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2010 Best Invention of the Year

1. nPower Personal Energy Generator

The PEG harvests one of the biggest energy hogs on earthyou. Place the little device into your bag or briefcase, plug in your cell phone, GPS, or iPod, and let your kinetic energy power up your gadgets while you walk. You can get an 80% charge in one hour through your own energy alone. Green and brilliant.


2. Flying Car: Terrafugia

Even though were well into the 2000s, nobody has come up with a Jetsons-style flying car. Until now. The Terrafugia Transition is more of a driving plane than a flying car, but its a promising first step. The worlds first street legal plane hits runways and highways in 2010.


3. Sony 3D-360 Hologram

No glasses needed! Just turn on your tabletop unit and enjoy a 360-degree view of images and possibly video through this stereoscopic display. Sony isnt yet sure what to use it for, but ads, video games, and medical visualizations are just a few ideas.


4. Xeros Waterless Washing Machine

The waterless washing machine isnt as sexy as some of the other gadgets arriving in 2010, but its conservation qualities should be applauded. It uses nylon beads and a spin cycle to clean your clothes, saving water while potentially reducing the need for dryers.


5. Recompute: The Cardboard Computer

Cardboard is the new black. Legions of product made primarily of corrugated cardboard are hitting the market. This little beauty will benefit anyone who has ever broken that little sticker while changing out a sound card or adding memory to a CPU.


6. Powermat Wireless Battery Charger

If youre tired of carrying around one charger per electronic toy, youre in luck. The Powermat lets you charge your iPhone, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, and most other gadgets on the same mat. One mat, one plug.

7. Samsung Water-Powered Battery

Sure, one mat, one plug is cool. But what if you didnt have to plug in at all? Samsung is speeding past the AC plug, around the solar charger, and directly into the water faucet. Its new micro-fuel cell and genereator rpowers your cell phone through water alone. Jurys still out on whether it will work long-term.


8. Camaro: Tranformers Edition

Love muscle cars? Have you seen Transformers more times than all your nieces and nephews?
Then this head-turner is for you. Note that the car does not actually transform, nor does it come with any multi-weaponry.


9. Apple Tablet

It has always been tough to determine what Apple will put out in the next year. But this time, the anecdotal evidence seems to add up. Its safe to say you will see a touchscreen-based tablet Apple product that will both fight with Kindle for books and netbook manufacturers for small computing.


10. The Honda Bicycle Simulator

As part of a universal quest to replicate outdoor activities without actually going outside, Honda has unveiled a new kind of bicycle. It doesnt actually go anywhere, but it does simulate real-life situations riders may face on the way to work or the store. Think of it as defensive driving for bicyclists.


11. Panasonic 50-inch 3D 1080p Plasma TV

Have you noticed the slew of new movies coming out in 3D? This new kind of TV could be the reason. Once you spring for specialized glasses, a new Blu-ray player, and a bunch of 3-D DVDs, youll be ready for this TV.


12. Gibbs Quadski

Heres the scene. 007 is in the middle of an ATV chase, 4-wheelers spewing mud all around him as he speeds toward the sea. He looks like hes done for. Then, suddenly, he plows into the ocean and hits a button. The wheels on his ATV fold as he speeds away, spraying water on the bad guys. This ATV/Jetski can be yours next year, in the form of the Quadski. Bad guys not included.


13. Space Elevator

You cant actually buy one of these, but you might be able to help build one and then own it. The Space Elevator, formerly the stuff of science fiction, will become reality in 2010, when building teams will compete for cashand bragging rightsto actually get it done.


14. 2010 Brabus Mercedes-Benz Viano Lounge

Tilt back in your leather lounge chair. Turn on the Sat TV. Load your Nespresso machine with the finest coffee beans in the world, then take a photo of it all with your iPhone. Load the photo and to your Twitpic from the on-board Sony Vaio laptop. Did I mention that you can do all this while cruising down the interstate at 80 mph? Classy.


15. Plasma Scalpel

Touted as a lightsaber for military doctors, the new plasma scalpel works by using ionized gas in a controlled light beam. This simultaneously slices and cauterizes a wound on the battlefield. Coming in 2010 to a war zone near you. Heres to hoping you never see one!


