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Top 12 Cool Interesting Facts About 2012


Aside from the obvious Mayan Calendar and Biblical references, there are also some interesting factoids spawning all over the web that would really add up to the end-of-the-world scenario. Some are interesting, some are funny, and most are just weirdly connected. Want to know them all?

1) The 2012 Olympics will be held in that great city of the World London.

2) NASA predicts that a great meteor will narrowly miss the earth in 2012.

3) The Vatican holds very closely to the Prophecy of St. Malachy. This Medieval Monk had described, one by one, a total of 112 popes until Doomsday. The current Pope, Benedict XVI is the 111th named Pope. Only one Pope remains. And he has a name: Peter the Roman.

4) There are exactly 2012 days between the June 20 2007 Summer solstice and the December 21 2012 Winter solstice.

5) It is anticipated that the last son of the KGB, Vladimir Putin, will return to rule Russia in 2012.

6) The Times News Network predicts that global financial markets will crash in 2012.

7) An elder of the New Zealand Maori reports that the Maoris have taught for centuries that the great curtain over the world will be “torn” in 2012.

8) According to numerology, every number has a corresponding letter associated with it. Reading the date as a number, 12-21-12, it translates into A-B-B-A-A-B. Reading it from left to right, it becomes BA ABBA. In Hebrew, a language read from left to right, it means “Father comes / Father is coming”.

9) Did you know that the Earth has a heartbeat? Yes! It is called the Schumann Cavity Resonance, the frequency of the Earth. Since its discovery up ’til 1986 the Earth’s “heartbeat” was a constant 7.8 Hertz per second. Since then it raised dramatically up to 10 Hertz per second, up to 1998. After that, magnetic properties of the Earth dramatically dropped and is expected to reach its zero point on… 2012.

10) When viewed from above, the layout of the three Giza Pyramids in Egypt coincides with the shape that will be assumed by the three stars which make up the belt of the constellation Orion on December 21, 2012.

11)World oil consumption is beginning to peak through the abuse and misuse of the earth’s natural resources, and it is predicted that oil consumption will peak in 2012.

12)The alignment of Sun, Moon and the earth on December 21, 2012 is significant because gravitational release of hidden asteroids can take place.

Feel free to visit for more Cool Interesting Facts About 2012.

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Leonardo DiCaprio will visit Albay this coming August

MORE BREAKING NEWS: Leonardo DiCaprio is coming for a visit early next month. This piece of good news was confirmed by DiCaprio himself through his Hollywood agents and publicists.

According to earlier reports, DiCaprio was arriving in early 2011.

“It turned out that he’s arriving earlier than expected,” said Joyce Ramirez, director for International Publicity at PR Asis Worldwide, who invited DiCaprio not to promote his new movie, Inception, but to spearhead an environmental-awareness project in cooperation with a huge conglomerate in Albay. “DiCaprio will be here for one week. He has chosen to stay at the Misibis Bay, an ultra-luxurious resort. It’s not yet sure if he will make a stopover in Manila or fly straight to Legazpi City on a private jet.”

It’s Joyce’s brainchild to bring DiCaprio to the Philippines to help boost our tourism industry especially in Albay, with Legazpi City as a world-class eco-tourism destination.

It’s not DiCaprio’s first trip to Asia. After starring in the all-time hit Titanic, DiCaprio went to Thailand to shoot The Beach, his follow-up starrer. The STAR did an exclusive interview with DiCaprio in L.A. for that movie in late 1999.

In Inception, a sci-fi action adventure distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures in IMAX, Digital 2D and regular format, DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, a skilled thief who is an expert in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Cobb’s rare ability has made him a coveted player in the treacherous new game of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved.

Inception is showing nationwide soon.

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Bicol train service to reopen by June 25

MANILA, Philippines—Philippine National Railways General manager Ower Andal told President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo the resumption of the Bicol trips would “close the loop” linking the North and South Rail projects. He said that the PNR would resume train operations for Lucena City to the Bicol region by June 25.

The 50-meter San Cristobal Bridge is a vital part of the Northrail-Southrail Linkage Phase II that runs from Calamba to Lucena. Its completion facilitates the reopening of the Bicol train service, then called “Bicol Express,” from Manila to Ligao town in Albay province, according to the PNR.

The railway bridge was destroyed by powerful storms in 2006.

