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Treasure Hunters sa Macalaya Castilla Sorsogon?

Ano tabi ang katotohanan kan mga barita na igwang mga treasure hunters na nag-ooperate sa Macalaya Castilla Sorsogon?. Igwa daang mga baul ki “BULAWAN” sa lugar na ini? Nakabantay daa digdi ang Mayor kan Castilla asin mga Militar para mapangalagaan ang operasyon kaini. Ano ang dahilan kan news blackout?.

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Concerned Sorsoganon air his disappointment

may gusto pa tabi kamong gustong idagdag? 

Vincent NatoVincent Nato

 if sorsogon is truly united let us stop sorsoganon to become president he will do nothing to our country maawa kayo! breakwater inside the bay! infront of barong barong houses at the seaside yung expenses sana ng breakwater na million million sana pinangrellocate nlng dyan sa mga nakatira sa seaside.wake up sorsogon we dont need a gentleman na puro dada ng dada hindi nman nagttrabaho wala panglaman ang mga sinasabi.sorsogon united pls wake up mas lalo tayung magugutom.opposition is not the answer for development.Read More

politicians are not the main key ticket in any form of necessity abundance or in the other cheek, abrogating poverty, but it is only our individual resourcefulness on how to propagate such existing necessity or the way we define the superb life.
Sorsogon-United Links
Hi Vincent, I fully understand your concern. This is a long term issue that our local govt and our Phil Govt in general should look into. Sorsogon in particular has its own problem, but we could not just easily blame our leaders for all these things. Last time, i also blamed our local leaders for being lax. We always wanted a quick result, things like magic right?. But this issue is not an overnight makeover you normally watch on TV.  Pointing our fingers will also cause boomerang effect to us. I am aware that some of our leaders can’t do anything, maybe due to lack of funds and of course the support among our constituent. I’m not in politics nor holding any govt position. But if our leaders will just go back to the basic law of the land.well, I believe we gonna have good a future. As you have mentioned, It is always impossible for Sorsogon to be united without you and rest of our people. Consider the adage of  JFK  “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”

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mga kapwa ko sorsoganon, igwa pa tabi kitang sunod na eleksyon pumili kita q mga leaders na may pagmakulog sa banwaan ta. Dai tabi magpadara sa kwarta ano? bako tabi sa mga pangako…hilingi tabi nindo ang kakayahan. asin pinaka importante igwa tabi ining takot sa DIYOS!
Vincent Nato
magkasararo kita palitaan an mga gonggong na politiko sa sorsogon lalo na an cge lang an pacute sa t.v nagkongressman nalimutan an sorsogon nagsenador nalimutan an bicol mapresidente for sure limot an pilipinas
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Enrique D. Anonat III
The only unequivocal predicament for the people of Sorsogon are the weak four key industrial economic sectors. Not the godamn politicians. Wake the fu&k up!

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Sorsogon pushes cassava production for bio-ethanol


Sorsogon pushes cassava production for bio-ethanol

By Danny O. Calleja

The viability of cassava as source of bio-ethanol has been determined and Sorsogon province is a good prospect for a massive production of this lowly root crop, Vice-Governor Renato Laurinaria said here Tuesday.

“If cassava is becoming an important bio-fuel crop in other countries with more advanced national programs for bio-fuel production, our soils are also capable of large-scale production of the crop not only for food, livestock feeds but mainly for bio-ethanol,” he stressed.

Sorsogon has a vast agricultural land area both in the upland and lowland that is generally suited for cassava because of evenly distributed rainfall and “we can easily come up with an area for a plantation required by the operation of an ethanol distillery plant”, Laurinaria said.

A recently concluded study on bio-ethanol production from cassava commissioned by the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) said an estimated 10,000 hectares of cassava plantation would be required for an ethanol distillery plant’s optimal operation.

This area is necessary to produce cassava flour for the production of the 30 million liters of ethanol per year which is the required capacity, the study conducted for the BAR last year by the International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences (ISSAAS) said.

“Castilla alone can already provide 5,000 hectares for this endeavor,” Laurinaria said, referring to the same tracts of land his administration has started to develop into cassava plantations during the latter part of his incumbency as mayor here.

The municipality sits on a 18,620-hectare territorial land and 76 percent or 14,228 hectares of it is agricultural, mostly unirrigated rice fields, coconut and root crop plantations.

The cassava produce of the municipality is being taken in by B-Meg Feeds of San Miguel Corporation (SMB) for its livestock feed mill in Pili, Camarines Sur.

Laurinaria’s term as mayor expired after completing nine years in 2007. He ran for vice-governor in the local elections in the same year and won.

His successor has abandoned the town’s cassava production project, leaving the farmers on their own and denying the local government’s pre and post harvest supports.

“I am going to revive that cassava project on a province-wide scale, this time for bio-ethanol production because I was inspired by the BAR findings on its changes into this industrial undertaking that could make Sorsogon an active participant in the national government’s initiative to make use of our agricultural crops in producing environment-friendly fuels,” he said.

It will, at the same time, provide more jobs for the local workforce and income for farmers and landowners in the province, Laurinaria added.

Although agricultural products in the country specifically grown for use as biofuels include several crops, RA 9367 or the Biofuels Law at present mandates only coconut for biodiesel and sugarcane, sweet sorghum, cassava, and corn for bio-ethanol.

