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Sorsogon-Retiree sponsors PDI learning center

By Ephraim Aguilar, Inquirer Southern Luzon
Philippine Daily Inquirer

SORSOGON CITY—In a village named after its natural springs, her generosity gushes forth for poor children thirsty for learning.

Browsing through the pages of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Rosalia Laganzo-Enerio, a recently retired government worker, found a way to help some 300 pupils of cash-strapped Bucalbucalan Elementary School.

She set aside part of her retirement money to sponsor a daily supply of newspapers and to put up an Inquirer Learning Corner (ILC) on the campus west of this city.

Having grown up in the same coastal village, the 66-year-old donor said it had long pained her to see the school still lacking books and updated resource materials, particularly those which could improve the students’ communication skills in English.

“By putting up a learning corner here in Bucalbucalan, the students will be provided with updated news and information. It will develop in them the good habit of reading,” Enerio said during Wednesday’s signing of a memorandum of agreement among her, the school and the Inquirer on Wednesday.

She said the majority of students here grew up without enjoying reading materials at home, items considered a luxury for their parents who eked out a living mostly as fishermen.

Education is close to Enerio’s heart. Before working for the National Manpower and Youth Council in 1975 and the National Housing Authority main office in 1981, she taught at Bucalbucalan Elementary School from 1968 to 1975.

Sensing the deterioration of the country’s educationsystem, Enerio left teaching and found employment elsewhere in the bureaucracy.

The search for better pay also drove her to switch jobs. Public school teachers at the time were paid a measly P212 a month, she recalled.

But even after quitting teaching, Enerio continued to support various projects on education. She volunteered, for example, for the Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines, a group that promotes literacy through the art of storytelling.

Every graduation season, Enerio would also donate medals to different schools in Sorsogon City.

But soon she realized that she had to give something that would leave a lasting impact on the students.

Enerio came across the Inquirer’s Learning section and read about the ILC program, wherein public schools can get free subscriptions to the Inquirer courtesy of reader-sponsors. The newspapers are to be kept in a school corner called “Inqspot” for easy access.

First non-politician donor

The ILC program is aimed at creating a place in public schools where teachers and students can read the paper and discuss the day’s news or issues.

Enerio said she had been an avid reader of the Inquirer since its founding during the martial law years, when the Marcos regime dismissed the fledgling but stinging newspaper as part of the so-called “mosquito press.”

Inquirer senior product manager Roselle Fortes-Leung said Enerio had the distinction of being the first ILC donor who is not a politician.

The ILC in Bucalbucalan is also the first to open in southern Luzon, Leung added.

Three ILCs have been set up earlier in Quezon City and Zambales province, all sponsored by politicians.

In honor of parents

“This is my way of giving back to the community and to this school in honor of my parents,” said Enerio, daughter of Feliza Aquende and Restituto Laganzo.

She said her parents, who were not able to finish their studies because of poverty, always reminded her and her siblings about the value of education, saying it’s the only priceless legacy they could give them.

School principal Antonio Jintalan gratefully acknowledged Enerio’s contribution: “We’re amazed that someone from this village is able to help this school.”

Jintalan said the ILC would go a long way in helping develop the children’s love for reading and their awareness of current events.

Mere P5,500 budget

Jintalan noted that the school, which operates on a measly budget of P5,500 for maintenance and other operational expenses, could only afford to set up a small library with books that were rarely updated.

A pity, Jintalan said, since “80 percent of our learning still comes from reading.”

With about 350 enrollees, the school has been relying heavily on private sponsors for its improvements, he said.

Enerio may no longer be able to go back to her first love—teaching—but she nevertheless vowed to continue her advocacy and community work for education.

The retiree called on other private citizens to do their share for the benefit of today’s youth and future generations.


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Sorsogon was Heaven for me. what about you?

By: Kaye Michelle Duran Agnes

Since ive been here in Barcelona, I´ve been asked alot of times of what country i originated from. I always tell people this exact phrase. “I come from a small town that even Filipinos haven´t heard of”
SORSOGON. I´m a proud Filipina,but I´m more proud to be a Sorsogueña.

The next question would be, so what´s the language you have? and i repeat this same phrase all over again.
“I have two language. One called Bikol and one called Filipino, the official language. Bikol however has different dialects too.”

And i admit, i don´t have a broad knowledge about my own native tongue… which is a sad thing…

I think as Sorsogueños we must be well educated atleast of our language and culture. We should add this to the educational system because this is what makes us special in the first place. We have to have our own identity as a community group.