PNR managers also said that new commuter-type coaches would arrive from Japan next month to complement the regular train service from Tutuban in Divisoria, Manila, to Alabang, Muntinlupa City, and 40 to 50 new coaches for long trips to Bicol are expected in November.

After the PNR coach stopped over at its Bicutan station in Taguig City, Ms Arroyo hopped out, and boarded a bus for a “windshield inspection” of the completed elevated toll road between Bicutan and Sucat, a project of the South Metro Manila Skyway Project.

She was joined by businessman Manny V. Pangilinan, officials of Skyway, and developer Citra Metro Manila Tollways Corp. and DM Consunji Inc.

By: TJ Burgonio/Philippine Daily Inquirer

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Netherlands- Kalayaan Fiesta “Luzviminda 2010”

The picnic organizers this year joined by the majority of the Filipino-Dutch organizations, are gearing up for another exciting kalayaan fiesta, in conjuction with our 22nd Philippine Independence Day celebration in the Netherlands. With the new introduced theme ” Luzviminda 2010“, the programme committee, is committed to showcase the typical Filipino traditions, Dances, Songs & Stage Play, from the north to the southern part of the philippines. ABS/CBN artists will add more highlights to the celebration with shows & singing performances! Lastly, the newly-formed KFFN Youth Group will project extra excitement & dimension with their new program that will create identity for the emerging Filipino-Dutch young generation! Mabuhay! Halina….sa…Spaamwoude! For Picnic House Rules & Regulations please visit


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Arts council holds doodle earth visual arts workshop

Sorsogon City (13 May) — The Sorsogon Arts Council, in partnership with the Red Root Artists and Artisans Cooperative, has announced the holding of the “Doodle Earth Visual Arts Workshop” on May 17 to 21, 2010 at the Provincial Agriculture and Fisheries Council (PAFC) Training Center in Barangay Burabod, this city.

The workshop is open to participants ages 6 to 12, with a limit of 50 participants on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The workshop aims to develop and enhance the creativity of the children particularly in the field of visual arts and nurture the advocacy for environmental stewardship.

According to Red Root Administrative and Support Services Department chief Thea Cristina Gile, Red Root is the FIRSTArtists cooperative in the Philippines.

“Our cooperative offers diverse field of expertise in design innovation, audio-visual communication and marketing strategy development,” Gile said.

Her sister, Teresa Paula, is Red Root’s creative director and a Fine Arts alumna of the University of the Philippines and will be one of workshop’s resource persons. Both of them hailed from this city and daughters of SAC Adhoc Committee members Buenaventura and Isabel Gile.

For interested participants, please contact Totep Perez at cp # 09189443656 or Ella Jamoralin at cp# 09326457457. (JJJPerez, SAC/PIA)


PIA Press Release


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Earth Hour 2010


The Earth Hour 2010 event will be Saturday 27 March 2010 at 8.30pm. Mark it on your calendar now!

Earth Hour has done a lot to raise awareness of climate change issues. But there’s more to it than switching off lights for one hour once a year.

It’s all about giving people a voice on the future of our planet, and the chance to send a message of hope to world leaders.

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Official candidates for 2010 polls in Sorsogon out

by Bennie A. Recebido

Sorsogon Province (December 17) — The list of official local candidates in this province for the May 2010 national and local polls was finally made public by the Commission on Election (Comelec) provincial office here.

Comelec record showed that six has filed their Certificate of Candidacy (CoC) for the gubernatorial slate with former Gov. Raul Lee, and incumbent Sorsogon 2nd District Congressman Jose Solis, Amadeo Brin, Ramon Gallinera, Felizardo Garil and Antonio Imperial composing the list.

Incumbent Governor Sally Lee withdrew her candidacy to give way to her husband Raul.

Six candidates are also running for vice governor, including former Bulan town Mayor Guillermo De Castro, incumbent Sorsogon 1st District Board Member Rosario Diaz, former Vice Governor Antonio Escudero, Jr., former Sta. Magdalena Mayor Nida Gamos and Mirafe Godisan.

Nineteen candidates are vying for the provincial board in the first congressional district, while seventeen contenders for the second district.

Former Casiguran town Mayor Edwin Hamor will be running against incumbent Congressman Salvador Escudero III for Representative of the first congressional district.