The bio-fuels law took effect in 2007 but the mandated minimum blend of one percent coconut bio-diesel or coconut methyl ester (CME) was first implemented for all diesel engines.

The law says a minimum two percent of bio-diesel should be implemented by 2009 as well as the minimum blend of 5 percent bio-ethanol (E5) for all gasoline engines. The 10 percent blend of bio-ethanol (E10) is scheduled for implementation by 2011.

Nonetheless, the E10 blend is available in the market today with sugarcane probably holding the biggest share of the market at present as records from the BAR show it does best in terms of productivity compared with other sources of bio-ethanol.

The ISSAAS study comprehensively covered all important aspects that need to be considered in producing bio-ethanol from cassava — from production to post-harvest, processing, marketing, organization and management, and, most important, financing.

From the point of view of financial analysis, the study considered three types of investors that would likely go into it. These are corporate and joint venture-run cassava plantation, ethanol processing (primary and secondary) and integrated cassava plantation and ethanol production.

The ISSAAS researchers assumed that the equity of investor for the three cases is 20 percent of the initial capital investment. They likewise considered loaning the remaining capital requirement from the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) at 9.75 percent interest payable in seven years with a grace period of three years.

The hyped-up global concern over climate change and the depleting source of fossil fuels triggered the renewed interest on bio-fuels. As a matter of fact, the researchers of the feasibility study observed that cassava is becoming an important bio-fuel crop in China, Thailand, Brazil, and other countries with more advanced national programs for bio-fuel production.

Cassava got the edge as with regards to its cultural management, the study says the crop needs only minimum crop maintenance, responds well to fertilization, is typhoon- and drought-resistant, and can be harvested year-round in areas with evenly distributed rainfall.

“In general, areas suitable for sugarcane production are also favorable for growing cassava,” the study says.

According to the study, cassava has a very high starch-to-sugar conversion ratio. This high starch content means that a high percentage of sugar can be converted from it, and which, in turn, is needed to produce bio-fuel.

The study likewise heralded it as the cheapest feedstock among the major starch-based feedstock for ethanol production.

“Average costs of feedstock per liter of ethanol from molasses and corn are quite high, while those using sweet sorghum is comparable to that of sugarcane. Potentially, feedstock from cassava can be produced at the lowest cost. With high feedstock yield levels, ethanol yield from cassava becomes comparably better than those from sugarcane or sweet sorghum,” the study illustrates.

Part of a feasibility study is a sensitivity analysis on the financial viability of a project. In this particular study, the researchers pointed out sensitivities of cassava’s bio-ethanol production depending on the prevailing price of tubers, changes in yield levels, variation in overall production, and total production cost.

“Cassava can also be the most expensive among the major feedstock depending on prevailing prices of tubers or derived products. Cassava used for food preparations are purchased at a higher price than those used for industrial purposes,” it revealed.

Generally, the study’s computation shows that an increase in tuber yield by 10 percent will increase the average net income by 32.5 percent. On overall production, slight reductions of at least five percent in production cost will increase average net income by 10.1 percent, return on investment by 2.3 percent, and shorten the payback period by 0.3 years.

“The major components of cost are direct labor cost (44.6 percent) and direct materials (30.4 percent). The biggest cost item for direct materials is the cost of fertilizer (73.9 percent) while harvesting expenses accounts for the larger fraction of direct labor costs,” it added.

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Kulinarya Bicol Delight Tour – Lets promote tourism here

A sweet and chili tour of the provinces of Albay and Sorsogon in the Bicol Region.! Familiarize yourself with dishes cooked in coconut milk, desserts made of pili nuts and everything else dashed with hot chili peppers amidst the perfect cone of the Mayon Volcano.

Hop on board the Bicol Express … and dash to the nearest water station…



DAY 1 Manila/Legazpi/Sorsogon

Board morning flight from Manila to Legazpi (If participant is taking air-conditioned public coach departure from Manila is Thursday evening). Proceed to Cagsawa Ruins for photo opportunity and tour of ruins. Continue drive to “Let’s” for demonstration of “pinangat” & “Bicol Express”.

Departure for Mayon Skyline Tour. Continue to Satellite Market and Albay Central Pili Nut Store. Visit Daraga Church with it’s commanding view of Mayon Volcano. Lunch at “Small Talk Restaurant” which prides itself in their culinary innovation “pasta pinangat”. After lunch, tour departs Albay for Sorsogon arriving mid-afternoon. Check-in at Fernando Hotel or similar. Cooking demonstration of “pili sa dahon” late in the afternoon.Dinner at Fernando Hotel or in a local restaurant.(Lunch, Dinner)


DAY 2 Sorsogon

Breakfast at the hotel. Morning departure for for Bulusan via Barcelona.Stop by & visit a pili farm in Sitio San Rafael. Proceed to Bulusan Lake; trek around the lake or kayak in its placid waters for 20 minutes. Then proceed for “Balaybuhay” for lunch . Cooking demo of crispy pili & native merienda made from taro called “kinalu-ko”. Continue tour to Gubat proceeding to Rizal Beach. Check in at resort.At bc_pilileisure for optional swimming; siesta; shell gathering.Late afternoon cooking demonstrations of local merienda cooked with coconut milk, binut-ong & timitim. Dinner and overnight accommodations at Rizal Beach Resort or similar hotel. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)



DAY 3 Sorsogon/Legazpi/ManilaBreakfast. Transfer to Legaspi to board flight or take the evening air-conditioned public coach for Manila.


