Carranza (Lakas-Kampi-CMD); Matnog – former Matnog mayor Emilio Ubaldo (Kampi); Pilar – incumbent Mayor Dennis Sy-Reyes (NPC); and, Prieto Diaz -incumbent Provincial Board Member Jocelyn Lelis (Lakas-Kampi-CMD).
Meanwhile, both the defeated and proclaimed winners vowed to set aside politics after the election and start to work on genuine public service to help make Sorsogon move forward.
Sorsoganons, meanwhile, anticipate that the newly elected leaders will vouch to what they have promised.

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Sorsogon teachers transform conflict affected-area into zone of peace

By Ben Cal/

CASTILLA, SORSOGON, May 16 — The government’s peace education program has paid-off, especially to school children in this conflict-affected area where teachers inculcate the value of peace to ensure a brighter future for their young pupils as law-abiding citizens.

The San Isidro Elementary School here has been selected as one of the pilot areas in the country, where peace education is taught –an initiative of the Bicol Consortium on Peace Education and Development (BCPED), in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) in Region V.

The project is fully supported by the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) and funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), through its Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Programme. Technical expertise is provided by the United Nations Act for Peace Program.

The program is to train teachers and administrators on how to mainstream peace perspectives into the basic education curriculum as well as into school policies, processes and relationships to make them conflict-sensitive and peace promoting.

Teachers are trained how to reach out to the families of the students and other members of the community for a holistic approach to build a culture of peace.

Emma J. Sario, a grade one teacher, upon returning from a training seminar, set up a corner in her classroom where she posted several ways on how to transform the classroom into a place of peace.

A co-teacher Sandra Aninipot encouraged her 55 students to come up with their own guidelines, many of which focused on respecting, helping and showing compassion towards their fellow students.

Aninipot has also adapted peaceful approaches in dealing with trying circumstances at home.

Barely five months after the implementation of the project, the teachers noticed remarkable changes in the behavior of their pupils, who now refrain from saying bad and hurting words to fellow students.

They also keep their composure and avoided retaliating when provoked by their classmates.

The phrase “Peace be with you” has become the popular saying heard around the campus.

School principal Teddy Jañola cited the importance of training the pupils on the importance of a lasting peace.

Aside from mainstreaming peace perspectives into the school program, Jañola and his teachers have spread the peace virus outside the school premises.

Jañola said a progress report has been submitted to the municipal and provincial officials about the project.

The school is actively working with the parents’ association to be able to reach out to the community more effectively.

Through peace education, the young students will be trained as peace advocates, he said.

With the success of the peace education program, teachers at the San Isidro Elementary School have felt a sense of personal triumph in helping the transformation of their students into peace- loving individuals.

Relationships among fellow teachers and students also have vastly improved.

For teacher Armie G. Buban, the whole experience reminded her of her commitment to become a peace advocate.

She said that being trained under this project has steadily helped her to keep her composure, especially in dealing with hard-headed students.

The school has already received commendations for the early success of the project resulting in the additional support being granted by the Department of Education and the expansion of the project to more schools in the Bicol region. (PNA) RMA/RBC/rsm

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US visa application goes paperless starting May 24

from: GMANews.TV

Starting May 24, the United States Embassy in Manila will shift to an environment-friendly way of handling non-immigrant visa applications using an electronic online form.

The Embassy said the online form, known as DS-160, replaces three paper forms to make the completion of applications easier and faster.

“With demand for US visas continuing to increase worldwide, the US State Department is committed to using new technologies to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the visa application process. The web-based nonimmigrant visa application uses new technologies and replaces existing forms to better serve our visa applicants,” it said.

“The new form has two key changes. The DS-160 form is submitted electronically, through the Internet, replacing paper forms. Also, the on-line form requires applicants to upload a digital photograph from the computers they use to complete the application,” it added.

It added the new form is a “greener,” user-friendly application.

Applicants may save the data in the form to complete an application later, and saved data may be reused for future applications.

“The form reduces use of paper, making it a greener method to apply for a US visa,” it said.

It added the rest of the application process remains the same.

On the other hand, it said visa applicants, after completing the on-line application, must schedule an interview appointment, either on-line at this link, or by calling 1-909-101-7878.

Applicants must then pay the visa fee at an approved fee collection point. The final step is the appointment at the Embassy.

If using the form for the first time, applicants should read a step-by-step instructional guide, which may be found at US Embassy in Manila online site. — LBG, GMANews.TV

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