16. Touch Wood

Theres only one thing cooler than corrugated cardboard in technology. Its name is wood. The Japanese are leading a trend called Mori Girl (Forest girl), which aims to limit the use of plastic by using sustainable wood instead.


9. V12 Dual-Touchscreen Notebook

Canova 2.0 is working with an undisclosed US manufacturer to change the screen game. The new dual-LCD screen laptop could take the form of big iPhone-style touchscreens or, if theyre working with a different company (they wont say who it is), simply one of the neatest laptops ever to hit markets.


17. OnLive

OnLive is simple: Play the hottest video games from your TV, PC or Mac over a broadband connection. No console, no discs. Some very smart people are predicting that OnLive might be the console killer. That may be stretching it, but the technology seen at E3 is hard to argue with.


18. MyKey by Ford

Teens have a propensity for unsafe driving. Thats hardly news, but what parents can now do to encourage safe driving is. The MyKey can be set to control the vehicle by limiting speed, chiming when the gas tank is 75 miles from empty, and limiting the cars audio by as much as 44%. Kids will hate it. Thats probably why its such a good thing.


19. Tri-Specs

You have your phone, your iPod, your headphones, and your wi-fi headset, in case you get a call. You have your sunglasses. Youre ready to goor are you? What if you could pull on your shades and have all of the above, in one cool package? Enter Tri-Specs. They come built-in Bluetooth wireless headphones for an MP3 Player or cell phone, retractable earbuds, built-in volume control, and even voice control. For $200, you can be the coolest kid on the block.


20. Microsoft Xbox360 Project Natal

Now that Microsoft did the wireless controller right, theyre throwing it out the virtual Window in favor of Project Natal. Rumored to be coming at one of next years conferences, PN will have no controller or wires connecting you with the screen. Well see if it works.


21. Google Wave

Google has a way of inventing things that people do not know they need until they understand the product. Its latest such creation is Google Wave. Its not email. Its not chat. Rather, a Wave is a document that acts like a conversation, live and changeable on the fly. Rich media drives the experience. But you wont really know how much you need it until Google actually gives it to you.


22. The KS810 Keyboard Scan

This keyboard with a fully-integrated scanner takes product hybridization one step further. The KS810 keyboard contains a full-color, 600dpi scanner that lets you drop scans into most online applications. If keyboard scanning isnt your thing, product creator Lifeworks is also offering a keyboard with a built-in iPod dock.


23. Corrugated Cardboard Laptop Case

If youre sick and tired of those cool-looking black leather laptop cases, rejoice! Giles Miller has designed a customizable cardboard box for that perfectly fits your little Netbook. You can even put your own logo on it. Take that, Targus.


24. Gocycle Electric Bicycle

Coast in electric mode for up to 20 miles in this little sucker, then fold it up and take it with you. Of course, you might want to pedal every now and then, just to make it look like youre making an effort.



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National Migrants’ Day

In recognition of the great contributions of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to nation-building, National Migrants Day is celebrated on June 7 each year.

The theme for the 15th National Migrants Day, “Migranteng Pinoy: Tagumpay sa Hamon ng Panahon, Kaagapay sa Pagsulong (Filipino Migrants: Success over the Challenge of Time, Partner in Progress)” highlights the resolve of the OFWs not only to make their and their families’ life more productive, but also to make worthwhile contributions in development, including raising money for medical equipment to funding capacity-building and microfinance for farmers.

The number of OFWs is not just rising in numbers but also in impact on the economy of the country. OFWs leave their homes in search of better-paying jobs abroad and contribute in keeping the economy afloat through their remittances to their families.

But working abroad and away from one’s family is a sacrifice. Behind the rosy picture of Filipino families living in financial stability with one or two members holding good-paying jobs abroad, leaving home exposes the OFW to bouts of loneliness, discrimination, and in the course of their employment, they are subjected to contract violations, abuse, and exploitation.

Despite the negative aspects of being an OFW, thousands of Filipinos leave for employment abroad each day. Truly they are our modern-day heroes who have helped our country achieve economic progress in the face of international fiscal turmoil.

