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DepEd to watch Internet shops for class-cutting pupils

Students cutting classes to play online games may have to play hide-and-seek instead with monitoring teams from the Department of Education (DepEd).

According to dzBB radio, DepEd secretary Mona Valisno has ordered a tighter watch on Internet cafés, particularly those in school zones, during class hours.

Valisno said the DepEd has received many reports of students cutting classes and spending their time online instead, playing online games or dabbling in social networking sites such as Facebook and Friendster. More worrisome, she noted, are the students who would visit pornographic sites.

Valisno appealed to owners of Internet cafés not to allow students –especially those still in uniform– to spend time in their establishments, especially during class hours.

The DepEd’s move coincides with efforts by local government units to regulate Internet shops in time for the opening of classes on June 15.

In Iligan City, for example, dzXL radio reported that city authorities are tightening regulations on Internet shops to discourage students from playing hooky. The Iligan city mayor’s office also ordered inspections of the Internet shops to see if they have the proper business permits.



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Sorsogon State College-studes find diode effective power saving device

by M Moraleda and D Deri/SSC/PIA Sorsogon

Sorsogon City (11 June) — In the light of crafting ways to minimize electric power consumption, the fifth year electrical engineering students of the Sorsogon State College here, have finished a research study on Light Emitting Diode (LED) as an alternative electronic component in designing a lighting device.

The design proposed by Zendy Dematera, Dyronne P. Ajas, Gissell C. Dogillo and Rusan James Freo was adjudged best among the six competing groups and was given credit by the SSC in its recognition ceremony last March.

Engr. Joselito S. Orticio, who handles the students, said that the study was one of the requisites in their subject as well seminars and field trips where the students were exposed to.

“The research is only limited to the utilization of white LED which can possibly be an efficient source to replace the usual lighting system for domestic use,” said Orticio.

The four researchers, after conducting the study, found out that it is possible to create a LED light bulb which can be directly connected to a 230V/.AC.

It was also proven to be energy-saving due to its low power consumption, producing a light output of 120.6 lumens and a power of 1.2 watts.

“It is also advantageous because its materials are more durable compared to the typical compact fluorescent lamps and bulbs which have fragile components. Furthermore, though costly, it has a longer lifespan and contains no mercury unlike other usual bulb designs,” said the researchers.

Since it has poor illumination, they recommended the use of an efficient reflector that will suit the design of the bulb. “It is also imperative to utilized high-powered LED to make it a more effective lighting device,” they also said. (SSC/PIA Sorsogon) [top]

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Lessons from thousands of miles away

By Chao Wai Yee /

Being a child of a modern-day hero, also known as OFWs, taught me a lot of valuable lessons. My mother, being a single parent since I was three years old, worked abroad for eight years in order to raise me and my brother. At first, she worked in Taiwan as a sewer. After her contract in Taiwan ended, she transferred to Saudi where she almost got herself in prison because she fought for her rights. Fortunately, her employer gave her the option to just go back in the Philippines.

This incident did not stop her for striving hard. She went back to Taiwan and worked there as a caregiver. These things happened while me and my brother were in our adolescence — a stage crucial to most of the youth, a stage wherein most of us needs proper guidance from our parents. Despite my mother’s physical absence, she did not fail to guide us the best possible way that she can. Together with all her sacrifices, hardships, longings, sleepless nights and thousands liters of tears, she taught us values that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

First, she taught us to always strengthen our faith in God no matter what happens. In telephone conversations and in her letters, she kept on telling us that our strong faith is the first thing that will keep our family together and will help us succeed in overcoming the obstacles we will face in our lives. Then, she taught us to be independent in a responsible way. During grade school, we learned to cook, wash our own clothes and be responsible for our own stuffs. This helped us to become more mature than other children we know. Third, it is the value of education, which I think is one of the things that most parents would want to teach to their children. My mother instilled in our minds on how important it is for us to study hard and finish our studies no matter what the obstacles are. That is why, I am proud to say that Kuya and I are both scholars and I graduated from a reputable school with flying colors. These are our gifts to our mother, which brought her so much happiness and seeing her happy is one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt and would always want to feel.

