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Worldclass Sorsoganon Educator

A.A.J.A. AWARD FOR DECHAVEZ. Educator and community leader Willie D.
Dechavez (center) shows the recognition award he received from the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) during a reception held on March 4, 2011 in the GM Renaissance Conference Center in Detroit. With him in photo are State Senator Hoon Yung Hopgood (left) and journalist Ron Jacinto. Dechavez will also receive the Everyday Hero award on March 9, 2011 from Verizon and Urban League of Detroit and Southeastern Michigan.

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Students banned in malls


(Prohibition also covers computer shops, cinemas)

The Department of Education (DepEd) is now prohibiting all students of public and private elementary and secondary schools from going to computer shops, malls, theaters, and other similar establishments during class hours.

To carry out the ban effectively, Education Secretary Mona Valisno said school officials and teachers concerned should communicate and coordinate with their respective local government officials so that both parties could work on a possible enactment or implementation of the appropriate legislation to implement this.

“These legislations may be in the form of regulating the distance of computer shops, malls, theaters and the likes from schools,” she said.

The directive may also be sent to the owners of these establishments not to allow entry of students during their respective class hours. “The LGUs can ask the owners of these shops and malls to check first the class schedules of the student trying to enter the establishment,” she said.

Valisno said schools should accordingly provide their students with certified copies of their respective class schedules.

She said going to these establishments has adverse effects on students. “We are aware of the prevailing situation that there are students in the elementary and secondary levels from public and private schools who go to computer shops, malls, theaters, and the likes during their class hours while in their school uniforms,” she said.

Thus, the Department issued DepEd Order No. 86, s. 2010 on June 18 which directed all school officials and employees concerned to institute and implement the necessary mechanism on the school discipline applicable under the situation. “They should monitor closely those students who are absent or cut class often,” said Valisno.

When it comes to the school discipline to be imposed, Valisno explained that this should primarily focus on guidance counseling of the students involved. “The principals or the teachers should have a dialogue with the parents of the students or even with their guardians to address the problem,” added Valisno.

Valisno also urged the school officials and teachers to provide their students with worthwhile and productive activities. “These activities particularly those that can enhance the creative and communicative skills can be done during the free time of the students in school,” she said.

School heads and teachers can encourage their students to join in activities that could improve their communicative skills such as debate or their creative skills such as dramatic activities and theatrical programs.

Reports to DepEd reveal that many students cut their classes and spend time playing online games, visiting various social networking sites such as Friendster and Facebook and some even are sneaking to visit pornographic sites in computer and Internet shops.

To address this concern, DepEd will also be deploying monitoring teams to watch Internet shops for class-cutting pupils. “We already ordered a tighter watch on Internet cafés, particularly those in school zones, during class hours,” she explained.

Valisno admitted that since DepEd cannot address this problem alone, cooperation between school officials, LGU officers, and parents is a must. “We also appeal to owners of Internet cafés not to allow students – especially those still in uniform – to spend time in their establishments, especially during class hours,” she said.

Nationwide, many LGUs are implementing ordinances that regulate Internet shops that allow students to enter their premises. In Makati for instance, the local government has already warned owners of computer shops of possible closure if they would not comply with the DepEd order and city ordinance.

For Maribeth Cortes, parent to first year high school student Vince, this is very important since parents like her cannot monitor the activities of her child when he is in school. “I think construction of computer shops should not even be allowed near school premises because these only tempt the students to go there instead of attending their classes,” she explained in Filipino.

Valisno said that school heads and teachers should also be responsible in monitoring the activities of their students. “They should always remind their students not to go to these computer shops during class hours and should call the attention of the parents of the child if the he or she cuts class very often,” she ended.

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DepEd to watch Internet shops for class-cutting pupils

Students cutting classes to play online games may have to play hide-and-seek instead with monitoring teams from the Department of Education (DepEd).

According to dzBB radio, DepEd secretary Mona Valisno has ordered a tighter watch on Internet cafés, particularly those in school zones, during class hours.

Valisno said the DepEd has received many reports of students cutting classes and spending their time online instead, playing online games or dabbling in social networking sites such as Facebook and Friendster. More worrisome, she noted, are the students who would visit pornographic sites.

Valisno appealed to owners of Internet cafés not to allow students –especially those still in uniform– to spend time in their establishments, especially during class hours.

The DepEd’s move coincides with efforts by local government units to regulate Internet shops in time for the opening of classes on June 15.

In Iligan City, for example, dzXL radio reported that city authorities are tightening regulations on Internet shops to discourage students from playing hooky. The Iligan city mayor’s office also ordered inspections of the Internet shops to see if they have the proper business permits.



