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Netherlands- Kalayaan Fiesta “Luzviminda 2010”

The picnic organizers this year joined by the majority of the Filipino-Dutch organizations, are gearing up for another exciting kalayaan fiesta, in conjuction with our 22nd Philippine Independence Day celebration in the Netherlands. With the new introduced theme ” Luzviminda 2010“, the programme committee, is committed to showcase the typical Filipino traditions, Dances, Songs & Stage Play, from the north to the southern part of the philippines. ABS/CBN artists will add more highlights to the celebration with shows & singing performances! Lastly, the newly-formed KFFN Youth Group will project extra excitement & dimension with their new program that will create identity for the emerging Filipino-Dutch young generation! Mabuhay! Halina….sa…Spaamwoude! For Picnic House Rules & Regulations please visit


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FilAmCCos annual celebration of Philippine independence

By: Filipino Star News

2010 Kalayaan Picnic

FilAmCCos annual celebration of Philippine independence. There were 30 plus Fil-Am organizations in Michigan that commemorated the event. Lots of food, fun and dancing!

2010 Kalayaan Picnic – University of Michigan Fil-Am Students dance number

Members of the Filipino American Students Association of University of Michign perform a dance number at the 2010 Kalayaan picnic held last June 5 at Halmich Park in Warren. There were some 30 plus FilAmCCo organizations that graced the annual celebration to commemorate Philippine independence from Spanish rule

2010 Kalayaan Picnic Square Dancing

Participants at the FilAmCCo’s 2010 Kalayaan Picnic dancing to Stevie Wonder’s “My Eyes Don’t Cry No More” held last June 5 at Halmich Park in Warren

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Brigada Eskwela Plus

To prepare for the coming school year, the Department of Education (DepEd) conducts an annual Brigada Eskwela campaign for at least two weeks.

During the Brigada Eskwela campaign period, volunteers prepare the school for the start of classes in June. Minor maintenance work such as the repainting of the roof and exterior walls, repairing of leaking water pipes, ceiling boards, broken furniture and windows is done by volunteers with the help of donations in kind from corporations and non-government organizations.

Principals and school heads are encouraged to organize the activity in their respective schools. Working with their Parent-Teacher Community Associations (PTCAs) as early as February, they recruit parent volunteers and approach local businesses for donations by March, and organize work groups by April.

Through the years, our public schools have benefited from Brigada Eskwela in terms of Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) amounting to billions of pesos. This year, the DepEd expects more schools to participate and generate more community MOOE.

This year, the DepEd will launch Monday the Brigada Eskwela Plus all over the country. Beyond the material and financial benefits generated from this worthwhile endeavor in the form of better classrooms and campuses, the schools also benefit from the goodwill generated when people exert efforts for the common good – hand in hand with other like-minded members of the community.

Brigada Eskwela has become the current-day version of our proverbial Bayanihan spirit – that tradition of volunteerism we Filipinos value. Brigada Eskwela conveys to the students the essence of community and of humanity, which forms the core of the Filipino spirit.

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Sorsogon was Heaven for me. what about you?

By: Kaye Michelle Duran Agnes

Since ive been here in Barcelona, I´ve been asked alot of times of what country i originated from. I always tell people this exact phrase. “I come from a small town that even Filipinos haven´t heard of”
SORSOGON. I´m a proud Filipina,but I´m more proud to be a Sorsogueña.

The next question would be, so what´s the language you have? and i repeat this same phrase all over again.
“I have two language. One called Bikol and one called Filipino, the official language. Bikol however has different dialects too.”

And i admit, i don´t have a broad knowledge about my own native tongue… which is a sad thing…

I think as Sorsogueños we must be well educated atleast of our language and culture. We should add this to the educational system because this is what makes us special in the first place. We have to have our own identity as a community group.

I know its hypocritical having to say all these in English. But I think in english.. and i think most Sorsogueños do too… Why? because we are losing our language. Because we weren´t taught enough of our culture. I would hate to see Sorsogon be like every place in the world…exploited and victimized by outsiders. We should act now before we lose what´s left..

I grew up having a good childhood, having to enjoy nature. To be able to play outside the wholeday without my parents ever worrying. Sorsogon was home of the good people, where you dont even have to be smart or beautiful for someone to notice you. It was heaven.