Rate per person

Rate Per Person In Single In 1/2 TWB 3rd Adult
By public coach Php 11,460 Php 10,085 Php 9,850
By Air Php 16,226 Php 14,851 Php 14,616

Weekly departure, Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month


  • Overnight accommodations at Fernando Hotel or similar
  • Overnight accommodations at Rizal Beach Resort or similar.
  • Roundtrip coach/air-fare Manila/Legazpi/Manila inclusive of taxes and surcharege
  • Meals: breakfast on Days 2 & 3, lunch on Day 1 & 2, dinner on Day 1 & 2.
  • Cooking demonstrations in Camalig, Sorsogon, Bulusan & Gubat.
  • Services of a local guide.
  • All transfers & tours.


TRIPS TRAVEL (02) 811-4163/ 811-4115
SOUTHEAST TRAVEL CORP. (02) 524-5676 to 83
SHARP TRAVEL SERVICE (02) 817-0169/ 817-0071 to 74
RAJAH TOURS (02) 522-0541 to 48
NEXUS TRAVEL (02) 928-5589
CCT.168 TRAVEL AND TOURS (02) 687-0129/ 637-9611
BARON TRAVEL CORPORATION (02) 817-4926/ 817-0203


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KBP Sorsogon chapter holds first media olympics

by Bennie A. Recebido

Sorsogon Province (August 17) — The Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) – Sorsogon Chapter on August 13-15, has organized for the first time the Media Olympics, an athletic event that aims not on competing against who has the best vigor and physical prowess but primarily on getting acquainted with and strengthening camaraderie among media personalities here.

“KBP is very much elated upon seeing that the sports event which we conceptualized under the theme ‘Together As One’ was successful in its attempt to foster in-depth friendship among media community in Sorsogon,” said Andy Espinar, KBP-Sorsogon Chapter president.

Espinar said that over the years, the media community here has never been provided with activities that would make them ‘together as one’. “This is why, we thought of the media Olympics, the first activity ever, to serve as vehicle towards unifying and at the same time, serve as an avenue to develop hale and hearty skills among Sorsogon media,” he said.

He added that through the activity, each one was chanced to be acquainted with other personalities in the media community of Sorsogon, who according to many “were only known to them either by name or by voice.”

The activity kicked off, August 13, with a motorcade along the city’s main thoroughfare and a short opening program which was graced by National Telecommunications Bicol Regional Director Engr. Ariel H. Padilla.

The games officially started in the afternoon with basketball and volleyball games for its opening salvo.

The three day Media Olympics featured nine events to include basketball, volleyball, chess, scrabble, table tennis, dart, badminton, billiards and bowling held at the Aemilianum College Gymn, X-trim Badminton Gymn and Dino Mark Bowling House respectively.

“More than hundred of media personalities here put across their intention to be part of and have joined this very first significant event. They were divided into green team, blue team, yellow team and red orange team, each has its own knacks and eccentricity, which has added zest to the affair,” said Espinar.

Meanwhile, the awarding and closing ceremony, August 15, highlighted the covenant signing among media practitioners.

“The covenant provides guarantee of promoting effective cooperation and unity among practicing media enhancing mutual understanding and solidarity for their personal growth and public advancement as well as in furthering communication development,” said Espinar.

The covenant will also serve as a reminder for the media practitioners here to abide by the journalist’s code of ethics, setting as well, a good example by providing the public right, accurate and timely information. (PIA Sorsogon)

via PIA Information Services – Philippine Information Agency.

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Irosin Paray Festival – Schedule of Activities (Sept. 1-29, 2009)

To our fellow Irosinian’s. let us all be excited for the upcoming Paray Festival. Here is the schedule of activities posted in Irosin Official website.


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DSWD builds core shelters for Juban and Pto. Diaz villagers

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has earmarked P7 million for the construction of 100 housing units under the government’s core shelter program implemented nationwide for homeless families.

Maria Theresa Guab-Fragata, town mayor of Juban, Sorsogon, said the construction is in full swing and the beneficiaries themselves, through the bayanihan system, are building the housing units

Fragata said the municipal government provides a food-for-work assistance for the workers and their families.

The project was realized through the coordination of the local government with the DSWD that is tasked by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to undertake a massive program towards providing housing units for thousands of poor homeless families nationwide, Fragata said.

The beneficiaries in the locality were identified by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) through thorough evaluation and screening, she said.

Most of the identified beneficiaries were families from coastal barangays of the municipality who rely mainly on fishing for their livelihood. These families live in makeshift shanties along the coastlines that expose them to extreme hazards during typhoons, she said.

“Relocating these families from the shorelines where their lives and properties are at risk and providing them with decent homes in safer areas is the primary objective of this housing program we owe to President Arroyo,” Fragata said.

Earlier, the DSWD had also started building 100 core shelter units for homeless families in the coastal town of Prieto Diaz located at the eastern tip of the province of Sorsogon.

Benito Doma, Prieto Diaz town mayor, said 100 families belonging to the poorest-of-the-poor in the municipality were chosen as beneficiaries of the project also being built in barangay Talisayan through bayanihan system.

The project was realized under a memorandum of agreement entered into between the municipal government and the DSWD.

As its counterpart, the local government of Prieto Diaz provided a two-hectare lot as project site while the DSWD shouldered the cost of construction and building materials, Doma said. (DSWD V/PIA)

via PIA Information Services – Philippine Information Agency.