Philippine expertise in labor working abroad is the country’s niche in the globalized world and should be given full support as part of the country’s national development agenda.


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Study on Cell Phone Link to Cancer Inconclusive

As mobile phones began to increase in popularity, concerns arose that long-term cell phone could cause brain tumors. But a major, decade-long international study which researchers hoped would settle the issue has instead proved inconclusive.

According to The Associated Press, a 10-year survey of almost 13,000 participants found most cell phone use did not increase users’ risk of developing meningioma, a common and frequently benign tumor, or glioma, a rarer but deadlier form of cancer.

The study, conducted by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, found that there were “suggestions” that using cell phones for more than 30 minutes each day could increase the risk of glioma, the APreported. But the authors added that “biases and error prevent a causal interpretation” that would directly blame cell phone radiation for the tumor.

Cell phones carry radio waves that are similar to those of microwave ovens, but there is no support for the claim that these waves have negative effects on the body.

Researchers also admitted that cell phone use has greatly increased in the decade since the study began, possibly skewing the numbers.

“The users in the study were light users compared to today,” Professor Elisabeth Cardis of the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer told

Critics of the study also argue that its creators ignored several important factors, including the slow growth rate of brain tumors, which could take up to 25 years to form.

Creators of the study plan to release a comprehensive overview of available research within two years. Researchers are also looking to see if cell phones increase the development of cancerous tumors in the ear’s acoustic nerve. Another study will also examine cell phone’s affects on children, who many believe are more susceptible to radiation.

“Until stronger conclusions can be drawn one way or another it may be reasonable to reduce one’s exposure,” Cardis told “One way to do this would be to make calls using a hands-free device.”

By AFRO Staff


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PhilHealth opens office in Riyadh


RIYADH: Philippine Health Insurance Corporation President and CEO Rey B. Aquino and representatives from Enjaz and Development Bank of Philippines (DBP) signed Friday night a manifesto during the launching of the first PhilHealth office in the Middle East at the Riyadh Palace Hotel.

Amanat Ali, Enjaz correspondent banks’ manager, represented Sami Al-Rajhi, head of Enjaz Network Group, while Abdullah “Johnny” P. Gacuan represented DBP.

“The manifesto is in support of PhilHealth’s campaign to serve Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the Kingdom by looking after their health insurance needs as well as those of their beneficiaries,” Aquino said.

PhilHealth’s OFW members will exclusively remit their memberships dues to the Philippines through DBP-Enjaz. PhilHealth is the government corporation administering the national health program of the Philippines. Addressing the crowd during the event, Aquino said that recent reports showed that Saudi Arabia again topped the list of land-based OFW destinations, and the increase in the number of deployments in this country went up by 11.7 percent in 2009 compared to 2008.

“Almost a million OFWs were deployed in Saudi Arabia last year in the skilled category. With this trend in OFW deployment, it is imperative that we educate our OFWs about their health insurance benefits so that they will have peace of mind while they toil in this oil-rich Middle Eastern country,” Aquino said.

Aquino added that PhilHealth can assist on questions regarding membership amendments and  member data records.

He also said that PhilHealth  can also accept claims and will distribute fliers to drum up interest among OFWs in the Kingdom and neighboring countries regarding their health insurance needs.

“Eventually, our desk will receive premium payment amounting to SR81 per year. Note that OFW members are paying less compared to what other members in the other paying categories remit,” he said.

“We recognize the fact that OFW remittances made through banks for the first quarter of this year reached $4.3 billion, a major bulk of which came from the Middle East. This implies that there’s a strong demand for Filipino skills in almost every major industry in the Middle East and this demand translates to better opportunities for our skilled workers and to our economy as well.”

He thanked Ambassador Antonio P. Villamor, outgoing Labor Attache Rustico dela Fuente (to be cross-posted to Brussels, Belgium) and incoming Labor Attache Albert Valenciano for their help in the launching of PhilHealth’s office in Riyadh.

Earlier, PhilHealth offices were also established in Hong Kong and Macau. Another office will also be set up in Singapore soon.