So niyan tabi, naghahagad ako saindo tabang. tabang na mapakarhay naton ang sistema sin sadiri natong lugar. lain ko aram kung papano babatugan.. ang aram ko lng kaipuhan natun magbatog sa mga batit, kay sinda ang madali na turuan at tabangan. batugan naton sa edukasyon nang sa cultura kay amo na ang padiot diot na nawawara sa aton. kadamo sin mga kilalang mayad na bicolano..nakay??sukat san batit pa lang kita, maugma na ang buhay ta. wara kita problema sin gera, o malala na sakit. ang problema lang natun ang bagyo ng tag init… so saro pa ina na dapat aksyonan naton. pero pan-o? may mga sadiring role kita na ingaganapan.. may mga tawong mayad mag surumaton pero kulang sa gibo. May mga tawo man gusto mag gibo kaso kulang sa matiryal. May mga tawo na matibay mag isip pero lain niya aram kung sino ang kakadtuan para maghagat tabang. so niyan, warang alo tabi ako nghahagad tabang sa indo na tabangan ako sa sarong proyekto na sa kita ko pwede naton padakuon. kaipuhan ko ideas nindo… kaipuhan ko tawo na mayad ang intensyon na gusto talaga magtabang.. kung interisado kamo, email me at ikalat man tabi nindo ang impormasyon. do this, kung maurag man talaga kamo.

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US cultural exchange program open to RP youth

The United States has opened its doors to Filipino students ages 18-28 years old (2nd or 3rd year college), to avail the Cultural Exchange Visa via the “Work & Travel Program.’’ This was revealed by California-based Ideal Corporation, headed by Shirley R. Villanueva, who will conduct the students screening and interview from February 16-26, 2010 at Riley International Employment Services & Training Center, Inc. (POEA License: POEA-053-LB-090109-PL-e) conference room, Unit 202 Pierre in Paul Bldg., 1131 A. Mabini Street corner A. Flores Street, Ermita, Manila.

“Around 300 college students who will become beneficiaries of the said program, and will get the rare chance to work at McDonald’s, Burger King, Shell and Sonic in Lousiana, USA, whereby duties include: Fast food restaurant worker (cooking, cleaning & customer service) and cashier (for either gas station or fast-food restaurant facility),” Villanueva said. The students must personally bring together with their parents and bring one set of the following: Detailed resumê’ and 1 pc (2×2) colored picture.

She also stressed that graduating students (those who have taken courses in hospitality, HRM, science and technology, human resources – except healthcare) are welcome to apply for a paid training program from 6-18 months.Details may be obtained at e-mail:


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Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon-Kapusong Totoo School supplies given to poor students

GMA truly touching peoples lives! Kapusong Totoo donated school supplies to poor student here.  As such, We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the efforts GMA put into the realization of this project. Once again, thank you very much for your generous support and Merry X-MAS & Happy New year to all the staff of Kapusong Totoo..MABUHAY PO KAYONG LAHAT!! Dios mabalos!!

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[PHOTO AT LEFT – Canada’s Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, the Honorable Stockwell Day]
MANILA, NOVEMBER 14, 2009 – Deplorable conditions of evacuation centers pose persistent threats to the survival of children and families in Muntinlupa, says Save the Children

Canada’s Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, the Honorable Stockwell Day, will personally meet with and hand out essential relief items today to more than 600 families displaced by Typhoon Ketsana who are enduring overcrowded and unsanitary conditions in an evacuation center in Muntinlupa City.

Minister Day will be accompanied by the Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines, Robert Desjardins, and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Head of Aid, Laurenne Garneau, along with other officials from the Canadian Embassy.

Leading Canada’s international efforts to help people in poverty, CIDA was the first international donors who responded to the situation of Filipino children and families affected by Typhoon Ketsana through an international children’s organization, Save the Children.

“It has been more than a month since the first of four consecutive typhoons hit the country. Hundreds of thousands of children and families remain in overcrowded evacuation centers and flooded communities. Save the Children is responding to this situation, but more needs to be done, particularly for children who are the most vulnerable in this kind of situation,” said Latha Caleb, Country Director of Save the Children in the Philippines.

Children living in evacuation centers and flooded communities are particularly vulnerable to diseases such as leptospirosis, cholera, acute diarrhea and upper respiratory infections. This problem is aggravated by the lack of access of families to quality basic services which they need now more than ever. “Immediate access to clean and safe sanitation and hygiene services is paramount in this response, as the risk of disease outbreak due to contaminated water and improper hygiene increases daily. Through the timely support of the Canadian government via CIDA, Save the Children was able to respond urgently to the needs of displaced children and their families through extensive distribution of water, household and hygiene items to affected families.” said Caleb.