Six candidates namely incumbent Sorsogon 2nd District Board Member Arze Glipo, incumbent Bulusan Mayor Juan Guysayko, Flocerfida de Guzman, Edmundo Escalante, Rosario Gavanzo and Ricardo Golpeo signified their intention to run in the second congressional district.

Former allies and both incumbent Mayor Leovic Dioneda and Vice Mayor Edmundo Atutubo will vie for the top position in Sorsogon City.

On the other hand, Robert Ante Lee Rodrigueza, son of Governor Lee, goes against incumbent City Councilor Roel Sta. Ana for the vie mayoralty race.

Atty. Calixto L. Aquino, Jr., Comelec Sorsogon supervisor, meanwhile said Sorsogon City has registered the highest voters’ registration turnout with 83,829, followed by Bulan, 46,125; Pilar, 37,924; and Gubat with 29,816. Sta Magdalena comes last with 9,831 voting population.

“With the recent withdrawal of one mayoralty candidate in Prieto Diaz, the total number of candidates in the province that filed their CoCs lowered down to 601.

The province has 395,371 registered and qualified voters for May 2010 elections.

Sorsogon province is composed of fourteen towns and one city. It has 2,503 established voting precincts in its 541 barangays. (PIA Sorsogon) [top]

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Sorsogon-Kasanggayahan Festival opens October 17

Kasanggayahan Song>>

sorsogon kong namomotan – paolo dimaano and elaine callos, azel diesta (guitarist)

by BA Recebido

Kasanggayahan Festival opens October 17

Sorsogon Province (7 October) — It’s all system go for the Kasanggayahan Festival 2009, this province’s premier festival, which will formally open on October 17, in time for the 115th foundation anniversary of the Sorsogon province.

In a press conference held Tuesday (October 6), Msgr. Francisco P. Monje, Kasanggayahan Foundation, Inc. president, has assured that the activities are already in place and committee preparations are all set for the opening ceremonies on October 17 as well as for the smooth staging of the festival.

According to Monje, this year’s theme “Pangangalaga sa Kalikasan, Buhay ng Susunod na Salinlahi Tungo sa Tunay na Kasanggayahan” (Care for Environment, Life of the Next Generation Way to the True Kasanggayahan) will serve as an awakening for the present generation that the best legacy we can leave for the future generation is but a healthy and rich environment.

Monje also stressed out that “our time now needs nurturing hands from the humanities of the world and it is indeed fitting to start our unified dedication and commitment towards care for the planet where we live in.”

“Kasanggayahan Foundation, Inc., the Provincial Government of Sorsogon, LGUs, government line offices, non-government organizations, private institutions and individuals have pledged to chip in their time, talents and resources to ensure a simple yet meaningful and successful celebration of this year’s festivities,” Monje accounted.

Credit for coining the word Kasanggayahan is given to the late Rev. Fr. Jose O. Ofracio, then the parish priest of the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral in the then capital town of Sorsogon.

Fr. Ofracio, also an author in Bicol, made an explanation of Kasanggayahan in the following verses “…when the fields are green and the grains are golden; when the machines work well and business prosper; When the birds in the sky chirp freely and men on earth are peacefully happy; In Bicol, it is Kasanggayahan, meaning a land of peace and a life of prosperity…”

The first Kasanggayahan celebration of the province was held in 1974 under the administration of the late Juan G. Frivaldo, then governor of Sorsogon.

Meanwhile, Gov. Sally A. Lee last week issued Executive Order No. 010 S-2009 declaring October 17 as a special local non-working holiday and enjoining all government officials and employees, as well as the private sector, to actively participate in all the events of the Kasanggayahan festivities.

The declaration is also based from RA 7380 which was passed by Congress and signed into law by then President Corazon Cojuanco – Aquino last April 10, 1991 declaring Oct.. 17 of every year as a Special Holiday in the whole province of Sorsogon in celebration, commemoration and founding anniversary of Sorsogon as a separate province from Albay. (PIA Sorsogon)

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Sorsogon-Bisita Museo sa Kasanggayahan, a glimpse of Sorsogon’s past

By: Mike dela Rama

SORSOGON CITY,Oct. 11 -Vital in every province or community is the promotion of its historical and cultural heritage among its peoples to foster cultural identity, nationalism, patriotism and sense of pride among them.

‘Bisita Museo sa Kasanggayahan’ realizes this ensuring awareness and promotion of Sorsogon’s historical and cultural heritage, through a month-long guided tour being held at the Sorsogon Museum and Heritage Center, Inc. (SMHCI) in time for the Kasanggayahan Festival 2009.