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Sorsogon State College-studes find diode effective power saving device

by M Moraleda and D Deri/SSC/PIA Sorsogon

Sorsogon City (11 June) — In the light of crafting ways to minimize electric power consumption, the fifth year electrical engineering students of the Sorsogon State College here, have finished a research study on Light Emitting Diode (LED) as an alternative electronic component in designing a lighting device.

The design proposed by Zendy Dematera, Dyronne P. Ajas, Gissell C. Dogillo and Rusan James Freo was adjudged best among the six competing groups and was given credit by the SSC in its recognition ceremony last March.

Engr. Joselito S. Orticio, who handles the students, said that the study was one of the requisites in their subject as well seminars and field trips where the students were exposed to.

“The research is only limited to the utilization of white LED which can possibly be an efficient source to replace the usual lighting system for domestic use,” said Orticio.

The four researchers, after conducting the study, found out that it is possible to create a LED light bulb which can be directly connected to a 230V/.AC.

It was also proven to be energy-saving due to its low power consumption, producing a light output of 120.6 lumens and a power of 1.2 watts.

“It is also advantageous because its materials are more durable compared to the typical compact fluorescent lamps and bulbs which have fragile components. Furthermore, though costly, it has a longer lifespan and contains no mercury unlike other usual bulb designs,” said the researchers.

Since it has poor illumination, they recommended the use of an efficient reflector that will suit the design of the bulb. “It is also imperative to utilized high-powered LED to make it a more effective lighting device,” they also said. (SSC/PIA Sorsogon) [top]

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DepEd to disallow ‘Jejemon fashion’ in school

Despite the existing “no uniform” policy, the Department of Education (DepEd) on Tuesday said it will not tolerate “jejemon” fashion among school children adding that they should still wear the proper school attire.

Education Secretary Mona Valisno said, “we want school children to wear whatever decent clothes and footwear are available to them as long as its not expensive.”

The no-uniform rule seeks to allow pupils who cannot afford to buy uniforms to attend school. It is part of DepEd’s effort, along with the “no collection” policy, to ensure that all school age children are enrolled in schools.

Earlier, teacher-members of the Teachers Dignity Coalition (TDC) pressed DepEd for clarification on what to consider as proper attire of school children adding that this might cause confusion among them.

“The DepEd must establish a clear-cut rule on the imposition of the no uniform policy. The acceptability of fashion or clothes the learners wear must be properly established,” TDC national president Benjo Basas said.

“Does it mean we would allow even the Jejemon fashion? The youth sub-culture of texting and even fashion which are discouraged by DepEd,” he added.

The DepEd has expressed concern that younger generations were having difficulty in spelling words, both in Filipino and English, because of the “jejemon-style” of texting, which has significantly altered the construction of words through text messages.

Basas, a secondary school teacher at the Baesa High School in Caloocan city, said the no uniform policy should not mean that school children can wear “jejemon” clothes such as baggy pants and loose T-shirts.

“The school is a training ground for the children’s good manner, proper conduct and discipline. Perhaps the policy might run contrary to this purpose,” he said.
According to Basas, the policy might even be detrimental to the safety and security of the school children in the urban areas. (PNA)


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DepEd orders drug test


The Department of Education (DepEd) announced Wednesday it will conduct anew its nationwide Random Drug Testing (RDT) this coming school year in private and public secondary schools.

The order is a follow-up to its drug test in 2009 where 72 out of 29,059 students tested positive for drug use or a prevalence rate of 0.24 percent.

Majority of the students who were confirmed positive for illegal drug use were from Metro Manila.

DepEd Assistant Secretary and Spokesperson Jonathan Malaya said the RDT was conducted among secondary students from February to December last year through the collaborated efforts of DepEd, Department of Health (DoH), and the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB).

“It was conducted among secondary students in compliance with a presidential directive to include for testing all public and private secondary schools,” he said.

In more than 10,000 schools where the RDT was conducted, the initial results showed that there were 90 positive cases from the screening test. “But the final results show that 72 were confirmed wherein 70 students use marijuana and two use shabu,” said Malaya.

Although it was revealed that there was 0.24 percent or less than one percent confirmed positive from the testing, DepEd was saddened by the final result. “We are half-heartened but rest assured that we will strengthen our campaign against illegal drug use. It does not start and end here,” Malaya added.

To ensure that the 23 million incoming elementary and high school students will be informed about illegal drug use and its ill effects, DepEd continues to strengthen the implementation of the National Drug Education Program (NDEP).

“This gives emphasis to the integration of drug prevention concepts in appropriate subject or learning areas at both elementary and secondary levels and alternative learning system, and in co-curricular activities,” explained Malaya.