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Sorsogon MSMEs to venture on pili food products

by BA Recebido

Sorsogon City (14 August) — Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Sorsogon province should venture on pili farming and product development due to its promising local and foreign marketability, according to the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) branch here.

Eleanor A. Eco, DBP branch manager here, said the pili industry offers a very good opportunity for the locals, wherein they can avail of the credit facility under the One Town One Product (OTOP) supported by DBP that provides capitalization for the business.

Eco, however, recommended that it would be something original and of better value if business ventures will not focus on pili sweet products alone, rather develop products such as pili jelly roll, bread with pili spread or pili inspired filling, pudding, cake, pastries and even ice cream, among others.

“I observed in Sorsogon, that seldom such pili food products are made. In most cases, pili products are limited only to candies or other simple confectioneries”, she said.

Eco said DBP specifically promotes pili because it is one among the many indigenous product of Sorsogon with high nutritive value.

“Pili food products will surely be a’click’ to many especially that nowadays people tend to become more health conscious,” she stresse

via PIA Information Services – Philippine Information Agency.

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Sorsogon lawmaker wants pork barrel hiked

Amid criticisms against Malacañang over two extravagant dinners in the United States, an administration congressman is pushing for an increase in lawmakers’ pork barrel funds.

Rep. Jose Solis of Sorsogon province filed House Bill 1232 seeking an upgrade of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), citing high costs of commodities, particularly construction materials.

“The PDAF has remained constant for four years, that is, at P20 million during the period 2003-2006 and thereafter, remained at P30 million for three years between 2007-2009,” Solis said in an article on the House of Representatives website.

Solis, 69, is a member of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino (Kampi) party. Kampi has since merged with Lakas-CMD.

Solis also pointed out that their so-called Various Infrastructure and Local Projects (VILP) has not fared much better compared to the PDAF.

He said that from 2003-2004, their VILP was fixed at P50 million but it plunged to a mere P20 million in 2005-2006 and recovered partially at P40 million in 2006-2009.

“The irregular, anemic and sometimes regressive annual adjustments in the aforesaid congressional funds, which have not taken into account the continuous rise in the prices of labor and construction materials, have correspondingly failed to stem the tide of widespread poverty and check the advance of disillusionment of the people,” Solis said.

He also noted the almost zero or even negative growth of the economy brought about by the global financial crisis.

The pork barrel allocation had been denounced even by some senators, notably Panfilo Lacson, who claimed it was being misused by a lot of legislators and by recipients.

Lacson himself had filed graft charges against some officials in Cavite for allegedly misusing his PDAF in the past.

Some justify its existence as a “necessary evil” or an “equalizer” especially to provinces or districts who are always left behind in the allocation of regular government funds.

Solis said that those especially affected by the specter of recession and economic contraction would be the poorest of the poor.

According to him, the current global financial crisis necessitates pump-priming responses from the government, which include stimulating the domestic demand to offset the drying-up of the export markets.

“The congressional discretionary fund was conceived precisely to augment the existing meager funds for countryside development. These funds have remained to be the most flexible, expeditious and responsive pro-poor instrument for progress in our districts,” he said. – GMANews.TV

via GMANews.TV – Sorsogon lawmaker wants pork barrel hiked – Nation – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News.

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Retirement village, pag-aaralan ang posibilidad sa Sorsogon City

by Bennie Recebido

Iminungkahi ng kilalang pandaigdigang negosyanteng si Loida Nicolas Lewis kay Sorsogon City Mayor Leovic Dioneda na masusing pag-aralan ang pagpapakilala sa Sorsogon City bilang isang magandang lugar para sa isang retirement village.

Sa isa nilang pagpupulong kamakailan, sinabi ni Lewis na dumadami ang mga matatanda sa iba’t-ibang bansa na maaaring mahikayat na tumira dito.

Ayon pa sa kanya, marami ang mga dahilan kung kaya’t nagiging kaakit-akit para sa mga dayuhang matatanda na gawin ang Pilipinas bilang retirement site. Una ay ang luntian at natural pang kapaligiran dito; pangalawa ay ang kalidad ng pangangalaga ng mga Pilipino na bantog na sa pagiging mapagkalinga ng mga Pilipino; at pangatlo ay ang standard of living dito.

Inihayag pa niya na sa US at maging sa ibang bansa man, ang $1,000 ay kabilang sa poverty level na antas ng pamumuhay. Subalit dito sa Pilipinas, aniya, kapag mayroon kang $1,000 ay maaari kang mamuhay nang maayos at may tagapangalaga pa.

Subalit, aniya, kailangang ang lugar na maaari nating ihandog bilang retirement village ay yaong maayos na rin ang mga pasilidad. Kapag hindi pa gayon ang i-ooffer natin, sasabihin ng mga investor sa atin na “Let’s talk again when your site is ready.”

Ayon naman kay City Mayor Leovic Dioneda, matagal nang mayroon siyang alam na lugar na magandang mai-develop para sa ganitong proyekto. Ang lugar diumano ay malapit sa dagat at ang mga mamamayan sa kapaligiran nito ay maaari ding maturuan upang makapagtrabaho bilang service staff para sa naturang proyekto.