Department of Tourism (DOT) Bicol regional director Maria Ong-Ravanilla said proponent of the activity, the ‘Bisita Museo sa Kasanggayahan,’ which started on Oct. 1 and to last until Oct. 30 this year, is open for tour-visitation from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays giving priority to elementary and high school students, teachers and visitors from other places who want to have a glimpse of Sorsogon’s past.

The general public, however, is also encouraged to visit the museum especially during Saturdays since it is closed on Sundays.

Trained volunteer-students from tertiary schools in the province facilitate the guided museum tour.

“These volunteers underwent the Museum Tour Guiding Training Workshop on September 18, 2009 facilitated by personnel with tourism orientation and tour guiding expertise from various organizations and government agencies here,” Ravanilla said.

Guidelines provided during the Tour Guiding Workshop will be adopted by the SHMC as its official tour guidelines.

Sorsogon governor Sally Lee said that the’Bisita sa Museo’ highlights the pre-history information, like the significance of burial jars and stones, the Chinese wares during the Ming Dynasty as part of barter trade with China, the Galleon Trade with Donsol’s Astillero and Magallanes’ shipyard, the Fil-Am war and abaca industry during the American Era and the important personages/structures in Sorsogon’s history.

Visitors will also find in the museum Sorsogon’s breathtaking eco-tourism destinations based on dioramas, Philippine Daily Inquirer’s collection/library and other informative and multicolored presentations.

‘Bisita Museo sa Kasanggayahan’, the first formal guided tour at the SMHC, is realized through the Kasanggayahan Foundation, Inc. (KFI) in cooperation with the Sorsogon Museum and Heritage Center, Inc. (SMHCI), Sorsogon Arts Council (SAC), Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and the Department of Education (DepEd) Sorsogon City Schools Division.(PNA)

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Irosin – Paray Festival 2009 updates

Start:     Sep 25, ’09 06:00a
Location:     Irosin, Sorsogon
Entry Fee: 150
Champion P 5000
1st Runner-up P 3000
2nd Runner Up P 2000
Finisher 4th to 13th Place P300
Route: Centro-Gulang Gulang-Valley View-Centro
Entry Fee: 100
Prizes: Champion P 3000
1st Runner-up P 2000
2nd Runner Up P 1000
Finisher 4th to 13th Place P300
Route: Centro-Gulang Gulang-CenStart:     Sep 25, ’09 06:00a
Location:     Irosin, Sorsogon
Entry Fee: 150
Champion P 5000
1st Runner-up P 3000
2nd Runner Up P 2000
Finisher 4th to 13th Place P300
Route: Centro-Gulang Gulang-Valley View-Centro
Entry Fee: 100
Prizes: Champion P 3000
1st Runner-up P 2000
2nd Runner Up P 1000
Finisher 4tto 13th Place P300

Updates for the Irosin-Paray festival Sports Event 2009!

Marathon Paray Festival 2009 Sports Event

Start: Sep 25, ’09 06:00a

Location: Irosin, Sorsogon


Entry Fee: 150


Champion P 5000

1st Runner-up P 3000

2nd Runner Up P 2000

Finisher 4th to 13th Place P300

Route: Centro-Gulang Gulang-Valley View-Centro


Entry Fee: 100

Prizes: Champion P 3000

1st Runner-up P 2000

2nd Runner Up P 1000

Finisher 4th to 13th Place P300

Route: Centro-Gulang Gulang-Centro

Mountain Bike Race Paray Festival-Open

Start: Sep 26, ’09 12:00p

Location: Irosin, Sorsogon


September 26, Saturday, 12 noon

Entry Fee: 150


Champion P 7000

1st Runner-up P 5000

2nd Runner Up P 3000

Finisher 4th to 13th Place P300

Route: Centro-Gabao-Batang-Trese-Centro-Mapaso-Centro-Bagsangan-Monbon-Gabao-Batang-Trese-Centro-Bagsangan-Monbon-Gabao-Batang-Centro (88.5 km)

Mountain Bike Race Paray Festival-Local

Start: Sep 27, ’09 06:00a

Location: Irosin, Sorsogon


September 27, Sunday, 6 AM

Entry Fee: 100


Champion P 3000

1st Runner-up P 2000

2nd Runner Up P 1000

Finisher 4th to 13th Place P300

Route: Centro-Gabao-Batang-Trese-Centro-Mapaso-Centro-Bagsangan-Monbon-Gabao-Batang-Centro (60 km)

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Irosin Paray Festival – Schedule of Activities (Sept. 1-29, 2009)

To our fellow Irosinian’s. let us all be excited for the upcoming Paray Festival. Here is the schedule of activities posted in Irosin Official website.