Although there is a relatively low rate of drug use among secondary students in the 2009 RDT, DepEd encouraged NDEP program coordinators to urge principals of schools – those who have students with positive cases – to come up with specific interventions.

“They are also encouraged to conduct periodic monitoring of program implementation in close coordination with the local government units and other concerned government and non-government organizations,” said Malaya.

DepEd also lauded the efforts of guidance counselors in the secondary schools because they were the ones who were more active in initiating different school activities that were geared toward drug abuse prevention.

Last year, DepEd and DoH officials discussed the coverage and the best practices as well as the issues and concerns for the program with RDT team members. The 2010 Work and Financial Plan for the drug testing and intervention was also formulated.

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US cultural exchange program open to RP youth

The United States has opened its doors to Filipino students ages 18-28 years old (2nd or 3rd year college), to avail the Cultural Exchange Visa via the “Work & Travel Program.’’ This was revealed by California-based Ideal Corporation, headed by Shirley R. Villanueva, who will conduct the students screening and interview from February 16-26, 2010 at Riley International Employment Services & Training Center, Inc. (POEA License: POEA-053-LB-090109-PL-e) conference room, Unit 202 Pierre in Paul Bldg., 1131 A. Mabini Street corner A. Flores Street, Ermita, Manila.

“Around 300 college students who will become beneficiaries of the said program, and will get the rare chance to work at McDonald’s, Burger King, Shell and Sonic in Lousiana, USA, whereby duties include: Fast food restaurant worker (cooking, cleaning & customer service) and cashier (for either gas station or fast-food restaurant facility),” Villanueva said. The students must personally bring together with their parents and bring one set of the following: Detailed resumê’ and 1 pc (2×2) colored picture.

She also stressed that graduating students (those who have taken courses in hospitality, HRM, science and technology, human resources – except healthcare) are welcome to apply for a paid training program from 6-18 months.Details may be obtained at e-mail:


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Sorsogon State College sets 4-year policy directions

SSC sets 4-year policy directions

Sorsogon City (2 December) — Looking forward for the next four years as Sorsogon State College (SSC) president, Dr. Antonio E. Fuentes has laid down the directional policies he will pursue in his term commencing Tuesday (November 24) this year.

Fuentes averred that his proposed policies will feature among others the strengthening of faculty development guidelines for fellowship and faculty exchange program, search for outstanding faculty and employee of the year award system, acquisition of at least 10 hectares additional site for the Sorsogon campus, design of incentive package for faculty extensionists, and simplification of procurement process.

“My administration also looks forward to seeing the revision of Omnibus Rules in Rentals and of the SSC Code,” he said.

Still according to Fuentes, he will also further stress quality and specialization as he takes into account the recent years’ exponential growth in the number of scholars and research incentives in school.

“The growing number of board passers realized during his term is seen as an indication of the high morale by both students and teachers,” he added.

These new policy directions were proposed side by side with the directives by the SSC president to the school officials as per Memorandum No. 49, series of 2009 to submit monthly accomplishment updates and all fund balances in order to keep track of and get a holistic view of the school’s trajectory.

The President has also expressed his vision of further incentivizing student winners in contests through a package. This is in recognition of the significant students’ contribution to the institution as shown during accreditation and in the past years. (SSC/PIA Sorsogon)

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Never give up, Never Backdown, Never lose faith – Face the GIANT

Its a great movie with inspirational message that made me think of my point of view as well. Am i facing that GIANT right now?

When your back is AGAINST the WALL…

When it seems there is NO WAY OUT….

You have to face your fears…..FACE THE GIANTS













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To our beloved Teachers

To our beloved Teachers. We just want to thank you for your unselfish dedication and by giving quality education and skills to Sorsoganon students who would become the future leaders of this generation.

Through your encouragement, you inspired us to aimed high and help us fullfil our potentials. We’re thankful for all that you have done. Finally, we just want to say as our teachers, you will always be in our heart. LONG LIVE!!

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Sorsogon-SSC Bulan campus presses services automation

SSC Bulan campus presses services automation
Philippine Information Agency – Philippines
by BA Recebido Bulan, Sorsogon (5 October) — The Sorsogon State College (SSC) campus here is vying on an in-house automation by June 2010.

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SSC inhouse review interfaces research, extension

SSC inhouse review interfaces research, extension
Philippine Information Agency
by BA Recebido Sorsogon City (11 September) — Sorsogon State College (SSC) Research and Development Services and Extension Services held recently its
See all stories on this topic

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SSC promotes entrepreneurship among studes, communities

SSC promotes entrepreneurship among studes, communities
Philippine Information Agency – Philippines
by BA Recebido Sorsogon City (4 September) — Sorsogon State College (SSC), in all its three campuses here, in Bulan and Castilla towns, is putting its best

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