Subalit, sinabi rin ng alkalde na kinakailangan pang pag-aralan ito ng mabuti nang sa gayon ay matiyak ang magiging pakinabang dito ng syudad at higit sa lahat sa mga mamamayan ng Sorsogon. (PIA Sorsogon)

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38 Bicolanos now maritime scholars under DEEP

by BA Recebido

Sorsogon City (12 August) — A total of 38 scholars are now enrolled at the Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation in Baras, Camarines Sur, under the DBP Endowment for Education Program (DEEP).

Abelardo L. Monarquia, DBP senior vice president, said that scholars who were picked from across the region are now sure to finish college through the P1-B DEEP.

Monarquia said government financing institutions (GFIs) like DBP are now being tapped by the government to serve as channels to help develop future pillars of the country by financing special scholarship programs.

Monarquia, who is also the DBP Bicol regional management center head, added that DBP is now on its second year of assisting underprivileged but promising Filipino students to finish their maritime courses, corollary too President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s program of investing in the sustained development of the country’s human resource.

“The initiative is in response to the projected huge demand for Filipino seafarers to man international vessels in the next 15 to 20 years,” he added.

He also said that by forging partnership with ship owners here and abroad, future DEEP maritime graduates are assured of employment.

He explained that under the program, the DBP pays for the scholars’ tuition and other school expenses, from first year college until their graduation, and covers the whole range of the scholars’ requirements.

“Right now, we still encourage applicants who belong to the top 20 of their high school graduating class with an annual family income of not more than P150,000, physically and mentally fit, of good moral character, and passed the entrance/admission tests of DEEP partners schools and the National Career Aptitude Exam,” he noted.

“We would like to encourage our scholars to sustain the program,” Monarquia says. “This way, other poor but deserving students may likewise benefit from the project.

It can be noted, that during the DEEP’s launching, DBP has piloted a career in nursing knowing the country to have very good nursing schools producing excellent nurses.

However, due to oversupply of nursing graduates nowadays, the program has instead shifted to maritime course, taking into account that the Philippines has been a traditional supplier of shipping crew, with a global share estimated at 28 percent.

However, DEEP will not only limit to maritime course but also preparing to help students in Bicol who have inclinations to technical and vocational courses, especially that there is also a continued demand for blue collar jobs like chefs, welders, caregivers, lathe machine operators, and electronics technicians here and abroad. (PIA Sorsogon)

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DSWD Builds Core Shelter Units for Homeless Juban Villagers

Danny O. Calleja

JUBAN, Sorsogon, Aug. 6 — The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has earmarked P7 million for the construction of 100 housing units under the government’s core shelter program implemented nationwide for homeless families.

Town Mayor Maria Theresa Guab-Fragata here said on Thursday the construction of the housing units are in full swing and being undertaken by the beneficiaries themselves through the bayanihan system.

The municipal government provides a food-for-work assistance for the workers and their families, Fragata said.

The project was realized through the coordination of the local government with the DSWD that is tasked by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to undertake a massive program towards providing housing units for thousands of poor homeless families nationwide, Fragata said.

The beneficiaries in the locality were identified by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) through thorough evaluation and screening, she said.

Most of the identified beneficiaries were families from coastal barangays of the municipality who rely mainly on fishing for their livelihood. These families live in makeshift shanties along the coastlines that expose them to extreme hazards during typhoons, she said.

“Relocating these families from the shorelines where their lives and properties are at risk and providing them with decent homes in safer areas is the primary objective of this housing program we owe to President Arroyo,” Fragata said.

Earlier, the DSWD had also started building 100 core shelter units for homeless families in the coastal town of Prieto Diaz located at the eastern tip of the province of Sorsogon.

Its mayor, Benito Doma, said 100 families belonging to the poorest-of-the-poor in the municipality were chosen as beneficiaries of the project also being built in Barangay Talisayan through bayanihan system.

The project was realized under a memorandum of agreement entered into between the municipal government and the DSWD.

As its counterpart, the local government of Prieto Diaz provided a two-hectare lot as project site while the DSWD shouldered the cost of construction and building materials, Doma said. (PNA)



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400 studes to benefit from PESFA, 70 others from LEP

by BA Recebido

Sorsogon Province (7 August) — Some 400 students studying in the private tekbok (technological-vocational) schools across this province will benefit form the Private Education Student Fund Assistance (PESFA) being implemented by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) provincial office here

Rodolfo Benemerito, TESDA Sorsogon provincial director, stated the program seeks out indigent and deserving students who want to pursue technological-vocational courses after finishing high school to hone their skills to become more productive and competitive not only in the local labor fronts but also overseas.

Benemerito said TESDA, with the assistance of the local government units (LGUs) through the Community Training and Employment Coordinators (CTECs), has already commenced the selection process for qualified applicants.

He added the scholars under the PESFA program may choose from 13 strategic packages offered in some 19 private tekbok schools in the province.

“Since our programs in TESDA are multi-entry programs, training classes may start anytime of the year as long as the minimum number of scholars required is met,” he noted.

Benemerito further calls on and encourages qualified students grab this opportunity offered by the government to help the poor communities allotting some P3.6 million to finance the scholarship of deserving locals.

TESDA Sorsogon, meanwhile, has announced the Ladderized Education Program (LEP) Scholarship will soon be implemented in the province targeting some 70 students who are already enrolled in the ladderized courses at the Sorsogon State College (SSC) and Aemilianum College, Inc. (ACI), both located in Sorsogon City.