Last but definitely not the least is the value of contentment and appreciation. Because with contentment comes appreciation. She taught us to value whatever it is that we have especially the people surrounding us, loving us and acting as our second parents during Mama’s physical absence. We learned to appreciate our aunts, uncles and grandparents who never failed to fill our hearts with their loves so as to ease the sadness that we feel whenever we miss our mother. Because of them, it has been a lot easier for us to grow up righteously even without our parents. I will seriously not trade my family for even all the treasures in this universe. Also, we learned to appreciate and be thankful for even the smallest things that we get. Be it a piece of toy, clothes or anything for we know that each of this is the result of our mother’s hard work and sacrifices abroad. These are some of the lessons she taught us from thousands of miles away.

OFW’s around the world are sacrificing a lot for the sake of their loved ones, especially the parents who are forced to be physically far from their children just to support their financial needs. I hope that we, OFW children, don’t waste our parents’ efforts and sacrifices abroad. Let us not make the physical absence of our parents and loved ones as an excuse for us to be irresponsible be an additional burden to our society.

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US cultural exchange program open to RP youth

The United States has opened its doors to Filipino students ages 18-28 years old (2nd or 3rd year college), to avail the Cultural Exchange Visa via the “Work & Travel Program.’’ This was revealed by California-based Ideal Corporation, headed by Shirley R. Villanueva, who will conduct the students screening and interview from February 16-26, 2010 at Riley International Employment Services & Training Center, Inc. (POEA License: POEA-053-LB-090109-PL-e) conference room, Unit 202 Pierre in Paul Bldg., 1131 A. Mabini Street corner A. Flores Street, Ermita, Manila.

“Around 300 college students who will become beneficiaries of the said program, and will get the rare chance to work at McDonald’s, Burger King, Shell and Sonic in Lousiana, USA, whereby duties include: Fast food restaurant worker (cooking, cleaning & customer service) and cashier (for either gas station or fast-food restaurant facility),” Villanueva said. The students must personally bring together with their parents and bring one set of the following: Detailed resumê’ and 1 pc (2×2) colored picture.

She also stressed that graduating students (those who have taken courses in hospitality, HRM, science and technology, human resources – except healthcare) are welcome to apply for a paid training program from 6-18 months.Details may be obtained at e-mail:


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Five Traits a Guy Should Have Before You Get Serious

Wondering about the qualities that really matter in a boyfriend when you’re thinking long-term love? These five characteristics are the ones you should be looking for.

By Mina Azodi

You get butterflies when you see him, your heart pounds if he calls, and kissing him literally causes goose bumps. With chemistry this amazing, you’d figure you’re destined to be together.

As it turns out, not necessarily. “We often mistake a strong physical connection as a sign that two people are meant for each other,” says Paul Dobransky, MD, founder of Yes, chemistry is key to a lasting bond, but it isn’t the final word. Other factors should be considered too, and they take some sussing out. New findings describe the characteristics in a guy that actually predict relationship success, some of which you may be overlooking.

1. He Knows What He Wants
Any guy you’re serious about should be able to articulate his long-term goals and passions (sorry, fantasy football and Xbox don’t count). He can’t ally himself with you until he has a sense of how he envisions his life in the future … and how you fit in. “If a man has no idea what he wants to be when he ‘grows up,’ then it will be impossible for him to commit to you,” says Dobransky.

Don’t assume he’ll work things out, because when he does, you may realize his ambitions don’t mesh with yours. “This mistake has contributed to the starter-marriage phenomenon, in which couples in their 20s and 30s suddenly realize they’re going in different directions and divorce at an early age,” says Dobransky. “It’s preventable as long as you’re both clear about your plans.”

2. He Has a Sunny Outlook
A recent study led by the University of Oregon found that women who had upbeat partners felt more satisfied in their relationships and — this is huge — that the man’s level of optimism determined the relationship’s staying power. Not only is it nice to have someone help you see the silver lining of a situation that totally sucks, but cheerful guys are good at keeping things in perspective, so they don’t let little conflicts get to them and can go with the flow.

Along with having an optimistic POV, it’s also crucial that the guy you’re seeing can make you laugh. “It’s an important stress valve for any couple,” says Les Parrott, PhD, coauthor of Trading Places.

“Having a sense of humor helps you weather the rough patches that you’ll inevitably encounter together.” It shows that he is able to let loose and doesn’t take things too seriously. Plus, you’ll have a better time together if you can see the funny side of things.

3. He’s Open to Changing for You
It’s true you may not be able to change a man, but a guy should want to change for you. If a facet of his behavior irks you (for example, maybe he’s not attentive enough in certain circumstances), he should be game to hear you out, listen to how you’d like him to do things differently, and then act on those suggestions. “When a guy is truly in love, he is more self-reflective and will work on the aspects of himself that bother you,” says Diana Kirschner, Ph.D., author of Love in 90 Days. “Studies have found that successful married couples change each other quite a bit over time.”