I know its hypocritical having to say all these in English. But I think in english.. and i think most Sorsogueños do too… Why? because we are losing our language. Because we weren´t taught enough of our culture. I would hate to see Sorsogon be like every place in the world…exploited and victimized by outsiders. We should act now before we lose what´s left..

I grew up having a good childhood, having to enjoy nature. To be able to play outside the wholeday without my parents ever worrying. Sorsogon was home of the good people, where you dont even have to be smart or beautiful for someone to notice you. It was heaven.

So niyan tabi, naghahagad ako saindo tabang. tabang na mapakarhay naton ang sistema sin sadiri natong lugar. lain ko aram kung papano babatugan.. ang aram ko lng kaipuhan natun magbatog sa mga batit, kay sinda ang madali na turuan at tabangan. batugan naton sa edukasyon nang sa cultura kay amo na ang padiot diot na nawawara sa aton. kadamo sin mga kilalang mayad na bicolano..nakay??sukat san batit pa lang kita, maugma na ang buhay ta. wara kita problema sin gera, o malala na sakit. ang problema lang natun ang bagyo ng tag init… so saro pa ina na dapat aksyonan naton. pero pan-o? may mga sadiring role kita na ingaganapan.. may mga tawong mayad mag surumaton pero kulang sa gibo. May mga tawo man gusto mag gibo kaso kulang sa matiryal. May mga tawo na matibay mag isip pero lain niya aram kung sino ang kakadtuan para maghagat tabang. so niyan, warang alo tabi ako nghahagad tabang sa indo na tabangan ako sa sarong proyekto na sa kita ko pwede naton padakuon. kaipuhan ko ideas nindo… kaipuhan ko tawo na mayad ang intensyon na gusto talaga magtabang.. kung interisado kamo, email me at ikalat man tabi nindo ang impormasyon. do this, kung maurag man talaga kamo.

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The difference between a hero and a coward

What do you think makes one:

[1] A Coward
[2] A Hero

The fatal ambushed in Bulan, Sorsogon on the 9th of November that claimed the lives of four police officers and another one unidentified person believed to be an NPA cadre. Somewhere in my naughty mind is asking me with these questions, who is the HERO and who is the COWARD in this fight? Who do you think will stand and claim the victory? Do you think the price is justifiable?

Don’t you realized that its Nothing but a waste of the precious LIVES of our fellow countrymen? Irregardless of the ideology, these men might be a father or Husband who’s untimely death just caused tremendous losses to the family. What will happen to the wives and their kids? who will take care of them..what will be the future of this kids now?

As a saying “To be a hero is to perform an act of extreme bravery, putting yourself in danger so as to help others or defeat a wrong-doer”. Now tell me who is right? and who is on the wrong side?

Could somebody out there enlighten us on what will be the effective solution to end this conflict??? Hope the next RP President will give priority on this issue.


Fr: Concerned Sorsoganon

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Sorsogon Bishop on Saintly Politicians

Oh Ha!

Nakakatuwa ang mga pahayag ni Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes patungkol sa ” SAINTLY POLITICIANS”. Napapanahon na rin talaga na dapat ang mga mahahalal na mga leaders ng bayang magiliw natin ay yung talagang more like saint na talaga. Ano ibig sabihin nyan? Sa aking palagay, isa sa mga katauhan ng magiging halal na leader ng ating lipunan ay malaki dapat ang takot sa DIYOS. Dahil kung may takot nga sa Diyos si MAYOR, GOVERNOR, CONGRESSMAN at mga nasasakupan nila of course matatakot silang gumawa ng kasalanan. And of course, ang kasunod nyan mawawala na po ang graft and corruption sa ating lipunan!..diba?

I agree with Chiz statement “”there are no angels and saints in politics.” dahil lahat nga tayo makasalanan diba?. Oh ha.. bumato daw ang walang kasalan sabi ni Bro…BUT we can make a difference now. ehhh Paano? simple lang naman bayang magiliw! tayo po ay pumili ng mga leaders na maka-DIYOS, maka-TAO, maka-KALIKASAN. Wag na po tayong lumayo sa pambasang pagbabago. Simulan po natin sa ating bakuran ika nga..Nakikita ko po na ang 2010 ay isang magandang simula para sa ating bayan kung magiging wise talaga mga botante.

eto pa! masyado lang yatang malikot ang aking pagiisip. Na-imagine ko ang sinabi ni Bishop Arturo Bastes na kung mangyayari nga ang lahat ng eto..Narito ang mga sumusunod na mga PLATAPORMA DE GOBYERNO ng mga kakandidato ngayon!