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DSWD builds core shelters for Juban and Pto. Diaz villagers

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has earmarked P7 million for the construction of 100 housing units under the government’s core shelter program implemented nationwide for homeless families.

Maria Theresa Guab-Fragata, town mayor of Juban, Sorsogon, said the construction is in full swing and the beneficiaries themselves, through the bayanihan system, are building the housing units

Fragata said the municipal government provides a food-for-work assistance for the workers and their families.

The project was realized through the coordination of the local government with the DSWD that is tasked by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to undertake a massive program towards providing housing units for thousands of poor homeless families nationwide, Fragata said.

The beneficiaries in the locality were identified by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) through thorough evaluation and screening, she said.

Most of the identified beneficiaries were families from coastal barangays of the municipality who rely mainly on fishing for their livelihood. These families live in makeshift shanties along the coastlines that expose them to extreme hazards during typhoons, she said.

“Relocating these families from the shorelines where their lives and properties are at risk and providing them with decent homes in safer areas is the primary objective of this housing program we owe to President Arroyo,” Fragata said.

Earlier, the DSWD had also started building 100 core shelter units for homeless families in the coastal town of Prieto Diaz located at the eastern tip of the province of Sorsogon.

Benito Doma, Prieto Diaz town mayor, said 100 families belonging to the poorest-of-the-poor in the municipality were chosen as beneficiaries of the project also being built in barangay Talisayan through bayanihan system.

The project was realized under a memorandum of agreement entered into between the municipal government and the DSWD.

As its counterpart, the local government of Prieto Diaz provided a two-hectare lot as project site while the DSWD shouldered the cost of construction and building materials, Doma said. (DSWD V/PIA)

via PIA Information Services – Philippine Information Agency.

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400 studes to benefit from PESFA, 70 others from LEP

by BA Recebido

Sorsogon Province (7 August) — Some 400 students studying in the private tekbok (technological-vocational) schools across this province will benefit form the Private Education Student Fund Assistance (PESFA) being implemented by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) provincial office here

Rodolfo Benemerito, TESDA Sorsogon provincial director, stated the program seeks out indigent and deserving students who want to pursue technological-vocational courses after finishing high school to hone their skills to become more productive and competitive not only in the local labor fronts but also overseas.

Benemerito said TESDA, with the assistance of the local government units (LGUs) through the Community Training and Employment Coordinators (CTECs), has already commenced the selection process for qualified applicants.

He added the scholars under the PESFA program may choose from 13 strategic packages offered in some 19 private tekbok schools in the province.

“Since our programs in TESDA are multi-entry programs, training classes may start anytime of the year as long as the minimum number of scholars required is met,” he noted.

Benemerito further calls on and encourages qualified students grab this opportunity offered by the government to help the poor communities allotting some P3.6 million to finance the scholarship of deserving locals.

TESDA Sorsogon, meanwhile, has announced the Ladderized Education Program (LEP) Scholarship will soon be implemented in the province targeting some 70 students who are already enrolled in the ladderized courses at the Sorsogon State College (SSC) and Aemilianum College, Inc. (ACI), both located in Sorsogon City.

Meanwhile, TESDA Sorsogon was given a total of 2,652 scholarship slots with P24M budget for this year’s Pangulong Gloria Scholarship Program (PGSP).

Mariglo M. Makabuhay, TESDA-PGSP provincial coordinator, said scholars may opt from the 50 technical-vocational courses or special packages offered in various accredited private and public schools in the province.

She averred that since the PGSP’s implemented this year, TESDA has already recorded a total of 1,454 graduates, including the five overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who now have jobs overseas.

“We are presently gathering data from TESDA accredited schools and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to find out the extent of success among our graduates, furthermore, as bases for the PGSP second phase of implementation in the province,” she said. (PIA Sorsogon)

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Sorsogon Riders Associations


To all Sorsogon Riders Association/Organization.. You may post your upcoming events here.. Thank yoU!

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