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Sorsogon City

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Map of Sorsogon showing the location of Sorsogon City.
Region Bicol Region (Region V)
Province Sorsogon
District 1st district of Sorsogon
Barangays 64
Income class 3rd class city; partially urban
Mayor Hon. Leovic Dioneda
Cityhood August 16, 2000
Physical characteristics
Area 338.20 km²
Population Keep growing everyday
Total 151,454
Density 398.22/km²

Sorsogon City is a 3rd class city in Sorsogon, Philippines. The city is located at southernmost tip island of Luzon. This city formed by merging the Bacon and Sorsogon towns. Because of the its position as a trans-shipment point from the Visayas and Mindanao, the city attracted a significant number of transient shoppers and tourist. The City is also nicknamed as “Gateway to Southern Philippines”. Sorsogon City is one of the region’s leading cities in urbanization and also one of the most populous cities of the region as well. 

Commerce,Economy and Banking

Sorsogon City is already considered as one of the most competitive cities around the region. It is considered as the largest city in Bicol Region in terms of their land area. So that, the city comfortable in building establishments like public market, malls, commercial and private offices, and etc. This following establishment builds in a long process that may due to the lack of interest of the owner. But it is opposite. The investors are willing to invest in the city. Example of this was the public market of Sorsogon City, where they have declared as one of the Special Economic Zones in the country, people expect that the Sorsogon is the richest city compared to the other city in the same place.

Sorsogon City is the major economic hub of the province. It host most of the banks around the province like Lanbank of the Philippines, Metrobank, Allied Bank, Equitable PCI Bank, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Development Bank of the Philippines, Philippine National Bank, Camalig Bank, and 2 branches of BDO UniBank.


Sorsogon City was created by virtue of Republic Act 8806 which was enacted on August 16, 2000 and ratified in December 2000.

Prominent politicians of the locality behind its creation were incumbent Sorsogon 1st District Representative Francis Escudero and former Bacon Municipal Mayor Leovic R. Dioneda. Former Bacon Vice-Mayor Aurelio Destacamento, joined by former Sorsogon councilors Antonio C. Detera, Azel Diesta and Telo Mella fought before the two local legislative chambers, for the approval of appropriation ordinances providing budget for the holding of its plebiscite.

Prior to its ratification, a petition to declare RA 8806 null and void was filed by lawyer Atty. Gil Gojol. Because Bacon municipality was enjoined as one of the respondents in said petition, a young practising lawyer from Buenavista, Bacon District, in the name of Atty. Glenn Olbes, defended its constitutionality. The legal battle for its constitutionality was upheld later on by a majority decision of the Sorsoguenos who desire for the development of the newly created local government unit.

Opponents for its ratification were incumbent Governor Raul R. Lee and his wife, Sally A. Lee who became its first contested City Mayor.

According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 151,454 people.


  • Sorsogon State College
  • Bicol Merchant Marine College
  • Computer Communication Development Institute – the pilot college of the Ladderized Education Program in the province of Sorsogon
  • Annunciation College of Sorsogon
  • Our Lady of Penafrancia Major Seminary
  • Saint Louise de Marillac College of Sorsogon (formerly Colegio de la Milagrosa)
  • Saint Peter & Paul Technical Institute
  • Sorsogon College of Criminology,Inc
  • Sorsogon Community College School of Midwifery
  • The Lewis College
  • Aemilianum Institute
  • Sorsogon Chiang Kai Shek School
  • WRI Computer College, Inc.
  • Asian College of Science and Technology (ACSAT)-Sorsogon Campus


Sorsogon City is politically subdivided into 64 barangays.