Kunwari lang po eto ha!

1.) Pagtangal ng lahat ng mga bilanguan sa buong probinsya  ng Sorsogon.
– kasi nga dahil sa mga more like saints na ang ating mga leader and thru his/her encouragement sa ating  mga kababayan na gumawa ng tama..ehh unti-unti na ring mawawala ang mga kriminal sa ating lipunan. Ibig lang sabihin nyan wala na ring ikukulong at wala na ring silbi ang mga Jail. (possible  nga kaya? nkakagulat na imagination naman yata eto).

2.) Creating more jobs para sa mga Sorsoganon.
– Ibig sabihin na kapag ang lahat merong trabaho, meron din pong pagkaing maihahain sa ating hapag kainan. Kumpleto hah(may almusal, snacks, tanghalian, at snacks pa, hapunan at Midnight snacks din) di ba wala ng magugutom? isa sa mga root cause ng crimes kasi eh “GUTOM”..

3.) Wala ng graft n corruption.
– Dahil wala na ngang kurapsyon sa Gobyerno. Cguro naman mawawala na rin ang mga lubak-lubak na lansangan sa Sorsogon noh? at lahat cemented na mga kalsada kahit sa mga malalayong barangay pa..yeheyy!

4.) Green Sorsogon 2010.
– Masaganang ani sa taong 2010. Dahil iiwasan na tayo ng mga bagyo at baha..matutuwa na kasi sa atin si Bro at di na tayo bibigyan ng mga calamaties na ganyan..oh diba?

5.) Mabibigyan na ng pagkakataong makapag-aral ng libre ang ating mga kabataan.

O kayo bayang magiliw..ano po naiisip nyo?

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Never give up, Never Backdown, Never lose faith – Face the GIANT

Its a great movie with inspirational message that made me think of my point of view as well. Am i facing that GIANT right now?

When your back is AGAINST the WALL…

When it seems there is NO WAY OUT….

You have to face your fears…..FACE THE GIANTS













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Concerned Sorsoganon air his disappointment

may gusto pa tabi kamong gustong idagdag? 

Vincent NatoVincent Nato

 if sorsogon is truly united let us stop sorsoganon to become president he will do nothing to our country maawa kayo! breakwater inside the bay! infront of barong barong houses at the seaside yung expenses sana ng breakwater na million million sana pinangrellocate nlng dyan sa mga nakatira sa seaside.wake up sorsogon we dont need a gentleman na puro dada ng dada hindi nman nagttrabaho wala panglaman ang mga sinasabi.sorsogon united pls wake up mas lalo tayung magugutom.opposition is not the answer for development.Read More

politicians are not the main key ticket in any form of necessity abundance or in the other cheek, abrogating poverty, but it is only our individual resourcefulness on how to propagate such existing necessity or the way we define the superb life.
Sorsogon-United Links
Hi Vincent, I fully understand your concern. This is a long term issue that our local govt and our Phil Govt in general should look into. Sorsogon in particular has its own problem, but we could not just easily blame our leaders for all these things. Last time, i also blamed our local leaders for being lax. We always wanted a quick result, things like magic right?. But this issue is not an overnight makeover you normally watch on TV.  Pointing our fingers will also cause boomerang effect to us. I am aware that some of our leaders can’t do anything, maybe due to lack of funds and of course the support among our constituent. I’m not in politics nor holding any govt position. But if our leaders will just go back to the basic law of the land.well, I believe we gonna have good a future. As you have mentioned, It is always impossible for Sorsogon to be united without you and rest of our people. Consider the adage of  JFK  “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”

Sorsogon-United Links

mga kapwa ko sorsoganon, igwa pa tabi kitang sunod na eleksyon pumili kita q mga leaders na may pagmakulog sa banwaan ta. Dai tabi magpadara sa kwarta ano? bako tabi sa mga pangako…hilingi tabi nindo ang kakayahan. asin pinaka importante igwa tabi ining takot sa DIYOS!
Vincent Nato
magkasararo kita palitaan an mga gonggong na politiko sa sorsogon lalo na an cge lang an pacute sa t.v nagkongressman nalimutan an sorsogon nagsenador nalimutan an bicol mapresidente for sure limot an pilipinas
Yesterday at 3:45pm · Delete
Enrique D. Anonat III
The only unequivocal predicament for the people of Sorsogon are the weak four key industrial economic sectors. Not the godamn politicians. Wake the fu&k up!

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