Meanwhile, TESDA Sorsogon was given a total of 2,652 scholarship slots with P24M budget for this year’s Pangulong Gloria Scholarship Program (PGSP).

Mariglo M. Makabuhay, TESDA-PGSP provincial coordinator, said scholars may opt from the 50 technical-vocational courses or special packages offered in various accredited private and public schools in the province.

She averred that since the PGSP’s implemented this year, TESDA has already recorded a total of 1,454 graduates, including the five overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who now have jobs overseas.

“We are presently gathering data from TESDA accredited schools and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to find out the extent of success among our graduates, furthermore, as bases for the PGSP second phase of implementation in the province,” she said. (PIA Sorsogon)

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Philippines gives green signal for coal mining

Business Mirror reported that Philippine Department of Energy has approved the mining of this island province’s estimated 1.2 million tonnes of high quality coal deposits under the fourth Philippine Energy Contracting Round of 2009.

The Catanduanes coal district covers 8,000 hectares in 14 upland barangays within Panganiban, San Andres and Caramoran, all major abaca and coconut producing municipalities sitting at the heart of the 1,511.5 square kilometer island. Monte Oro Resources & Energy Inc holds a mining contract for the area awarded by the DOE under the second PECR that year.

MOREI is chaired by Mr Walter Brown, who also a chairman of Philex Mining Corporation. Mr Wilson Sy, former chairman of the Philippine Stock Exchange, is also reportedly a member of its board of directors.

The participation of MOREI in the service contract application with the DOE entitles the joint venture to the Filipino Participation Incentive Allowance that equates to 7.5% of gross proceeds from any future production.

The entire area is capable of yielding 1.2 million metric tonnes of top quality coal with high heating value. Actual mining operations, however, have yet to take place because of opposition by several sectors, including local government units and the Catholic Church.

Mr Rufino Bomansang, a Philippine energy resources expert and VC of MG Mining & Energy Corporation said in a statement that untapped coal resources in the Philippines can produce 1,000 MW to 2,000 MW of electricity in at least 25 years to provide cost effective alternatives to imported oil and coal.

Catanduanes coal is part of the vast energy source prospects in the Bicol region being eyed by the DOE for exploration. The others are in Batan Island of Rapu, Cataingan and Gubat, Bacon and Prieto Diaz in Sorsogon.


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Tita Cory, may you rest in peace in God’s loving arms

coryFormer Pres. Cory Aquino your courage & hope inspired filipinos and you had made a heartbreaking sacrifices with Benigno” Ninoy” Aquino . With the victory that you win led us away from the dictatorship and regain our democracy in this land. We are so blessed by your life. Your mission does’nt end here though you are going back to Our loving God’s hands. We believed that your family and the rest of the supporters will continue what you have started. Thank you Pres Cory, may your SPIRIT guide this country to a better . Rest & Peace. God bless all!

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Sorsogon City, Magallanes receive P3M fishery livelihood fund assistance

by MA Loterte and BA Recebido

Sorsogon Province (31 July) — Sorsogon City and Magallanes town have received a total of P3 million financial assistance for fishery livelihood projects for the local fisher folks.

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), through its Bicol regional office, awarded the P2 million check to the local government of Sorsogon City to finance the implementation of fishery livelihood projects for fisher folks, especially those directly affected by red tide in Sorsogon Bay.

The amount was turned-over recently to Sorsogon City Mayor Leovic Dioneda in a ceremony witnessed by other city officials, Rep. Salvador Escudero III, BFAR Bicol regional officials, fisher folk-beneficiaries and stakeholders, and the media.

Escudero was instrumental in the release of the funds and facilitated the realization of the livelihood assistance for his constituents in the province’s first congressional district.

Dinoeda stated the city government intends to utilize the financial assistance for seven livelihood projects identified by the guidelines set by BFAR.

“These include sea weed farming, culture of bangus and saline tilapia in fish cages, culture of grouper and other high value species, provision of non-motorized bancas, technical skills development training, self-employment assistance through micro-enterprise and post harvest facility for marine products,” he said.

Nelson Del Socorro, BFAR Bicol regional director, said the financial assistance was extended to the fisher folks to eradicate pervasive poverty among coastal communities, specifically among those directly affected by the recurrence of red tide in Sorsogon Bay.

He noted red tide has been recurring in Sorsogon Bay for the past 3 years, displacing thousands from their means of livelihood and costing millions of pesos loses on the shellfish industry.

Magallanes town meanwhile has received the P1 million check from BFAR Bicol to purchase non-motorized bancas and fishing nets for subsistence fishermen who were greatly affected by calamities that this in the municipality recently.

Melchor Deramas, BFAR Bicol Fisheries Extension and Training Division chief awarded the check to Magallanes Mayor Abelardo Arambulo in the presence of Escudero, municipal and barangay officials, and local fishermen.

BFAR also distributed 300,000 prawn post larvae and 30,000 tilapia fingerlings to fishpond operators in the municipality.

The livelihood fund assistance is in consonance with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s directives to the Department of Agriculture to extend support to the fishery sector and to ensure sufficient and affordable food for everyone. (PIA Bikol)

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Sorsogon Riders Associations


To all Sorsogon Riders Association/Organization.. You may post your upcoming events here.. Thank yoU!

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DOH declares Sorsogon malaria and filaria free

by BA Recebido

Sorsogon City (29 July) — “Finally, we won our battle!”