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One-woman play ‘Miracle in Rwanda’ to open in Manila

By Josephine Darang
Philippine Daily Inquirer

THE LAST time I was in New York, in September 2008, my friend Loida Nicolas Lewis was proudly telling me that her daughter Leslie Lewis Sword was doing a one-woman play based on the book written by Immaculee Ilibagiza, a woman who survived the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, where almost a million Tutsis were massacred by members of the rival Hutu tribe.

“Miracle in Rwanda” will finally be shown in the Philippines in July 2010 at the Insular Auditorium in Makati, after its world premiere at the Theatre Zone in Naples, Florida, then at the New York Soho and other cities in the United States and other continents. Produced by the Lewis College in Sorsogon, the evening performance on July 16 has been bought by the Cofradia de la Inmaculada Concepcion Foundation through vice chair Danny Dolor. Executive producer is Roger Chua.

For tickets, please text Liza (secretary of Loida Lewis) at 0919-4103770.

Leslie Sword, a graduate of Harvard and UCLA Schools of Theater, Film and Television, plays the role of Immaculee and delineates the roles of six other characters. The award-winning actress is the daughter of Fil-Am philanthropist and civic leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis and the late lawyer Reginald Lewis. Leslie crafted the play with co-creator Edward Vilga after Leslie traveled to Rwanda with Immaculee.

Immaculee’s family was brutally murdered during the three-month slaughter that began in April 1994. For 91 days, she and six other women huddled silently cramped together in an undiscovered extra bathroom in a local pastor’s home. Loida told me the women constantly prayed the Rosary while they were there. The “miracle” was that the women were able to survive, and that, for Immaculee’s part, she was able to forgive the murderers.

Teaching catechism

For the past 30 years, the Catholic Women’s League of Silay, Negros Occidental, has been teaching catechism to public school students. In 1981, the San Diego Parish catechetical committee invited pianists Della Gamboa Besa and Annie de Guzman for a fundraising concert called “Tribute Musical,” in honor of the late Perla Velez Gamban. It was Gamban who raised funds to support and maintain the tremendous undertaking of bringing God to public-school children.

The program is presently under the auspices of the Catholic Women’s League of Silay. Della and Annie were asked again to perform in a “Homecoming Love Offering” on February 13 at the Jose Locsin Civic Center. They performed an all-Filipino repertoire. In charge of the event were CWL president Evalyn Tan and directors Ma. Rosa Gamban and Ruska Gamban.

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Group to Noynoy: Reveal plan to save OFWs

By Dennis Carcamo (

MANILA, Philippines – A Filipino migrant workers’ rights group has called on presidential frontrunner Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to reveal his plans to save Filipino laborers now languishing on death row in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator John Monterona said it would be better for Aquino to divulge his administration’s plans to at least give legal assistance to the more than 20 overseas Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia jails.

Monterona made an appeal after a convicted Sudanese man was beheaded in Assir region, southwestern Saudi Arabia, last June 5 for murder.

“Aquino wouldn’t want to witness an OFW-on-death row execution or beheading under his term; then he must exert all efforts in saving OFWs on death row,” he said.

He said families and relatives of these OFWs have beeen complaining that the Department of Foreign Affairs seldom gives them an update on the condition or the status of the OFWs’ cases.

“Assuming that an OFW on death row has indeed committed the crime, he still deserves to be given legal assistance by hiring a local lawyer for his defense, and this is a basic and inalienable human right – the right to defend ones’ self in court, even in a shariah court,” Monterona said.

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To all of you who feel like giving up

I was actually looking  for inspirational video updates in youtube. But what I found here was a short video clip by a guy named “NICK VUJICIC” . He got no arms & legs  but he  always said  no worries 🙂 . Truly GOD is amazing, He will give us someone like Nick to inspired us. He could transforms weeknesses into strengths, tragedies to blessings and failures to miracles. I guess, its not a coincidence for me coz I’m  having  trouble finding that strength too.

To Nick Vujicic, Thanks a lot for sharing this video to us. You’ re truly an inspiration &  blessings to someone who are suffering from the same!! LONG LIVE!!

Kung natumba, bangon guiraray!! watch it for yourself guys!

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