More important, a man needs to have the capacity to transform and grow with you — e.g., he takes an interest in going to art galleries with you, even if he’s more of a couch-and-ESPN kind of guy. “If he’s not willing to expand his interests to mesh with yours, you’re going to outpace him,” explains Kirschner. “It’s likely you’ll grow restless, and the relationship will become stale.”

4. He’s Still a Little Mysterious
The beginning of a relationship is always superexciting because you’re just getting to know each other. But even after the newness wears off, it’s essential that a man keeps you guessing. “If you can never quite pin down what makes him tick, that’s actually a healthy thing,” says Kirschner. Although at first you might feel more bonded to a guy who shares tons of personal info with you, over time, you risk losing the intrigue that pulled you to him initially. You might start to see him as more of a friend than a romantic partner.

Of course, you want him to open up about topics like his family, but he should keep some boundaries too. Relating every detail of his life (think updates on his nasty toe fungus) is relationship-killing TMI. A good gauge in the early stages of coupledom: He doesn’t spill all about his pals. “It’s an indicator that he understands how to keep things private,” says Kirschner.

5. He’s Responsible with Money
Besides giving you a heads-up about money-related conflicts you might encounter in the future (one of the topics long-term couples argue about most), how a guy handles cash reveals a lot about his character. Positive signs: He keeps the receipt after paying for a meal or you notice several credit-card offers in his stack of mail (it may indicate he has good credit).

“A man who doesn’t track his money shows a lack of patience and self-control,” says Dobransky. “In fact, guys who are financially reckless share many traits with men who cheat.” But you also don’t want to be with a tightwad. If a dude doesn’t splurge now and then, it may mean he’ll be stingy in other ways, such as in bed or when compromising during a fight.

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By Cristyl Mae B. Senajon

STATISTICS show that 54 percent of the total voting population comes from youth bloc. Of the 2.6 million new voters, 80 percent are youth.

These statistical data show just how fundamental the role of the youth will be in shaping and determining the outcomes of the highly anticipated 2010 National and Local elections. If tapped well, these young Filipinos may well elect and put into power a whole new breed of leaders who lead the country on the fence of accountability, transparency and integrity, thereby creating a government that is more effective and more responsive to the needs and welfare of its constituents.

If this is going to be the scenario, and I’m keeping faith this will be, no more migrant Filipino workers will ever need to leave their families behind in search of greener pasture beyond borders, no more kids will be left to labor in the streets to feed their families; they will be sent to school to learn to read and write, no more families will go famished; no more Filipinos will die without being seen by a healthcare professional and above all, no more Filipinos will choose to be indifferent because they will now hold accountable their leaders for their statements and actions.

These changes though will come about only, if and only when young people, for the most part, choose to exercise their democratic rights by getting into the process of registering names on the 2010 voter’s list and exercising right to suffrage come election period.

The more crucial part however in relation to electoral processes, lies in being able to create and provide every means and ways for young voters especially first-timers to learn and be educated about the candidates—their platform of governance, track record on prior public undertakings, stance on pertinent issues and everything else that speaks of their person and character. After all, ineffective governance and unethical leadership don’t sit well with us, anymore.

Apart from these, youth claim their stake through other election-related engagements. Several youth-led organized groups are actively promoting initiatives in line with that of voter’s education in the country such as Youth Vote Philippines and Young Public Servants whose thrust is to get the unconverted vote into registering before 31 October and provide the voter-to-be such indispensable information as candidate’s comprehensive profiles, Millennium Development Goals as the checklist for candidates, and polls, among others to making an informed decision come 2010.

Ateneo School of Government’s Generation Change composed of student leaders from the Ateneo de Manila University is also making dent on the future stakeholders of the country through educating the youth groups of the 3rd District of Quezon City with their shared views and insights on voting for the right leaders in our government.

A number of youth, in the same breath, have chosen not to quibble but lay wager on the presidential candidate they feel strongly for and passionate about this up and coming election. There is PiNoy Power and YoNoy! for Sen. Noynoy Aquino, Kabataang Nasyonalista for Sen. Manny Villar, and pool of youth volunteers for National Defense Sec. Gilbert Teodoro and former President Joseph Estrada, respectively.

These youth-led campaigns prove the fact that the youth are in no way letting this chance pass up, the chance to do something through voting the right candidate therefore altering possibilities for a better future in this country.

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