Thus exclaimed Dr. Noli Arevalo, team leader of the Department of Health-Provincial Health Team (DOH-PHT), following the declaration of Sorsogon as Malaria and Filaria Free province.

Dr. Jaime Y. Lagahid, National Center for Disease Prevention and Control (NCDPC) director, officially declared the province Malaria and Filaria Free in a ceremony held at the Sorsogon Provincial Gymnasium on Thursday (July 23).

Arevalo said that their gregarious efforts to combat these diseases that threatened the lives and dampened productivity of several individuals in the province since 1950’s, have finally been rewarded.

“We thank the DOH for recognizing our sustained efforts and partnerships to curb these diseases, and are likewise grateful to the provincial government for making health among its priority agenda, and our NGO partners for their commitment and support in eliminating these diseases even before our target year in 2010,” he stated.

He also cited the local health workers, who in the past years have carried out house-to-house campaigns and mass drug administration (MDA) for residents aged 2-up in order to control the spread of these diseases.

Out of the 40 provinces in the country, only Southern Leyte and Sorsogon has been declared free of Malaria and Filaria diseases.

Arevalo averred Sorsogon province has attained a certain level based on the parameter of DOH wherein these diseases are considered no longer a public threat.

He related recent assessment revealed that only less than 1 percent of the entire population is affected by Filariasis, adding that the province has also maintained a zero case of indigenous malaria transmission over the past five years.

“However, such scenario does not mean we have to sit back, instead, perhaps work harder to prevent the recurrence of the diseases among locals,” he stressed.

“We are looking forward that Sorsogon can achieve the international standard for a Malaria and Filaria free province set by the World Health Organization (WHO),” he positively said.

Meanwhine, Arevalo advised the residents of Gubat, Pto. Diaz, Barcelona, Casiguran, Irosin, Juban, Donsol and Sta. Magdalena towns to take extra precautions and maintain a good environmental sanitation the possibility of recurrence is still there.

Malaria and Filariasis are both mosquito-borne parasitic diseases and endemic in the said areas, mostly with abaca and banana plantations.

Malaria can cause fever, shivering, joint pain, vomiting, anemia, and convulsions to persons inflicted with the disease, while Filaria is debilitating and disfiguring which primarily affects children, women and men living in endemic remote areas.

“The PHT will continue our massive information drive, monitoring and surveillance, partnership with the DOH and conduct border operations in order to sustain the elimination of these infective diseases,” he said.

DOH conferred to Sorsogon province a certificate of recognition and P1 million for successfully eradicating Malaria and Filaria diseases.

Arevalo noted the cash reward will be utilized anew on advocacy campaigns and other measures to prevent the re-emergence of the said diseases.

Present during the declaration ceremonies were Dr. Leda Hernandez, National Filariasis coordinator and NCDPC division chief, Dra. Florence Tienzo, WHO program management officer, Ms. Daisy Sembrano, Glaxo Mith Kline executive director, NGO partners and other stakeholders and cooperators of the program. (PIA)

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Chiz denies seeking GMA’s support


MANILA, Philippines – Sen. Francis Escudero yesterday denied meeting with President Arroyo and seeking her support for next year’s presidential elections. 

“I have not sought, nor will I seek, the endorsement of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Nor have I authorized anyone to do so,” Escudero said in a statement after reports came out that “young” presidential hopefuls are secretly soliciting Mrs. Arroyo’s support even as they criticize her in public.

“Let Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro, MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) Chairman Bayani Fernando or Vice President Noli de Castro, or anyone else who might want her blessings, get that endorsement, which they have been seeking from day one, for all I care,” Escudero said.

The youthful lawmaker said he had not even announced if he is going to run, but if he would, he will “seek only the endorsement of the Filipino people and will run as opposition because he had been consistently against, and had even questioned the mandate of this administration from the very start.”

Escudero stressed that he was the spokesperson for the late Fernando Poe Jr. in the 2004 presidential elections and had led impeachment complaints against Mrs. Arroyo in the House when he was representative of Sorsogon.

He said that he voted consistently against the administration on major policy positions, such as the Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement, expanded value-added tax, and the Human Security Act.

“To get back at me, this vengeful administration has withheld the release of my countryside development fund since 2005. And now, its proxies have taken the debate over its performance in the past nine years down to the gutter by spreading intrigues against my person,” Escudero said.

“If all my criticisms were just for show, why are they mad at me now?” he asked in Filipino.

Dancing with the enemy

Senators yesterday urged Pampanga Rep. Juan Miguel Arroyo to name the presidential hopefuls who were seeking the endorsement of his mother so that the country would know who among the members of the opposition were dancing with the enemy.

Senators Manuel Roxas II and Manuel Villar Jr. also denied any meeting with Mrs. Arroyo, even through back channels, saying they would never align with the administration.

Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. and Sen. Panfilo Lacson said they would like the Filipino public to realize who were the true oppositionists.

Pimentel said “Mikey (Arroyo) should identify these Trojan horses so we could punish them.”

Roxas and Villar said they would not know who was being referred to.

“Anyway, I have never been engaged in such games and will never be a part of that game. Besides when (President Arroyo) attacked me she made it very clear the presidentiable most different from herself is Mar Roxas,” he said.

Villar bantered that it was a compliment being included among the suspected “young candidates” trying to secretly coalesce with Mrs. Arroyo.