36 barangays were in the former municipality of Sorsogon:

  • Abuyog
  • Almendras-Cogon (Pob.)
  • Balogo
  • Barayong
  • Basud
  • Bibincahan
  • Bitan-o/Dalipay (Pob.)
  • Bucalbucalan
  • Buenavista
  • Buhatan
  • Bulabog
  • Burabod (Pob.)
  • Cabid-An
  • Cambulaga
  • Capuy
  • Gimaloto
  • Guinlajon
  • Macabog
  • Marinas
  • Pamurayan
  • Pangpang
  • Panlayaan
  • Peñafrancia
  • Piot (Pob.)
  • Polvorista (Pob.)
  • Rizal
  • Salog (Pob.)
  • Salvacion
  • Sampaloc (Pob.)
  • San Isidro
  • San Juan (Roro)
  • Sirangan (Pob.)
  • Sulucan (Pob.)
  • Talisay (Pob.)
  • Ticol
  • Tugos

28 barangays were in the former municipality of Bacon:

  • Balete
  • Bato
  • Bon-Ot
  • Bogña
  • Buenavista
  • Cabarbuhan
  • Caricaran
  • Del Rosario
  • Gatbo
  • Jamislagan
  • Maricrum
  • Osiao
  • Poblacion
  • Rawis
  • Salvacion
  • San Isidro
  • San Juan
  • San Pascual
  • San Ramon
  • San Roque
  • San Vicente
  • Santa Cruz
  • Santa Lucia
  • Santo Domingo
  • Santo Niño
  • Sawanga
  • Sugod
Legislative districts of Sorsogon
The Legislative Districts of Sorsogon, namely the first and second are the representations of the Province of Sorsogon in the Philippine House of Representatives. Sorsogon had been divided into two congressional districts since 1907, which included Masbate until 1922. From 1978 to 1984, it was part of the representation of Region V and from 1984 to 1986, it elected 2 assemblymen at-large.

1st District

2nd District

Period Representative Period Representative
1st Philippine Legislature Vicente De Vera 1st Philippine Legislature Pedro Chavez
1907–1909 1907–1909
2nd Philippine Legislature Leoncio Grajo 2nd Philippine Legislature Jose Zurbito
1909–1912 1909–1912
3rd Philippine Legislature 3rd Philippine Legislature
1912–1916 1912–1916
4th Philippine Legislature Manuel Escudero 4th Philippine Legislature Amancio Aguilar
1916–1919 1916–1919
5th Philippine Legislature Leoncio Grajo 5th Philippine Legislature Pablo de la Rosa
1919–1922 1919–1922
6th Philippine Legislature Antonio Rocha 6th Philippine Legislature Federico D. Jimenez
1922–1925 1922–1925
7th Philippine Legislature Juan Reyes 7th Philippine Legislature Mario Guariña
1925–1928 1925–1928
8th Philippine Legislature Justino Encinas 8th Philippine Legislature Francisco Arellano
1928–1931 1928–1931
9th Philippine Legislature Adolfo Gerona 9th Philippine Legislature Fernando B. Duran
1931–1934 1931–1934
10th Philippine Legislature 10th Philippine Legislature
1934–1935 1934–1935
1st National Assembly Norberto Roque 1st National Assembly Tomas Clemente
1935–1938 1935–1938
2nd National Assembly 2nd National Assembly
1938–1941 1938–1941
3rd National Assembly 3rd National Assembly Teodoro Vera
1941–1946 1941–1946
1st Congress Pacifico F. Lim 1st Congress Tomas Clemente
1946–1949 1946–1949
2nd Congress Modesto Galias 2nd Congress
1949–1953 1949–1953
3rd Congress Salvador Encinas 3rd Congress Vicente Peralta
1953–1957 1953–1957
4th Congress 4th Congress
1957–1961 1957–1961
5th Congress 5th Congress
1961–1965 1961–1965
6th Congress 6th Congress
1965–1969 1965–1969
7th Congress 7th Congress Rafael C. Aquino
1969–1972 1969–1972
8th Congress Salvador H. Escudero III[1] 8th Congress Bonifacio H. Gillego
1987–1992 1987–1992
9th Congress 9th Congress
1992–1995 1992–1995
10th Congress 10th Congress
1995–1998 1995–1998
11th Congress Francis Joseph G. Escudero 11th Congress Rodolfo F. Gonzales
1998–2001 1998–2001
12th Congress 12th Congress Jose G. Solis
2001–2004 2001–2004
13th Congress 13th Congress
2004–2007 2004–2007
14th Congress Salvador H. Escudero III 14th Congress
2007–2010 2007–2010
At-Large (defunct)
Period Assemblyman
National Assembly Manuel Estipona
1943–1944 Rafael Ramos
Regular Batasang Pambansa Salvador H. Escudero III
1984–1986 Augusto G. Ortiz

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