In just one month, four strong typhoons (Ketsana, Parma, Lupit, Mirinae) hit the Philippines consecutively, devastating communities in Northern and Central Luzon. Millions of people were affected by the storms, with hundreds of thousands of people forced to take shelter in crowded evacuation centers. Over 900 people were killed and hundreds more were injured. Hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed or damaged and the economic cost of the damages from the storms is estimated at approximately USD 650 million. Three out of five people affected by the storms are children.

Save the Children’s response addresses the urgent need to protect children from any further harm and to ensure their wellbeing, which includes providing them with food, clean water, health care, access to education and safe places to play.

To date, Save the Children has reached thousands of children and families. Since the first storm hit on September 26, Save the Children has provided the following support:

· A total of 12,700 families (approximately 63,830 people, including over 38,000 children) have received packs of essential non-food items.

· Over 4,000 families have received food assistance, potable water and jerry cans

· Mobile medical teams have been deployed to help families in evacuation centers and affected communities, to date over 1,375 medical consultations have taken place, including pre-natal care. Breastfeeding support sessions have reached over 500 mothers and infants.

· 10 child-friendly spaces have been established and are attended daily by about 900 children staying in evacuation centers.

· Over 6,000 back-to-school kits have been distributed

Save the Children has been working in the Philippines for more than 28 years. Save the Children has over 90 years of experience in responding to emergencies worldwide.


The visit will take place at the Alabang Elementary School in Muntinlupa at 3:00 p.m. Please coordinate with Gia Chu for coverage.

More information

Please contact Gia-Marie Chu, gchu, + 639 178 590759 or Latha Caleb, lcaleb, + 639 175 332100 for more information or media interviews

Gia-Marie S. Chu, Communications and Media Manager Save the Children in the Philippines +63 2 8523064 loc 152 gchu

Save the Children is the world’s leading, independent organization for children.

http://www.savethechildren .net

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

All rights reserved

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By Cristyl Mae B. Senajon

STATISTICS show that 54 percent of the total voting population comes from youth bloc. Of the 2.6 million new voters, 80 percent are youth.

These statistical data show just how fundamental the role of the youth will be in shaping and determining the outcomes of the highly anticipated 2010 National and Local elections. If tapped well, these young Filipinos may well elect and put into power a whole new breed of leaders who lead the country on the fence of accountability, transparency and integrity, thereby creating a government that is more effective and more responsive to the needs and welfare of its constituents.

If this is going to be the scenario, and I’m keeping faith this will be, no more migrant Filipino workers will ever need to leave their families behind in search of greener pasture beyond borders, no more kids will be left to labor in the streets to feed their families; they will be sent to school to learn to read and write, no more families will go famished; no more Filipinos will die without being seen by a healthcare professional and above all, no more Filipinos will choose to be indifferent because they will now hold accountable their leaders for their statements and actions.

These changes though will come about only, if and only when young people, for the most part, choose to exercise their democratic rights by getting into the process of registering names on the 2010 voter’s list and exercising right to suffrage come election period.

The more crucial part however in relation to electoral processes, lies in being able to create and provide every means and ways for young voters especially first-timers to learn and be educated about the candidates—their platform of governance, track record on prior public undertakings, stance on pertinent issues and everything else that speaks of their person and character. After all, ineffective governance and unethical leadership don’t sit well with us, anymore.

Apart from these, youth claim their stake through other election-related engagements. Several youth-led organized groups are actively promoting initiatives in line with that of voter’s education in the country such as Youth Vote Philippines and Young Public Servants whose thrust is to get the unconverted vote into registering before 31 October and provide the voter-to-be such indispensable information as candidate’s comprehensive profiles, Millennium Development Goals as the checklist for candidates, and polls, among others to making an informed decision come 2010.

Ateneo School of Government’s Generation Change composed of student leaders from the Ateneo de Manila University is also making dent on the future stakeholders of the country through educating the youth groups of the 3rd District of Quezon City with their shared views and insights on voting for the right leaders in our government.

A number of youth, in the same breath, have chosen not to quibble but lay wager on the presidential candidate they feel strongly for and passionate about this up and coming election. There is PiNoy Power and YoNoy! for Sen. Noynoy Aquino, Kabataang Nasyonalista for Sen. Manny Villar, and pool of youth volunteers for National Defense Sec. Gilbert Teodoro and former President Joseph Estrada, respectively.

These youth-led campaigns prove the fact that the youth are in no way letting this chance pass up, the chance to do something through voting the right candidate therefore altering possibilities for a better future in this country.

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