“For sure I will run with the Nacionalista Party as its president,and while we are open to possible alliances or while we were welcoming new members to the party, we are ready to field candidates from president down to the local officials, mayors, councilors,” Villar told reporters.

He said he would not want to make any further comment because he was not sure whether the issue was true.

Lacson said those pretending to be opposition but aligning with the administration should be unmasked, but he expressed doubt that any opposition member would like the President’s endorsement.

Lacson said he also did not have any idea if there were any opposition members indeed seeking Mrs. Arroyo’s help in the 2010 elections.

Name names

Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, on the other hand, advised Mikey Arroyo to tell it straight that his mother’s desperation prompted the Palace to court opposition bets.

“Mrs. Arroyo’s son should name names and present proof. We have always maintained that the people should know who the real oppositionists are, and those who are only presenting themselves as opposition but are in fact administration by association,” he said.

Binay said the reality is that the administration is desperately raiding the ranks of the opposition in the absence of credible and winnable national candidates for the 2010 election.

United Opposition spokesman Ernesto Maceda reminded the younger Arroyo that the administration party had earlier admitted they were considering adopting senators identified with the opposition.

“The truth of the matter is that Mikey Arroyo is hiding the fact that it is the administration which is making desperate naked efforts to raid the opposition’s lineup to resuscitate the administration’s ranks which has reached rock bottom credibility with voters,” Maceda said.

Earlier reports had quoted administration party stalwarts Juan Miguel Zubiri, Ray Roquero and Danilo Suarez as saying that the Lakas-Kampi-CMD is seriously open to adopting either Villar or Escudero as its standard-bearer.

“In any event, Mikey should name names. The people and the United Opposition definitely want to know who are traitors within its ranks. If he can name them and show proof beyond mere conjecture and self-serving insinuations, by all means he should do so,” Maceda said.

“Otherwise, we assume that as in the past, Arroyo is just showing character flaws similar to his honesty-challenged mother. Either he is the boy who cried wolf or telling us half-truths meant to inveigle the public once more,” Maceda added. — Jose Rodel Clapano

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Sorsogon has 3,056 Pangulong Gloria scholars for CY 2009

by BA Recebido

Sorsogon City (29 July) — Some 3,056 students across Sorsogon province have been enlisted to various colleges, universities, and technical-vocational schools for SY 2009-2010 by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) under the Pangulong Gloria Scholarship Program (PGSP).

Rodolfo Benemerito, TESDA Sorsogon provincial director, stated the scholarship program is on the right track having assisted more than 3,000 local scholars with a total funding of P25,088,420.

Benemerito said the amount covers 100 percent tuition fees of the scholars, including training allowances at P60.00/day while on training, and the assessment fee of P500 per graduate.

He added the PGSP covers the following beneficiaries by Strategic Packages (SP) as follows:

  • SP IIa with 734 scholars and a total financial requirement of P6,630,160. This refers to qualifications implemented from January to April 2009. Still on-going is the Health Care Services NC II at the Lewis College, Sorsogon City, with 23 scholars.
  • SP IIb with 1,918 scholars and budgetary requirement of P16,848,440. This refers to qualifications which started February and for implementation until December 2009, with still on-going training courses in private tekbok schools and in TESDA schools.
  • SP IIb (Special Commitment Package) with 110 scholars, of which 10 are scholars of Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC II c/o TESDA Central Office thru OCSA amounting to P125,400. This also includes four (4) on-going programs involving 100 scholars in selected hotel and restaurant or tourism-related courses amounting to P697,000 for Sorsogon City as incentive for hosting the “2009 Hairecord” (Haircutting Competition) in April, 2009.
  • SP III which includes qualifications implemented autonomously by two TESDA schools, the Bulan Vocational Technological School with 394 scholars and Sorsogon National Agricultural School with 341 scholars.
  • SP V with 206 scholars of “Sa TEKBOK, May Trabaho Ka” (STMTK) Program amounting to P347,580. It covers 40 hairdressing NC II and Beauty Care NC II scholars from the 2008 STMTK balance and 40 Galing Masahista, 40 Galing Mekaniko and 46 Motorcycle/Small Engine repair scholars for SMTK 2009 with a budgetary requirement of P267,580.
  • SP V (NTTAQP) with 88 scholars including the National TVET Trainers and Assessors Qualification Program with financial requirement of P440,000 and the 40-hr Trainers Methodology (TM1) and 40-hr Assessors Methodology (AM1) courses designed to qualify TVET Trainers and Assessors as TQ1AQ1 Level.

“Corollary with the Economic Resiliency Program (ERP) of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, TESDA remains steadfast to its mandate of ensuring a sustainable supply of skilled workers and technicians to all local industries within internationally and globally accepted standards,” the provincial director stressed. (PIA Sorsogon)

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Sorsogon city approves geothermal expansion project

The government of Sorsogon City, The Philippines, has endorsed the Bacon-Manito geothermal expansion project developed by Energy Development Corp.

The city council voted 8-2 in favour of the project. The endorsement was a requirement imposed on EDC by the Department on Environment and Natural Resources for the issuance of an Environmental Compliance Certificate to the expansion projects.

The expansion will create 90MW of geothermal energy in addition to the 150MW in installed capacity of the existing facilities.

Vice-mayor Edmundo Atutubo, said the EDC management pledged Peso10m (€206,799) to the city government in reparation assistance for at least 10 barangays down the project site that sustained heavy damages from floods and landslides at the height of typhoon Dante last May.

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